A New Voltron Arises
Here is a brand new ACTIVE Voltron: Legendary Defender RP for anyone who is still interested in joining the fight. In this RP, the canon characters will be allowed for the original Voltron, as well as creating your own characters to create an OC Voltron.
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The Demonic Sorgin

If you have not accepted the rules yet, you must first do that before creating a character.





Description of Species: (if it is your own)

Home Planet:

Description of Home Planet: (Unless it's Earth)




Strengths/Weaknesses: (try to keep them even)


Other: (For anything that I may have left out that you want to add)

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The Demonic Sorgin

Name: Kollyn Morrigan

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Home Planet: Earth

Appearance: Kollyn has a Olive skin tone. Her dark brown hair is always wavy except for random days when it curls more than usual. Her hair is usually up in a high ponytail or moved all to the left side over her shoulder. The length of her hair goes down to her mid back. When she is inside or in shade it is a dark brown that could look almost black but in the sunlight, the sun hits her red highlights and reflects it back, making her hair look auburn. Her dark brown hair matches her dark brown eyes. The only difference between her eyes and hair is that her hair has hints of red while her eyes have flecks of silver in them. She has a slim, athletic build even though she has a small frame of only 5' 3".

Her wardrobe choices usually involve a dark jeans, tank tops or t shirts, boots and her favorite leather jacket. If the weather is warmer, you will probably see her in tight tank tops or t- shirts, running shorts and running shoes. Her boots have a special compartment on the inside of that that holds her sais. She also will wear a belt full of throwing knives and places for her sais when she is in

Personality: Kollyn is very loyal to the people that she trust but it takes her a long time to let her guard down and trust new people. She is compassionate, kind, and empathetic but that doesn't mean she will not tear you a new one if you cross her. She's independent and can take care of herself and if she feels you are not worth trusting or that you are not worth her time, she will let you know. Kollyn keeps fighting until the very end. Kollyn is a hard to beat, but that does not mean she is invincible. She has trained long and hard to be where she is today. She is a determined person and is a very driven girl. She is loyal, and doesn't trust people easily, but if you ever do end up getting her trust, she will be loyal to you until the end. She will not except people doing anything to hurt the people she loves and holds most dear. She is strong, independent, short tempered, brave, courageous, funny, nice to her friends, and knows when to be funny and when to be serious. She is still trying to learn how to control her temper which usually can get the best of her.

Abilities: She is a very skilled fighter, in hand to hand combat and with her sai blade. She is a much better fighter than she is a pilot, so what she lacks in maneuver tactics, she gains in the offensive and defensive. She is a weapons and security Specialist.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Kollyn's strengths include her skilled fighting methods and smart wit. Her temper can get the best of her though and it does not go well for her or her team. She does not trust people often so she always doubts other and their means. When she does finally trust someone, she is extremely loyal to them, and her enemies know this, that is why her friends and family can be used against her by her enemies.

History: Kollyn is a part of the Guard on earth. She studies at the Galaxy Garrison where she was trained to be a fighter. Her main job would have been as a weapons specialist on board a ship. She came from a small family where her father was a Captain of a war vessel on Earth. When she was very little, his ship was overtaken by the Galra and he was taken. Cam has sworn her life to finding her father, or getting revenge for his death, whichever it may be. She is now a Weapons and Security Specialist. She became the weapons and security specialist for Team Voltron when the members of their team recognized her from Galaxy Garrison and recognized her talents. She was on a mission anyway so they agreed to let her tag along and help them on their mission to save the universe.

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