percy jackson and the hunters of artemis
percy meets the hunters of artemis again.
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"Fighting monster sounds awesome!" He said as Zoe watched from afar. Some of the other hunters were fawning over how adorable their lady's son was.

6/26/2020 #31

"patrick, i don't want you hunting with us sweetheart. you should stay here. stay safe. train. be a normal halfblood boy. she said, smiling.

6/26/2020 #32

I don't want you.

Those four hurtful words wounded Patrick worse than any monster ever could. He escaped his mother's embrace and ran. Not for the cabin, but for the woods surrounding camp Half-Blood. He found a secluded place and started crying.

6/26/2020 . Edited 6/27/2020 #33

artemis watched patrick leave, sighing lightly. "thalia, can you say something to him. " she said, smiling.

6/27/2020 #34

"no, you need to talk to him. He thinks you don't want him." She replied.

6/28/2020 #35

artemis sighed lightly, nodding. " you're right." she said, folloewing him.

6/28/2020 #36

Patrick was huddled on a rock in the woods, when he saw his mother approaching, he turned the opposite direction. "Why are you here, you already said you don't want me." Patrick said.

6/28/2020 #37

"i didn't say that. I said i didn't want you hunting. there's a difference." she said, looking at him.

6/28/2020 #38

"doesn't seem that different to me." He said.

6/29/2020 #39

"i want you to have a normal half blood expierience. that doesn't mean i don't want you." she said, holding him.

6/29/2020 #40

About a month passed. Patrick and his mother tried to stay in regular contact with each other, but between godly duties and the hunt, Artemis had little time for her child.

6/30/2020 #41

artemis felt awful. she asked her other hunters for advice.

6/30/2020 #42

"I think you should let him join." Said Zoe. Everyone was stunned, no one expected Zoe of all people to even entertain the idea of letting Patrick join. "He is your son, and an innocent child. If we do not let him join, that innocence will be lost forever." She said. "Admit it Zoe oh, you want him to join because you think he's adorable." Thalia teased. Zoe said nothing more on the matter. The general consensus from the hunters was to let him, and other boys his age in his age group join.

6/30/2020 #43
"You both make good points. Very well, I shall let patrick join."
7/4/2020 #44

Patrick was sitting in the cabin.

7/4/2020 #45
Artemis zapped herself into the cabin. "Hello patrick." She said smiling
7/4/2020 #46

"Mama!" Patrick said, running to embrace his mother.

(Do you have Hulu?)

7/4/2020 #47
(Yeah) Artemis smiled and hugged patrick. "Get your things." She said smiling.
7/4/2020 #48

(can you give My hero academia a watch?)

Patrick's face lit up. He knew what this meant oh, he was joining the hunt. After packing his things, Patrick held his mother's hand. "Ready Mama." He smiled.

7/4/2020 #49
(I guess) Artemis zapped her and patrick to her camp.
7/4/2020 #50

Patrick was then given her blessing. Soon as clothes were replaced by that of a Hunter's uniform, albeit,one made for boys.

7/4/2020 #51
All of the other hunters cheered and gushed over patrick.
7/4/2020 #52

(so, do you like my hero academia?)

They had a party to celebrate.

7/5/2020 #53
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