A Different Era
Set shortly before the war.
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1. Be respectful and stay polite.

2. No cursing.

3. Typos are unsterstandable, but please do your best with spelling and grammar.

4. Unless in chat, use parentheses

5. Roleplay is in third person, past tense.

6. Don't kill characters or include them in a plot without their creator (or adopter)'s permission.

7. Wait until characters are approved before using them.

8. Do not post anywhere else until you've agreed to these rules.

If anyone disrespects these rules they risk being banned.

Now, just to make sure you've been paying attention... Tell me what typo I made on one of the first three rules.

8/26/2019 #1

I can't believe I'm doing this XD

I accept these rules :P

(Number 3, understandable lol)

8/26/2019 #2

Welcome, Ninja! (XD you'll get the hang of it lol)

8/26/2019 #3

Thanks lol, hey Key

8/26/2019 #4

Hi Wolf! Welcome here.

8/26/2019 #5

Welp. Guess my post just decided to go over yours.

8/26/2019 #6
The wolf in the high castle


8/26/2019 #7

I understand and accept these rules.

You miss-spelled understandable.

8/26/2019 #8

Welcome, Tiger, thank you for accepting to be a mod.

8/26/2019 #9
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