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Dragonic Demon

Before you can post or claim any characters. You need to accept the rules first.

  2. Don't kill characters without permission from the owner and admin.
  3. Be respectful to everyone
  4. No god-modding is allowed.
  5. No Mary Sues are allowed.
  6. No advertising on the forum unless you have permission from the admin to do so. The admin will also tell you the appropriate location to do so once you have permission.
  7. No AU characters will be approved
  8. Do not post on the roleplay topic until you have accepted the rules and the admin or mods have approved for you to have a character on the forum.
  9. No playing as characters who do not belong to you. It doesn't matter if the character is claimed by someone or not.
  10. Use () or some form of identification when not roleplaying.
  11. Must have permission from owner of character if your character is going to be related to them.
  12. Do not annoy the admin or mods with approving your character if it has not been over 24 hours.
  13. Nothing above a M rating on the forum.
  14. You can make a special appearance on a brand but once drafted you are limited to the drafted brand, NXT and such.
  15. Only Admins can draft Superstars to either Brand.
  16. There will be a Draft taking place once every year.
  17. If you are caught breaking the rules, you will be given only three warnings. The second one will be a One Day Ban, third is a one week ban. Break a 4th time you are removed

Post "I Agree"

10/28/2019 . Edited 10/28/2019 #1
Daughter of Ra and Bast

I agree.

10/28/2019 #2
Dragonic Demon

I accept

10/28/2019 #3
Joseph Cullen

I Agree

10/28/2019 #4

I accept.

10/28/2019 #5
Dragonic Demon

Ced head over to Life Outside WWE

10/28/2019 #6

I Agree

12/2/2019 #7

I agree

1/15/2020 #8

I accept

3/29/2020 #9
Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

i accept

4/1/2020 #10
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