The Unknown
The tree metaphor was more complex than they imagined... It's time for a break from our classic clans to explore different branches. A distant war, secretive allies, and eery silence threaten newfound peace.
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Sparkclan: They live in the marshes, where pine trees and nettles thrive. They'll eat just about anything, from frogs, to lizards, to snakes. They are reputated for their calm and patient nature, and above all: their silence. From the beginning of their apprenticeship to their time as an elder, these cats are sworn to silence. Only leaders may break their oath. Elders are tasked with teaching spoken language to kits. They have even mastered the art of moving more quietly than any other clan. By developing a type of sign language, they have managed to communicate with each other. After having almost been decimated, they mostly stay hidden.

Iceclan: These cats live half a day's walk from the other clans, on the snowy summit of distant mountains, where the weather is harsh and unforgiving. Because of these harsh conditions, they only name their kits after they reach their sixth moon. Much to the other clans' disapproval, their names don't follow conventional patterns. So long as their names have to do with winter, they are accepted. They are known for their unforgiving, cold nature. They're strict and don't deal with nonsense.

Ivyclan. At the edge of the marshes lies the remains of a stone structure. This area, overgrown with ivy, is where the clan resides. Only a minute's walk away, cherry blossom trees bloom near the ede of a cliff. Nocturnal, these cats are especially known for their storytelling and folklore. They have hundreds of stories, each equally important. They have especially sharp senses. Their vigil involves staying awake for an entire day (24 hours).

Lightclan: They are known for being wild and free spirited. They live in the forest near the marshes, where ponds are abundant. They have a habit of colouring their fur with berries and other things. They have some of the best herb knowledge, which makes them deadly opponents as they have also mastered poisons. They themselves often build immunity over small exposition (some of their pelt colours, during battle, come from poisonous berries).

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