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What do you think?

12/23/2009 #1
Obsessed With Chocolate

Hmmm thats actually hard, I loved Farid at the start and I felt really sad when Meggie broke up with him :-( ..........but let Meggie have Doria, I'll have Farid!!!!!! I love him!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

1/8/2010 #2
Colored Sabotage

Ditto there! I did think that Meggie and Farid would've been cute together, and the end of inkdeath saddened me. But I'd gladly have Farid....

1/15/2010 #3
Abigale McGee

I literally cried when Farid died in Inkspell. I think Meggie was a tad bit selfish when she left Farid because he was phyced that his father-figure just flicking came back from the dead. Doria and Meggie shoual never have began. My opinion is unshaken even in a hurricane. (and no, not earthquake. Louisiana girls stand through HURRICANES)

1/31/2010 #4

Wow. me, too! i didn't touch or look at the book for almost a whole month until I began to miss reading it. :)

But I guess that didn't make the book horrible. It was nice, and will always remain to be one of my favorites. I never really did like Doria anyway. He wasn't...'cool' enough for me. And there are so many other reasons. I sometimes wish Fenoglio never said anything about him having a wife who from a distant land who gave him all his ideas. :(

Marid all the way!

3/8/2010 #5
Abigale McGee


It's like he said "Hey, Meggie! He's my character and you have to marry him!"

3/9/2010 #6
The Bumble and the Bee

I really liked Farid, up until the third book.

the problem with the third book is that she turned him into such a jerky manwhore- he lusted after a bunch of other girls and even kissed some of them.

I also really like Doria, i thought he was cool and suited Meggie, but thats just an opinion

5/30/2010 #7
She Who Shines

You know, I agree. Farid was the cutest thing in the first couple books (after he figured out he wasn't dreaming anymore, anyway ;) ). But by the third book Ms. Funke changed him, and that really upset me. I missed Farid.

Personally, I don't know Doria. All I know is that he likes to invent, has two stiff fingers, a bulky big brother, an abusive dead guardian and a dead sister (right?). But I don't know him at all. Doria and Meggie's romance didn't actually happen. We never really saw it. It was stated by word of god, basically, and that rather upset me. MAYBE if I'd actually seen their love develop I could support it. As I didn't, not only do I feel cheated, but greatly saddened. Marid was so sweet, and it bonded Dustfinger and Meggie, as well as Dustfinger and Mo. I love it when Dusty interacts with those two :D

1/5/2011 #8

Hmm, it's hard for me to decide on Moria or Marid. I positively love Farid and Meggie, but I think it's probably best that Meggie ended up with Doria. But from Inkdeath you don't get to really know Doria like you know Farid, so I probably prefer Meggie and Farid. I think Farid and Brianna would make a cute couple too though. :)

1/18/2011 #9
She Who Shines

See, I can't really support Brianna with anyone. She annoys the heck out of me, that girl, with how cruel she was to Violante and her father (though I suppose I can understand where she was coming from when it came to Dusty, and it would be a cute way to bond Dustfinger and Farid). And like you said, it's near impossible to support Moria when we don't know Doria in the first place. It's such a shame.

1/18/2011 #10

Yeah, I can definitely see how you could find Brianna annoying, but the fact that she and Farid hate eachother makes me want them to end up together. :)

1/18/2011 #11
She Who Shines

I wanted to punch that girl by the end of the series! Especially with how she got away with everything 9_9 But yeah, I see where you're coming from. There are a lot of real cute hate/love relationships - like Mimi and Stanly from Jericho! She came to audit his farm 'cause he couldn't pay his taxes. He fought back. They were perfect for each other :3

1/18/2011 #12

Hey, I know this is off topic, but does anyone know anything about a book called Inkheart: Farid's Story? I heard about it somewhere, but I don't know if it's out yet, or if it's even by Cornelia Funke...

1/21/2011 #13

I have actually heard of Farids Story. I believe its a more kidde version of inkheart or something. It is more of a level 3 reader level. Heres a link to a site to read more about it:

2/6/2012 #14

Oh, thanks! :) I just looked at that link; it looks like it's some short story based on the Inkheart movie, written on a much lower level than the actual trilogy. And it's not even by the same author, either. *Sigh* I guess it would be just too amazing if Cornelia Funke had actually written a real book, as long as Inkheart, about Farid's life before he got read out of his world....Oh well. Thanks again. :)

2/6/2012 #15

you welcome :) I totally understand! I would love for her to write another book. I would so run to the library and get it. lol


2/6/2012 #16

Argh, I know! I keep thinking about how amazing and wonderful and totally awesome it would be if she wrote more Ink books. There so needs to be a sequel trilogy! Or a prequel. Or anything. :) Hmm, if you could chose one more Inkheart book to be written, what would you want it to be about the most? :)

2/6/2012 #17

Umm hard decision. But I would probably just want to know, what they did after Inkdeath. To see what happens with Meggie and Doria. Also what Farid did. Maybe if Farid found someone else. What Mo and Resa's kid would be like. Probably just that. lol :) what about you?

2/7/2012 #18

Yeah, I would really love to see what happens to everyone after Inkdeath, so a sequel would be great. Or it would also be interesting if she wrote the real Inkheart by Fenoglio. (Although Dustfinger would have to die at the end, so that would suck...) Ooh, or you know what else I would love? If she wrote a book about Dustfinger and Farid, about the year in between Inkheart and Inkspell. I suppose that probably wouldn't be as exciting as a sequel, but as I simply adore all the scenes with them in the books, a whole new book with all the conversations they had and things they did in that year would be pretty awesome for me. :) (Aaaah, talking about all this is making me want more Inkheart books sooo much!)

2/7/2012 #19

I know! that would be awesome. To badd she cant. But at least we have fan fiction! lol :) we could at least imagine and write ourselves what we think. But we will never right it the way Cornelia did. lol

2/8/2012 #20

Yes, at least we have fanfiction, which is definitely better than nothing, even though it's not the same than as if it were by Cornelia. :)

2/9/2012 #21

Yeah. So you thinking of writing any new stories? :)

2/13/2012 #22

I have some ideas that I'm working on right now, actually. :) My main project is a post-Inkdeath story about Dustfinger and Farid. I can't say much about it except that it includes several looks into Farid's past and they discover things about who he is they never knew before. It's going to be longer than anything I've ever written so far. But I like to finish my stories before I post them on here, so it probably won't be up for a while.

And then I have another idea for a story I started just yesterday, (also post-Inkdeath), about Farid, Brianna, Meggie, and Doria all being read into our world together. :) I could start posting that one rather soon or not for a really long time.

2/13/2012 #23

Those stories sound pretty interesting! i cant wait to read them. :) The one about Farid, Meggie, and Doria sounds cool! The one about Farid Dustfinger sound cool too! :) lol im excited. But take your time(:

2/14/2012 #24

Thank you! Yay, I'm glad you think they sound cool!! :) I'll try to write more so I can start posting on here as soon as I can. :)

2/14/2012 #25

You welcome! I love your story The Maze. I love your writing style. Take as long as you need to write your story though! :) lol

2/14/2012 #26

Wow, thank you so much! :D I'm glad you like The Maze! And thank you for reviewing it!! :)

2/15/2012 #27

You Welcome! :) Your a great writer!

2/16/2012 #28
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