A Different Era
Set shortly before the war.
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The dreadful volcanic island on which NightWings exiled themselves to escape the Darkstalker.

8/26/2019 #1

(I'm sorry. 'to escape the Darkstalker'. I just really thought that was funny XD)

Queen Shadowseer moved her head around, looking for Spellcaster.

8/30/2019 #2

Spellcaster walked into the throne room.

8/30/2019 #3

The queen smiled, with a hint of cunning behind it. "Spellcaster, just the dragon I was hoping to see."

(Before I have her say something incorrect, does Spellcaster live in the palace?)

8/30/2019 #4

I'd say yes, since she was three.

Spellcaster smiled back, "Is there anything I can do?"

8/30/2019 #5


"Have you done your own soul-protecting spell yet? Wouldn't want my precious animus ruining her soul."

8/30/2019 #6


"I thought those never worked." Spellcaster said, recalling a few scrolls about soul-protecting spells, "but alright. I enchant this bracelet to protect my soul and sanity from the negative effects of using animus magic." She prodded a small chain.

8/30/2019 #7

(It was nothing. I was just going to have the queen invite her to live in the palace.)

Shadowseer nodded. "Good." She smiled warmly at the dragonet. "Wouldn't want anything to happen to you, now would we?"

8/30/2019 #8

(Oh. Maybe she can ask for a spell instead?).

"Anything else," Spellcaster looked up at the queen eagerly. She's been studying different military scrolls. In case the queen wanted a weapon.

8/30/2019 #9

(Maybe. I'm very out of it right now. Sorry. Any ideas?)

8/30/2019 #10

Colds being a pain? I don't know? Maybe she asks for some sort of spell to make her vision powers better?

8/30/2019 . Edited 8/30/2019 #11

(Yeah it is. Aches, headache, plugged up, coughing, the entire package. I just hope it goes away before Tuesday. That's the first day of school for me.

That could work!)

Shadowseer tapped her chin. "Maybe if you could create a spell to make my visions clearer?" she suggested.

8/30/2019 #12


"I... Think I could do that," Spellcaster nodded, "Do you have a piece of jewelry for it?"

8/30/2019 . Edited 8/30/2019 #13
Shadowseer reached up, removing an earring from her left ear. "Will this work?" she asked.
8/31/2019 #14

Spellcaster reached out and clasped it between her talons. 'Enhance the powers of your wearer.' She commanded internally before passing it back to the queen.

9/1/2019 #15

Shadowseer took the earring, placing it back in her ear. For a split second, voices rang in her ears - happy, angry, horrified, sad - and she places her front talons against the sides of her head, screaming silently as more visions - futures - than ever before filled her minds eye. After a few moments, she was able to take a deep breath and collect herself, pushing the scenes to the back of her mind as she had learned to do.

She opened her eyes, looking to Spellcaster and smiling. "Thank you."

9/2/2019 #16
Spellcaster bowed her head, glad to have pleased the queen.
9/2/2019 #17
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