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This topic is for anyone with a digimon fic idea that they want to share with anyone that may or may not create a fic for.

Here is my story idea.

What if chika(kristy) instead of Ikuto(keenan) was sucked into the digital world as a baby she would be at ten years old a human hating tarzan girl working for merukiimon just as Ikuto(keenan) did maybe even wearing a similer outfit. Even lead up to to her brother masaru (marcus) trying to get his long lost sister to come to her senses. This would be so cool if this were turned into a fanfic. I even had a art commission done

9/2/2008 #1
Broken Angel01

Well, I also have a story request, but more for a certain friendship pairing. I personally would love to see more T.K./Ken friendship fics as there are not enough of them and they make such great friends. Their relationship wasn't explored much in the series, which I found to be really disappointing. (I believe T.K. may have spoken directly to Ken about.....three or four times. Maybe five if we're lucky)

I wrote one myself and would write more if I had the time, but since I don't I'd love to read some posted by others.

If anyone decides to make one, please, please let me know!

9/8/2008 #2
Shep Squared

I would like to request a fic that explains who gets the last four spirits in Fronteir. And whether they change depending on who uses them?

3/28/2009 #3
Phantom Thief Zel

I love to see more gijinka fics, personally. I plan on writing a few myself, but that alone shall not fill the empty place in my heart. D:

3/31/2009 #4
Captain Nice Hardrive

Personally, I'm a real sucker for deep, introspective stuff--particularly when a character (or characters) reflect on past events and how its shaped their character.

Fics of this variety are already fairly rare to begin with, but one I've seen almost nothing of would be the original DigiDestineds' feelings regarding Ryo's departure. With the exception of Ken, they all think he's dead, and thats certainly got to color how they feel about the digital world a bit. After all, as far as they're concerned, Milleniumon outright killed a good friend of theirs (even if they last parted on not-so-good terms)--wouldn't they feel at least a bit worried for their successors? And thats not even touching on the Veemon issue, what with his being Ryo's temporary partner in the wonderswan games and all.

This stuff is sometimes addressed in seasonal cross-over fics, but thats what not I'm getting at. In fact, I'd rather see the "seasonal wall" as a n actual plot device, rather than just a barrier. Maybe a fic with Ryo's old friends looking back on his apparent "death" with a sort of guilt, and Ryo reflecting on the world he left behind (and the friends he abandoned therein) with a measure of guilt of his own? Or maybe they've just moved on?

...and there I go rambling again.

4/7/2009 #5



Yes, Ogremon from season 1. Words cannot express my love for this guy, and I've run out of fic to read about him. I'm planning on writing some myself, but I have so much to write already, so I won't be getting around to it for a while. But it would be truly amazing if somebody wrote some for me 8D I cannot understand why he doesn't already have more, because he's an amazing character. Is it because he's ugly? Is it because he was a bad guy? Is it because he had few appearances in the show?


Somebody please write fic to assure me that I'm not the only person out there who likes him DDD8

4/26/2009 #6

Here is the idea:

This super huge battle of the Legendary Warriors & the 7 Demon Lords. Something that big with a lot of action, violence.

7/6/2009 #7

Angel's Inferno

Info: The best Lucemon fan fic idea.

Plot: Lucemon controls the Digital World after he defeats the Legendary Warriors. He plans for his rule on Earth. He receives help from Abraxas, a mysterious boy with extrondary powers along with the rebirth of the Royal Knights. Will they be stopped. Find Out??

7/6/2009 #8
Musical Darkness

I like Captain Nice Hardrive's idea of the Ryo thing! Interesting, though I probably wouldn't be able to write it... but anyways, I have a few ideas:

What if Matt and Sam's stories were switched? What if Sam went to the Digital World with Ken and the Original Digidestined? What if Matt died in a car accident and T.K. became the Digimon Emperor? What would have happened?

Remember from episode 36 of Digimon Frontier, right before IceDevimon came out, and Kouichi was trying to say something to Kouji? What was he trying to say?

...Yeah, that's all I have right now. I usually have a lot more, but then I don't write it down, and I forget...

7/22/2010 #9
The Silent Insomniac

I agree with Captain Harddrive. Even a oneshot would be nice.


As for me, I like things that generate a lot of controversy, and are generally tied to ideas that break the mold. My contribution to this thread involves the Digimon community, as I have NEVER SEEN A STORY WRITTEN ABOUT IT.

This story could be given various names. For me, "Fanfiction", "Microcosm", and "Reflection" come to mind.

The premise: we have a Digimon-fanatic person who, despite growing up to be a well-respected adult, maintains an unwavering loyalty to the franchise.

This loyal Digimon fan struggles with the world of fanfiction. New to creative writing, he shows the most common traits of a newbie and is one of those annoying people who pro.sti.tute themselves for reviews. The story is about his journey to becoming a great writer of Digimon fanfiction, well-known for producing unique stories of impeccable quality comparable to novels or short stories often found in books.

As the fan continues his writing, enjoying the fame he once sought, the story evolves to a philosophical engagement on human behavior. An event in the Real World reminds him of the cruel distinction between virtual and real fame, a distinction he had forgotten in his excitement. What is truly important in life? Why do people write fanfiction? Why do many of them produce Mary Sues (Gary Stus)? Why are so many stories the same, with only the names and intimate details being different, despite their author's contentions that they are breaking the mold? Why do people constantly battle each other's ships? What is the value of an opinion? What is the difference between Fanon and Reality? How is the Digimon Franchise a microcosm of humanity, a microcosm of the world?

In the end, the fan is treated like crap. His questions and ponderings become an annoyance, and eventually lead to a shunning of the fan himself at online forums. Personal development comes in the form of a stark realization of how fellow men behave, and how people do not want to ask questions or confront issues that bother them if they could help it. The fiction ends with the loyal fan putting down his pen (figuratively speaking), putting a premium on the Real World while carrying the Digimon franchise in his heart.

...I spoke too much? XD

7/25/2010 #10
Musical Darkness

...uuuuhhhh... I didn't get that. Could you explain that in simpler terms? XD

Well, anyways (I find myself saying that a lot), I had another story idea. What if Kouichi and Ken's stories were switched around? Sort of the if Kouichi became the Kaiser/Emperor, Ken became Duskmon thing. I'd really like to see something like that.


7/29/2010 #11
The Silent Insomniac

Simpler terms? LOL XD

It's a multi-chapter story about a long-time Digimon fan who is experiencing the highs and lows of the online community, as a newb and as a "named persona" (e.g. Lord Pata comes to mind when it comes to anything concerning the infamous Pata-Vee-Gato / Dai-Ta-Kari love triangles). Sheds light on human behavior and explores the very concept of fanfiction itself using the Digimon Franchise as a medium. Ending reflects the scorn and disdain experienced by those that forcibly invades the mind with things people do not want to think account, the very same experiences Socrates and the show South Park underwent.

Kouchi = Kaiser, Ken = Duskmon? Lemme guess -- you also want it a 02/04 crossover? XD

7/30/2010 #12
Musical Darkness

Ooooohhhh... NOW I get it! Thanks!

Haha, yeah! I've been looking all over the place for a good 02/04 crossover fic, but I've only found like, what, 3? I'd love to see something like this!

7/30/2010 #13
Musical Darkness

Sorry, I know, I'm replying to my own post...

But, anyways, I was just re-reading FTFOD, and I was at the end of chapter 70, where the digimon are telling Daichi and the gang about the crests, and I quote Hawkmon,

"You're probably wondering why Ken got a crest if he wasn't a part of Tai's team. The truth is, even we're still trying to figure that one out."

So, I got to thinking, if the Digidestined really needed to find out how the crest of kindness was found, how it was always linked to Ken before, what would they find out? So I said, "What better way to find out than ask the community! We always come up with crazy ideas!" So, this is a story idea/prompt: How was the Crest of Kindness linked to Ken? Did it ever affect him befor on his first adventure with Ryo?

...Something along those lines. So, what do you think?

8/11/2010 #14
Shep Squared
I don't know about why Ken has a crest but FTFOD will prob ably answer that eventually. Personaly I'd like to see a fix where the other 02 digidestined got crests. Davis would have Miracles or Persistance, Cody would get Wisdom and I have no idea about Yolei
9/29/2010 #15
Ventus Astrum

What I want for a story is an Adventure/Tamers crossover that actually explores the issue that the Adventure children have their adventures be an anime. This should be dealt with so that it would become a problem in the heat of battle. Another story angle I would like to explore is what if another chosen became the kaiser? Takeru? Yolei? Kari? Davis? Cody? Now if Davis was the Kaiser, there would be a real problem with that. Now if it was Takeru, they have to fight a Daemon. Not a pretty thought. So I really want a story like this. Oh wait, another thought. What if Yamaki and Kurata met? Wouldn't that be epic now?

9/30/2010 #16
The Silent Insomniac

Regarding the Second Gen Chosen crests...

I'm one of those guys who'd lump in Daisuke with a crest of Miracles. Visibility as main character aside, it does fit all the power-ups he's being given so generously by the writers. Besides, he won't be the only one with a special crest, since Hikari's "Light" attribute already speaks for itself. If we had to use character traits, then I'd agree with Shep and give him Persistence (Determination sounds better). While I'm at it, I'd change Hikari's from Light to Innocence.

Iori's easy: he gets Justice. It fits with his background and his 02 epilogue. Miyako would probably get Passion from me. I mean, I remember Miyako's character as one of the most zealous out of all Twelve. Hmm...

@ Ventus Astrum

Yamaki and Kurata? I'm already working on that in my fic (though Kurata hasn't been introduced yet). I'd like to think of their relationship like this: Kurata's the science dude who innovates on digimon-destroying, human-modifying technology, while Yamaki's more of the military leader with a deep understanding of the programming language that built the Digital World and its creatures.

End result: carnage, destruction, and complete suppression of the digital monsters. Throw this all into the Zero Two universe and we have regular people capable of mass-producing perfected dark spirals. XD

9/30/2010 . Edited 9/30/2010 #17
The Silent Insomniac

Oops. Please delete this second post. ^_^

9/30/2010 . Edited 9/30/2010 #18
Musical Darkness

I agree. I always that that Light wasn't a true "quality", like Courage and Friendship. Innocence would definetly suit her better, but then where would our own Child of Innocence from FTFOD be? Now there's something interesting to talk about... but I'm pretty sure there's a topic for that somewhere on the forum.

As for your story... wow... sounds interesting! Ken must be really mad...

9/30/2010 #19
The Silent Insomniac

Scrap innocence and replace it with Purity. Nyahahaha! Synonyms for the win!

Ken, mad? I say, sad. He's stuck in the Digital World with Iori (Cody), Koushirou (Izzy), and Joe, wanted dead worldwide by Yamaki, and completely cut off from the Real World thanks to Kurata's Digital Dive System. Then there are soldiers invading the Digital World, equipped with guns/vehicles meant for combat against digimon. Stretch the time of the defense to two years, and I personally think "mad" would be replaced by grief knowing digimon in the Real World have become mere commodities and weapons of mass destruction, policed by an organization recognized and funded by world governments.

9/30/2010 . Edited 9/30/2010 #20
Musical Darkness

But then Mimi from the Japanese version has Purity... This is hard.

Aww... poor Ken! (Goes off to find story)

9/30/2010 #21
The Silent Insomniac

Mimi, Purity!? GAH I forgot . It *is* hard. Meh.

Btw, mudkipmon, just so you know, the story isn't told from an "omniscient" POV. I mean, you won't be seeing scene or POV cuts (what's the difference? XP) to Iori / Joe / Koushirou / Ken without warning. Story is told through characters who are actively involved in the prevailing story arc (or overall storyline), similar to a movie. For example... the Yagami siblings? Their POV's were not used until being formally introduced in the 10th chapter. Ken's POV wasn't used either until he finally paid a visit to the central location of chapters 3 to 9. You get the idea. ^_^

9/30/2010 . Edited 9/30/2010 #22
Musical Darkness


...Okay...Did we discuss this in Reading today? Oh well. I get it! I'll go and read it as soon as my homework's finished...

9/30/2010 #23
The Silent Insomniac

*sigh* homework. Kinda miss that life. D: Job-hunting sucks. I'd rather manage money (or write fics XD)


Here's another idea. It can take place between the Kaiser and Arukenimon story arcs, during that big time gap while Ken was comatose. Since the Chosen Children were having it easy rebuilding, why not make something that shows them how they were interacting in the Real World. Maybe the digimon were more relaxed now so they're being treated to the wonders of reality, or maybe Jun gets close to finding out about Chibimon's true nature... The writer could add some in-school thing by someone finding the "dolls" in the backpack and whoever "owns it" starts getting teased at lol.

I'd like to see a story like that, done in a manner amusing and sweet. ^^

9/30/2010 . Edited 9/30/2010 #24
Musical Darkness

Back on topic:

Those are all really good ideas! I'd like totry out some of them sometime. I've got another idea. So I was thinking about FTFOD one night, and one thing led to another, and I got the idea, "What if the FTFOD digidestined went back in time to do something with their parents?" I mean, I was in the arc where they find out their parents are Digidestined, so... yeah. I'm not really sure if I'll try this one...

9/30/2010 #25
The Silent Insomniac

Wow one thing DID lead to another

Well, its interesting, buuuut making a story for that premise's gonna be hard, especially if you're intending on makin' it epic.

9/30/2010 #26
Musical Darkness

(Thinks about it) You're right, it is going to be hard... I'm not looking for it to be like a 100+ epic like FTFOD, just something off to the side, like about 30 chapters at the most. But then I wonder, what will the Digidestined be fighting? Oh, I've got a lot to do...

9/30/2010 #27
Captain Nice Hardrive

Here's an odd story request for you guys:

Awhile back, during the course of some Ryo-related research, I stumbled across a peculiar promotional picture showcasing some familiar faces, as well as a few I did not immediately recognize. After doing some digging, I learned that the extra individuals were rival tamers in Ryo's 'D-1 Tamers' game on the Wonderswan handheld console, which I have never played but have heard a great deal about. Curiously, these characters don't seem to have reappeared in other Digimon-related media, and have consequently remained under the radar of fanfiction writers on the whole. I figure it might be good sport to poach these second-string digidestined for a 'where are they now?'-type story, although you'd probably need to learn Japanese before trying to consult the relevant source material...

Picture is here:

9/30/2010 #28
Musical Darkness

Hmmm...interesting. Though, I must say, I'm more interested in Tag Tamers than the other Ryo games. Something about Ken's backstory. But, for some random reason, I got another request! I think, even though it's pretty early in the season, we need a fic on Nene. I absolutely adore her. She seems so unsuspecting, but then in the latest episode, she seems so evil! I'm thinking maybe a fic on what her intentions are for the rest of the characters. And for some reason, I always thought that Nene and Kiriha should be paired up, or maybe a friendship fic. But either way, Nene, even if she is the 'mysterious' character, needs some more love.

9/30/2010 #29
Broken Angel01

Hey, mudkipmon!

That whole thing about the FTFOD kids going back in time to help their parents actually sounds like a really cool idea! And funny, but I'd had the same thoughts too on a story like that, so we're thinking alike! That's something I think I would really enjoy reading!

10/1/2010 #30
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