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The tree metaphor was more complex than they imagined... It's time for a break from our classic clans to explore different branches.
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Dawnclan camp is at a small spot clear grass at the top of a hill. The earth at their paws is soft like sand. They like to sleep in the open, but have a maze of dens in a rocky cave/leaning rock network that they've littered with feathers. The kits usually sleep with everyone else but there's a nursery under an outcropping and a medicine den in a dug-out hole in one of the steeper edges of the camp with heather covering the entrance. A bracken bush hides the elder's den.

11/1/2019 . Edited 11/1/2019 #1

Honeyspark padded out of her den, blinking in the bright sunlight. Another beautiful day! She looked over to see Dustfrost and walked over to her. "Good morning, Dustfrost. How are you this morning?"

11/2/2019 #2

Dustfrost dipped her head, "I'm alright. And you?" Her tone was pleasant but her face was drawn. It was almost half-moon, meaning her medicine cat would have to lie to the others again.

11/2/2019 #3

Honeyspark shrugged. "I try to stay positive as always. You look tired. I have some poppyseeds if you would like them for sleep."

11/2/2019 #4

Dustfrost shook her head, "That's very nice of you, but I have much more to do. We need more hunting patrols.."

11/2/2019 #5

"Yes... but even the deputy needs her sleep," Honeyspark reminded her. "Maybe you should have a deputy for yourself!" she joked.

11/2/2019 #6

"I'm afraid Starclan wouldn't approve," she frowned.

11/2/2019 #7

"Hmm... I can ask them tomorrow night if you like?" she offered.

11/2/2019 #8

Dustfrost sighed and lowered her voice, "Make sure none of the others hear you. You know they have our kits."

11/2/2019 #9

"Yes, I know..." I miss the little joyful patters... "Maybe I can help by distracting the kits, if you like. Then the mothers that are able to hunt can form a patrol."

11/2/2019 #10

"That could work. They love your company anyway," Dustfrost nodded to herself.

11/2/2019 #11

Honeyspark smiled. "I think they like that I'm their size," she mewed dryly. "Alright, kits!" she mewed loudly. "Come to the medicine den! I have a game for all of you!"

11/2/2019 #12

Dustfrost let out a small snicker before padding off go explain the plan to the queens.

11/2/2019 #13
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