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based off the gargoyles tv show.
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(Plot: Demona, as her human alter ego, adopts a human child to present herself as a family friendly woman.)

Patrick sat in the back of the limo of Dominique Destine, his new mother. The six year old boy could tell this woman wasn't going to be a attentive and affectionate woman. Little did he know, he had been adopted by an immortal gargoyle who could turn human by day.

3/1/2020 #1

demona as dominique looked over to the boy she had adopted. "i know your life will be ecceptional from here on out." she said, looking back ahead.

3/1/2020 #2

"yes ma'am." Patrick said. He figured he would only remain until Dominique grew tired of him.

3/1/2020 #3

"your school life will change as well, there is a private academy not far from your new home." she said, not looking over at patrick once.

3/1/2020 #4

"I understand." Patrick said.

Later that night, Patrick was settled in. He went to the bathroom and coming back, he saw Dominique dressed in weird cloths in her room. Curiously, he watched from the crack in the door. He witnessed the painful transformation Dominique Destine underwent each night.patrick gasped, before covering his mouth.

3/1/2020 #5

Demona turned her head to the sound of the light gasp, before gliding off into the night.

3/1/2020 . Edited by Galactatech, 3/1/2020 #6

Patrick took off running into the night. Little did he know, he was about to meet his new adopted sister, Angela.

(Angela is Goliath and Demona's child from The rookery.)

3/1/2020 #7

angela flew down in front of him, growling. "who are you?" (oh okay. see i'm stopping and starting, so i'm still on the second episode.)

3/1/2020 #8

(Angela is a kind hearted gargoyle)

However, after seeing Patrick was only a child, her expression softened.

3/1/2020 #9

angela stopped growling. "it's okay. i won't hurt you." she said, as she immediately stooped to patricks level. "what is your name?" she asked.

3/1/2020 #10

"Patrick." He said.

3/1/2020 #11

"very nice to meet you patrick. i'm angela." she said, hholding her hand out for him to shake.

3/1/2020 #12

Patrick took the hand. "you look like the red haired one." Patrick said.

3/1/2020 #13

"that's my mother. we call her demona." she said, curiously. "how do you know her?" she asked

3/1/2020 #14

"She adopted me, but tonight, she turned into whatever you are." Patrick said.

3/1/2020 #15

"humans call us gargoyles. you see us on rooftops." she said, smiling. "that makes you my adopted brother." she said, smiling.

3/1/2020 #16

Patrick smiled as he hugged her affectionately.

3/1/2020 #17

angela smiled and hugged patrick.

3/1/2020 #18

Angela returned him to his home.

3/1/2020 #19
"there. Back home. Now let's get you to bed." She said carrying him to bed.
3/1/2020 #20

Patrick smiled as he snuggled up under the covers.

3/1/2020 #21
"sleep little Patrick." She said, tucking him in.
3/1/2020 #22

Over the next few nights, Angela came to see her new little brother.

3/4/2020 #23
"hello Patrick." She said smiling.
3/4/2020 #24

Patrick smiled as Angela took him out gliding.

3/7/2020 #25
"how does it feel little brother?" She asked with a smile.
3/7/2020 #26

"this is so cool!" Patrick smiled.

When they landed on a rooftop, they were ambushed by Thailog, Patrick was captured and Angela was left for dead.

3/7/2020 #27
Angela weakly went to find demona to tell her what happened.
3/7/2020 #28

Demona however, could care less." The reason I adopted him was to secure a business venture. Now that that's accomplished, he is of no further use to me." Demona said.

3/7/2020 #29
"fine. Maybe father will be more apt to help." She said to denona. "Unless someone doesn't want him finding out she can be human during the day."
3/7/2020 #30
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