Rabbits of Groundsel Warren: A Watership Down Inspired RP
You may have heard the story of Watership Down and their courageous journey to establish themselves but what about some other warrens? Join Groundsel Warren as they struggle to survive against rival warrens, man, and countless elil.
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Welcome to the Roleplay Guide! Please read this before making characters

1. Ranks

2. Appearances

3. Warren Information

4. Lapine Language/Naming

5. Elil

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Chief Rabbit- The chief rabbit is the leader of the warren. Their job is to make decisions for the sake of the warren and ensure that the warren is safe. The chief rabbit has the suffix -rah at the end of their name. Thynial Warren is the only one that doesn't have a chief rabbit.

Marli-rah- The chief rabbit's mate and co-chief of the warren. She is under her mate when it comes to leadership but usually serves as the voice of the other does. Thynial Warren is the only warren where the Marli-rah is the sole leader.

Captain(s)- The leaders of the owsla. They send out patrols and make sure that the warren is defendable. Over time, the seniormost captain will take over as chief or marli-rah once the previous one dies.

Lieutenants- The second-in-commands to the captains. They train the new soldiers and carry out orders from the captains. The seniormost lieutenant will take over as a captain once a previous one dies.

Soldiers- The bulk of the bucks in the warren. They defend the warren and occasionally raid the farm to bring back flayrah for the chief rabbit, marli-rah, and captains. The seniormost soldier will take over as a lieutenant after a previous one dies.

Seers- Seers are rabbits that have visions. They are usually the ones that can sense when a serious danger is coming, and it's advised that everyone listens to their warnings.

Storyteller- They tell stories about El-ahairah and other folklore stories. They do so to cheer up the warren or remind them to be qquick-witted.

Does- The female rabbits of the warren. They are diggers- being responsible for digging the burrows or closing them off when the warren is being attacked. They also raise kittens and serve as companions to the bucks. In Thynial, they are given the rank "burrow does."

Outskirters- Smaller and weaker bucks under the age of two years old. They don't sleep in the main burrow with the rest of the warren and have almost no mating rights. If they end up gaining stronger, they can be promoted to soldiers. There are no outskirters in Thynial.

Kits- The young rabbits of the warren. They have no responsibilities, except listening to their elders. They play, sleep, eat, and listen to the Storyteller's stories.

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Please keep appearances as realistic as possible! You may use the following colored pelts for your characters:

-Shades of Brown

-Shades of Gray



-Bi-colored (Hutch Rabbits Exclusive)

-Tortoiseshell (Hutch Rabbits Exclusive)

-White (Hutch Rabbits Exclusive)

All rabbits that were born as a wild rabbit will not have long fur or be purebred. Please make sure that the rabbits do not resemble too much of domesticated rabbits.

These are the eye colors that are allowed for your rabbits:

-Dark brown



-Dark/light amber





If you want your rabbit to have some sort of defect, be warned....rabbits with certain defects will be killed off swiftly unless they are hutch rabbits.

-Blind/One-Eye: This defect is allowed within the warrens. You are safe with this one.

-Blind/Both Eyes: A rabbit born blind is seen as cursed and will be killed immediately unless they are a hutch rabbit.

-Deaf/One Ear: This defect is allowed within the warrens...but you might not make the best member of owsla.

-Deaf/Both Ears: A rabbit born deaf is seen as cursed and will be killed immediately unless they are a hutch rabbit.

-Deformed Paw/Leg: This defect is allowed within the warrens...but you might not make the best member of owsla.

-Missing Leg: A rabbit missing a leg or paw is seen as useless and will either be kicked out or an outskirter.

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Warren Information

General Information:

There are three warrens in the roleplay; Groundsel Warren, Thynial Warren, and Thistle Hallow Warren. The three warrens are not friendly towards each other and conflict between the three is common. While they all have similar ranks and view their folklore the same, they have differences that distinguish them.


1. They all fear Elil or "The Thousand Enemies"

2. They all have an owsla

3. They all raid the farm

4. If the warrens get too big, the younger rabbits will leave as far as possible to start their own warren

Groundsel Warren

Groundsel Warren is a warren that is located on a field where primarily groundsel are found growing. They are the closest to the farm and often raid for flayrah the most out of all the warrens.

Thynial Warren

Thynial Warren is a warren that is located on a field several miles between Groundsel and Thistle Hallow. They have the least amount of coverage and aren't located near any woods. This warren is unique because it consists of primarily does. There is no chief rabbit- only the Marli-rah. The owsla is comprised of a mix of strong bucks and the strongest of does. Only strong bucks are allowed to survive here, the weaker ones being killed off or chased away- so there's so such thing as outskirters here. However, due to the lack of bucks, there's usually one buck that breeds with four females so they do not get to have a mate of their own.

Thistle Hallow Warren

Thistle Hallow is a warren that is located in an abandoned ruin in the middle of a field. They are closest to a thick forest and have the most coverage of all the warrens. This warren is known for its strict structure. Weaker bucks here have absolutely no mating rights and the owsla gets to make with any doe they want.

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