Rabbits of Groundsel Warren: A Watership Down Inspired RP
You may have heard the story of Watership Down and their courageous journey to establish themselves but what about some other warrens? Join Groundsel Warren as they struggle to survive against rival warrens, man, and countless elil.
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Welcome to Rabbits of Groundsel Warren! Please read the following rules below because breaking them may result in consequences! If you have any questions or something appears confusing, please ask away on the Questions thread.

1. Everyone who wishes to participate in this forum must have read Watership Down or at least a minimal understanding from watching the TV show or the Netflix mini-series. If you do not know anything at all about Watership Down, I suggest that you do not join.

2. This roleplay is rated PG-13, so it is strongly advised that those under the age of thirteen do not join this forum at all unless they can handle mildly graphic violence, upsetting deaths, and sexual innuendos.

  • Violence- Watership Down is a violent book and since this is inspired by the book, this forum will allow violence with light to mild graphic detail. Please do not be extremely graphic due to the chance that some people might be squeamish.
  • Upsetting Deaths- There's always a chance that a character you really like is going to end up being killed, so please understand that not every character lives forever. Please read the following rule more on this subject.
  • Sexual Innuendos- Sexual Innuendos are allowed, but please keep them minimal. Flirting and mentions of mating are allowed but please either timeskip or fade to black if your character and another person's character are breeding.

3. Do not kill anyone's character without their permission. However, any doe (female rabbit) that has more than four kittens in their litter will have one or more of their kittens killed off. Also, please do not have more than seven kittens per litter. The owner of the parents can decide which kitten(s) to kill off.

4. Try not to make rabbits just for one warren. There will be three warrens, one barn with a hutch of rabbits, and the option to create a few hlessi (lone rabbits). Mods will have the option to also roleplay as elil during plot events.

5. No powerplaying or godmodding. Your character is not and will not be extremely powerful. I will allow every character one dodge pass during any fight they're involved in.

6. No bullying. I will tolerate any bullying going on between forum members and the consequence will be anywhere between not being able to post for a day or permanent ban.

7. Obey your admin and the mods. If we tell you something, please do it! Arguing with a mod that isn't breaking the rules can be punishable by not being able to post for a week.

8. This roleplay will be semi-realistic so please do not use any characters that would appear in a more fantasy-like roleplay.

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I accept!

6/28/2020 #2
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