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Who do you feel suits best as a future love interest for Mickey?
1 Megumi Takayama (Takara's friend from school)
2 Emma Young (Willis' daughter)
3 Rumi Enomoto (Momoe's daughter)
4 Sam Ichijouji (Mickey's close friend)
5 Aya Sugiyama (Seta's daughter)
6 Other
7 Maori Sugiyama (Seta's daughter)
8 Renmi Igawa (Chizuru's daughter)
9 Jayden Young (Willis' son)
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Broken Angel01

Have any questions about Following the Footsteps of Destiny? This is your place to ask them! I have tons of readers asking me questions so I thought I'd keep track of them my posting all my answers and news on my forum. That way I won't forget anyone!

There won't be any major spoilers here, but......I do tend to give a few hints when asked a bunch of questions!

To start out with my first bit of news, I will be attempting to post the next chapter this week. I will probably only get one up because of my work schedule. It is going to be called: Kari's Light Divided. It will take place in Ryoko's and Luciamon's POVs.

Also, before I write anything else I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has reviewed my story and to those of you who may not have reviewed but are still reading. I have to say I'm honestly surprised by how many reviews I have gotten so far. I never thought this story would do so well because of the many OC characters involved in the fic. Several people have asked me if they could use my characters, and I consider that to be the greatest compliment I've ever received. The answer of course is always yes to anyone who would like to use them. I'm not protective of my characters. The reason I created them was to let others enjoy them, as well.

All of the advice, criticism, praise, and suggestions I've received are what keeps this story going, and your reviews are my inspiration. So once again thank you to everyone! I love you all!

Oh, and If I don't reply right away, please don't feel slighted. I will get to all questions as soon as I can. (complaints as well!)

10/2/2006 . Edited 10/10/2016 #1
Twilight Archangel
Theres nothing much I can say, I love your story! About the characters, I like them all! my favorute one is Mickey, cause he is shy, I am also a bit shy, so I guess that why I like him, Matty is great cause he is a great friend and brother, Sam and Kara are great too because their way to be with people, and Ryoko is always determined to help, Dai is...I dont know... XD...he is great anyway. I like the plot too, and the digimon, so I hope to see more of your story sooner! I am ready to see them fight ofr their Spirit Chips!
10/2/2006 #2
Broken Angel01
Chapter 96 has been added! The next chapter will take place in Ogremon's and DarkAngelicmon's POVs. It will be called 'A Light in the Distance', and it's a bit of forshadowing you might say. Here are a few FTFOD hints. 1. There are six Spirit Chips, and each one has its own special meaning. 2. The digimon do have ultimate forms they will digivolve into. (obviously!) 3. There will be more Dai and Takara moments for all those who are wondering. I try to stick them in whenever I can, but with so many things to keep track of it makes it a bit tough. 4. There will be a lot more about DarkAngelicmon's past in the chapters to come. (He does have quite an interesting past.) 5. And, of course, there will be much more about Luciamon, as well.
10/5/2006 #3
The Sushi Monster
Well all I can say is....awesome story. I'm looking forward to an Ogremon's POV....oh and I love the twist in Chapter 96.... Oh and....YOUR ALMOST TO 100 CHAPTERS!!! you must be so very proud....
10/5/2006 #4
Broken Angel01
Very proud, and lots more to come! Thanks for checking out my forum. There'll be a lot more twists too!
10/5/2006 #5
As I said in my reveiw, excellent new chapter! Unfortunetly, I forgot to ask about DarkAngelicmon. Is he going to be like Ogremon, Ken, Beelzemon, and Koichi? Or would that be giving to much away? *grins* Oh well. As I said before, UPDATE ASAP!!! Kouji-wolf P.S. Twists are good. They make a story even more interesting than it already was, and more complex. I LOVE it! Kouji-wolf
10/5/2006 #6
Broken Angel01
Well......he might be, or maybe not! I guess the question is, is he really evil? Does he have a change of heart? Or was he really ever evil to begin with! The answer is going to affect a lot of what happens further on in the story. In the next chapter DarkAngelicmon himself will reveal a bit about his past and his relationship with Luciamon. You'll just have to wait to find out! Thanks for checking out my forum!
10/6/2006 #7
Great story so far, well developed characters,good plot, and a great job keeping your readers interested. My favorite character is Sam, he seems so much like his dad, who is my favorite character from the show and manga, yet Sam is a character of his own and thats the main reason I like him. Now when can I expect to see the much-anticipated next chapter added?
10/6/2006 #8
You have an awesome story, Broken Angel01. It reads like it could be a new season of Digimon. When is Sam going to find out about his dad? How will he take it? I look forward to reading about DarkAngelicmon's past. I would like to find out what is up with him and Luciamon, too. Your writing has gotten much better and you have a neat writing style. I like the descriptions too. Oh, also, are the digidestined going to get caught? Will they get what they're looking for? Will they be able to save Gennai? My favourite kids are...all of them. Some more than others (like Matty, Mickey, Ryoko and Takara). But all of them are equally important to the story. I also enjoy reading about the parents' POV's.
10/7/2006 #9
Broken Angel01
A couple of questions to answer here, so I'll start with the first one. rikkari1: The next chapter should be up sometime this week. I've already started working on it, and it's about half-way typed. I'm glad you like Sam so much. I put a lot of work into his character and he's one of my favorites, too! LittleFirefly44: Thanks for the response! My original intention was to actually make this story read like a digimon season, so if the creaters of Digimon need a season six.....(call me!) Anyways, Sam is going to find out about his dad after they get the crests, but before they start searching for the Spirit Chips. Glowmon will have digivolved by then. Oh, and of course, they are definitely going to get caught! Someone's definitely going to rescue Gennai. I'm working on that right now actually. My writing has gotten a lot better thanks to all the help I've received from fellow writers, so all the credit goes to them! Thank you both for checking out my forum! A few more little hints: 1. I have picked out two names for Mimi's baby. A boy and a girl name. The baby will be born at the end or near the end of the story. 2. DarkAngelicmon's past? Two hints. The Dark Ocean and behind the Wall of Fire..... 3. Kari Kamiya? Yes, I'm aware she hasn't had much to do with the story yet, but she will be playing a big role later on. 4. Someone's going to squeal on Ken and tell Sam the truth about the Emperor. Who's it going to be? won't be Ken, that's for sure! Look around Thursday or Friday for the new chapter!
10/10/2006 #10
Okay, so I have a solution to almost everything...or everything I would like to get solved, XP. First, I would stick Dai and Kara in a closet so they can sort their feelings out, then I would replace Kara with Ryoko and give them both a pair of boxing gloves to sort their issues out. Finally, I would take the two boys out and put the twins in the closet, turn the lights off and do the same with Sam. XD Thus we have many of the issues solved! Lol. Not that you should do that, but it is a funny thought and I always feel that a good story is when you can think up a funny thought or two about it,, comic relief is always a good thing! Anyway, love the story, you update faster then I check the story so sorry if I don't review as much as I would like! -Arc.
10/11/2006 #11
Broken Angel01
Shame on you for your lack of reviews! Just kidding! Comic relief is always a good thing, and that would fix things nicely, wouldn't it? Quick and simple! Okay, more news: My next FTFOD chapter won't be posted until the week after next (hopefully) because I want to update 'Trinity' next week. It will take place in Matty's POV, (FTFOD that is) and all of them will get to the crest room! There's only one problem. DarkAngelicmon is heading that way, as well! Mickey and Matty will have a nice botherly chat, and Mickey will have a few words of wisdom for his brother. It will be called, The Heart of a Digidestined. Trust me, I'd love to update sooner, but as I've said before, my boss is evil!
10/12/2006 #12
Twilight Archangel
Hi Heather, to bad you cant update sooner! I am sure I will love that chapter, keep us informed please, I am still waiting to Lucemon to get into the story!
10/12/2006 #13
Broken Angel01
Hi to you, too! Lucemon will *definitely* be in the story! He'll be a very different Lucemon from the one we all know!
10/12/2006 #14
The Sushi Monster
Too bad that you can't update sooner, but there's always Trinty to keep us occupied....I loved the chptaer, and something really stuck out to me. DarkAngelicmon said that the Emperor said the same thing he did(blanking out on what exactly that was)...and Ken turned do I have a feeling the same thing will happen to DarkAngelicmon?
10/12/2006 #15
That's a good point. I'm sure that DarkAngelicmon is a lot like Gatomon, Ken, Impmon, and Koichi in that regard. I think he is more like Koichi then the others, though. The reason is that both of them forgot something really important before giving into the Darkness. That's just my personal opinion, though. P.S. DarkAngelicmon was thinking: [q]Why am I always surrounded by fools?[/q] P.P.S. Trinity is good and everything, but it's REALLY to bad you can't update FTFOD for a couple weeks. You have to make it up to us, okay, Broken Angel01?
10/12/2006 #16
Broken Angel01
Will do, Kouji-wolf! DarkAngelicmon is definitely complex, and a lot of it has to do with his past. Lucemon was a good friend of his, and he (Lucemon)will be meeting up with the Digidestined eventually. As for Luciamon, well....she has an interesting fate, too, which might not be so pleasant..... sushimonster724: An interesting concept. He's leaning that way, isn't he. As much has DarkAngelicmon 'hates' Mickey and Matty, (does he really hate them?) he also wants something from them, only it's not what he thinks he wants. The Digidestined aren't the only ones who are going to find out some amazing discoveries in the near future!
10/13/2006 #17
The Sushi Monster
you know, life is full of I have to do logic in English and Math (I'm in Geometry) home I have homework and I of course I have social life!!(well...atleast I think I do!)...and now some more!! lol.....I just love riddles.... hehe...that was just something random. But I'm REALLy looking forward to the next chapter.....
10/13/2006 #18
Broken Angel01
I had a review about Takara so I thought I'd answer it here. Now, my reviewer stated that Takara hasn't had much of a role that she's just 'there'. I will have to agree at this point. There hasn't been as much about her as the others, but I do want to give more backround and scenes with her family. She will be talking to her dad about SkullGreymon, and both she and her mom will play a bigger role when the search for the Spirit Chips starts. Like Kari, it will be later in the story. Again, it's hard to give everyone the same amount of attention with such a big cast but I will do my best. (Also I wasn't offended, mickiept. The advice is always welcomed) Any more is great because it makes my story better. (On a side note Trinity will be updated hopefully tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!)
10/17/2006 #19
Broken Angel01
Well, now that I've posted a new chapter for Trinity, I'll be updating FTFOD sometime next week. (hopefully) Again, the new chapter will be called 'The Heart of a Digidestined'.
10/20/2006 #20
Hmmm...What does the title mean I wonder? Gar, darn titles, making you think of things that may happen. Bah, update soon so I can find out!
10/21/2006 #21
Broken Angel01
Good news! I just finished writing chapter 100 on paper and that's when the battle really gets underway! Look for more digivolutions and a few surprises!
10/23/2006 #22
Broken Angel01
News update! Alright, chapter 99 is going to be up next week, so I'll tell you a bit about it. It's going to be called 'Stabbed in the Back' and it's going to be in Ken's POV. They're going to meet up with DarkAngelicmon and something interesting happens with him. Also Matty and DarkAngelicmon finally get to meet each other in person. Add T.K. into the picture and you get quite an interesting conversation! DarkAngelicmon is rather funny in the next chapter, if I do say so myself! Look for it next week!
10/25/2006 #23
Hmmmm.... I wonder just HOW funny DarkAngelicmon is going to be. Though, I'm wondering how T.K. will react to him, if he's going to remind him of Devimon and just set him broiling like the Digimon Emperor did in the second season. Hmmmmmmmm....
10/25/2006 #24
Broken Angel01
Some more news! This is just to let you all know that three of the new digimon have been given names for their ultimate forms! The three I'm talking about are Angelicmon, Gabrielmon, and Glowmon. Two of them I came up with myself and one (Gabrielmon's ultimate level) is a suggestion given to me by FallenArchangelDD, so the credit goes to him. Thanks so much for the name, Fallen Archangel! It's perfect! Now, the other three still don't have ultimate level names as yet. I'm still thinking on them, but if you have any suggestions let me know. There is a good possibly I may use them!
10/26/2006 #25
Twilight Archangel
No problem my dear Heater, everything to help a friend, and contribute to this great story of yours!
10/27/2006 #26
Just so we know what to think about if we want to help: How closely do you want them to resemble their partners' parents' partners? That would give us an idea of what to send you and what you might use.
10/27/2006 #27
Broken Angel01
Well, they don't have to necessarily resemble the parents. Basically just remember that Dai's partner is in the dragon family, Kara's the bird, and Ryoko a fox. As long as the ideas keep within the same type of family. (so Ibismon's form would be a bird type) then it'll work.
10/27/2006 . Edited 10/27/2006 #28
I know this isnt a question or anything but i'm married to this story!!!BrokenAngel01 Married us! even ask her!!!!^_^ I just thought i'd tell u people!
10/30/2006 #29
Broken Angel01
If you haven't already realized it, my new chapter was just posted. Now for Chapter 100! Well, it takes place in Ryoko's POV and it's going to be called 'The Power of Hope'. Spritemon joins the party and Mickey becomes quite bold for someone who's supposed to be shy or 'feint-hearted' as Dai once said. (Though we all know that's not true!) The Digidestined have a bit of an arguement about what to do, but a certain angel digimon pretty much decides that for them. Izzy and the gang are going to come back into the story along with Leomon and friends in the coming chapters, and basically everything is going to come together. As I said before, Glowmon will digivolve in either Chapter 102 or 103!
11/1/2006 #30
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