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The tree metaphor was more complex than they imagined... It's time for a break from our classic clans to explore different branches.
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The clans:

Many moons ago, a band of Windclan and Shadowclan cats, united in their sorrow from an ongoing war between their clans, found the courage to leave their native land. Together, they founded two separate groups, that collaborated closely to survive until they could gain more members. Eventually (rather ironically) a local rogue group formed Duskclan. The leaders of Nightclan and Dawnclan were understandably shocked that a Riverclan look-alike with a similar history had come to be. The most recent clan, Lightclan, was formed by a branch of Nightclan cats, who haven't forgiven them for their betrayal yet.

Nightclan: The first of the nocturnal clans. Much like Shadowclan, they pride themselves on their ambush and stalking techniques. They are known to be cold-hearted and have fiery tempers, but within their own community they're a loyal, tight-knit group. They live in a marshy pine forest.

Dawnclan: Dawnclan is much like Windclan. They have both above-ground warriors and tunnellers, and are inclined to much storytelling. Their territory is hilly grassland (the only non-yellow grass in any of the clans) with a lot of lavender and heather growing.

Duskclan: Duskclan lives in a mixture of dry grassland and sparse forest at the very edge of the river that seperates clan land from unclaimed territories. Most of their territory is flooded year-round, and they hunt a lot of water-prey. Their most peculiar practices include an unsettling expertise at walking on and hunting through both thick and thin ice.

Lightclan: The second nocturnal clan. The clan territories aren't very foresty, but the farthest half of their territory is entirely woodland. The other half is mainly dry bushes. They are mostly known for their camp, which is decorated with a number of shiny twoleg objects (glass, for the most part) and always seems to inexplicably glow at night. In reality, their land has an abundance of fireflies, and they trap some every day. They've also picked up a few glowing twoleg things (notably, one kittypet once brought some glowing plastic stars as a gift for his mate).

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Clan Traditions:

The trial: Originally set in the forest beyond Lightclan territory, the Trials encourage young cats to learn to cooperate with others and gain independence. Because of the sheer amount of times cats got lost and saved by the 'Forest Spirit', the clans eventually grudgingly agreed to find a new location for the Apprentices to use. When they reach the end of their apprenticeship, Warriors in training are sent away to this selected land for a period of time ranging from one quarter moon to a moon depending on the season. Sometimes younger cats are forced to participate, or newly-named warriors, because there aren't enough participants of the same age. To avoid having clan secrets revealed, the piece of land that was chosen is a generic field between Nightclan and Dawnclan that lay unclaimed because of conflict. The Apprentices have to survive on their own..

Gatherings: Once every full moon (as always) the clans gather on the rocks at the edge of the river.

The Blue Tree or Moon Pine: A blue-pigmented pine tree. (Bluer than any other tree that any cat has seen). Not particularly tall. These clans' equivalent of the Moonstone or Moonpool. Once every half-moon, the medicine cats meet there. Apprentices are strongly encouraged to visit before their ceremony. In order to visit Starclan, one must simply lie in the tall grass at its feet. In tribute to the area, Lightclan and Dawnclan often decorate the area with flowers. In the winter Duskclan puts up glittering ice shards, and Nightclan, as the closest clan, defends it. Every leader to receive lives so far has left a single scratch in the wood. Oddly enough, there are far more scratches than there have been leaders... another sign to point to the lost society.

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Current Situation:

Severely corrupted, Duskclan terrorizes its own cats. It no longer participates in the trial. It has already managed to defeat Dawnclan's leader and subtly take charge of the clan, who must provide them with prey and fight on their side without being allowed to admit their current predicament to Lightclan and Nightclan, both of which are too risky to try and defeat so far. Duskclan only visits its involuntary allies once every quarter moon to assure their loyalty. A single representative watches the clan otherwise. The only reason for both the honest members of Duskclan's and Dawnclan's cooperation is that their kits are always in proximity of one of the traitors.

A rebellion with a particularly awesome (for lack of better words) lair has already formed and is actively supported by Nightclan. Lightclan has as of yet remained neutral.

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How things will play out:

Duskclan will tell Dawnclan to send their apprentices to the Trial as spies. The apprentices will cave under pressure and admit everything to the other trainees. Trainees will be shocked to find out Nightclan already knows and Lightclan isn't sure if they should help (they are the easiest next target and don't want to be attacked).

They learn about the rebellion and as it turns out, nothing in this forum can be kept a secret because the tyrants know about the rebellion too... They just find it amusingly pathetic. Fortunately, they are SERIOUSLY underestimating the good guys...

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So ummm in case anyone cares, the deputy of Nightclan, the deputy Duskclan, and the medicine cat of Lightclan are open to anyone that wants them. The rest have been taken.

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