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Shep Squared

What do you think the mega levels (or the equivalent) of characters would be in the seasons?

I think that Biyomon would be Pheonixmon/Hououmon,

Palmon would be Rosemon,

Gomamon would be Vikemon,

Tentomon I want to say HerculesKabuterimon, but he's supposed to be a DNA between MegaKabuterimon and Okuwamon,

Gatomon would be Ophanimon,

Patamon would be Seraphimon,

Silphymon would be Valkyriemon,

and I have no idea about Shakkoumon, Aquialamon and Ankylomon.

In Tamers I believe that Guardromon and Kazu could become HiAndromon,

Leomon and Jeri could become BantyoLeomon (because SabreLeomon doesn't look human at all),

Alice and Dobermon could become Anubismon

and I have no clue about Kenta and MarineAngemon or Ai, Mako and Impmon

For Frontier I know that there are fusion spirits for ice, lightning, darkness and wind, but most of them are wierd or horrible.

And i haven't watched Savers or Xross Wars at all, so no opinions there

9/9/2011 . Edited 9/9/2011 #1

Actually, Vikemon is the Mega form of Shakkoumon. It's Plesiomon that's Gomamon's Mega form.

9/9/2011 #2
Miss Anonymous hp

I always make up my own lines because it's so much more fun, and sometimes I think I make more sense in the end anyway!

So, this is what I decided:

Palmon - Rosemon

Patamon - Seraphimon

Biyomon - Phoenixmon

Tentomon - HerculesKabuterimon

Gomamon - Vikemon

Gatomon - Ophanimon

Veemon - AeroVeedramon

Armadillomon - Plesiomon

Hawkmon - Gryphomon

Wormmon - GrandisKuwagamon

A lot of them are the same as what was originally said! But I switched up a few, just because I thought it looked better. The only one that I'm not so sure about is Plesiomon being the mega for Armadillomon. It doesn't bother me too much since sometimes evolutions can be random, and Armadillomon does have connections to the water from his Digiegg of Reliability, but I just dunno! I've had other ideas in the past, but I can't remember them now!

9/9/2011 #3

*Rises hand* Just a quick question, but you DO realize that AeroVeedramon is in fact, a Ultimate-Level Digimon, right?

9/9/2011 #4
Miss Anonymous hp

Whoops! I meant UlforceVeedramon, haha! That's what I get for talking about my ideas for Digimon without my notebook nearby. I always make little notes when I get new ideas just so I don't forget them, but I'm not quite sure where it's gone... Ah well!

I suppose you're not a fan of playing around with digivolution lines?

9/9/2011 #5

Mm, that depends. What do you mean by "playing around"?

9/9/2011 #6
Miss Anonymous hp

Such as Vikemon being Gomamon's mega form instead of Shakkoumon! =)

9/9/2011 #7

Ah, that.

Well, what it really comes down to is preference. I've seen Vikemon used as the Mega form for Armadillomon so many times, it's kind of stiched into my head. And, while apparently Gomamon CAN indeed become Vikemon, it's just that I'm use to him becoming Plesiomon, that seeing him becoming Vikemon is kind of weird and alien to me. Not saying the idea in of itself is bad, but I just perfer Plesiomon over Vikemon for Gomamon's Mega. It's sort of like how I perfer to use either UlForceVeedramon or Goldramon for Veemon's Mega. Outside of the coolness factor of them, I perfer it if Imperialdramon and his variations (Fighter and Paladin) remained as DNA forms for Veemon.

9/9/2011 #8
Shep Squared

I personally like the whole playing around with digivolution lines as you have so many options: Gomamon could have MarineAngemon, Vikemon and Plesiomon as mega forms. Beyond that I believe that there are certain 'natural' digivolution lines that are more common- ie: Agumon can become Tyrannomon, but Greymon or GeoGreymon is a lot more common. Following that on, I've always seen Plesiomon as a logical Mega form of Gomamon, given a different ultimate form, with Vikemon being the natural mega of Zudomon. Of course, it is Digimon, and anything could happen. I've always thought that if a Stingmon loaded the data of an ExVeemon it could digivolve into a DinoBeemon without DNA digivolution. Leading on from that, Armadillomon's mega really should be a dinosaur to me, preferably a herbivore and Shakkoumon's mega a statue or something similar to what he is. I also dislike the idea of Wormmon becoming GranKuwagamon/Grandiskuwagamon via JewelBeemon or DinoBeemon, as GranKuwagamon and GrandisKuwagamon are both megas of the Kuwagamon line.

9/9/2011 #9
Shep Squared


9/9/2011 . Edited 9/9/2011 #10
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