The Unknown
The tree metaphor was more complex than they imagined... It's time for a break from our classic clans to explore different branches. A distant war, secretive allies, and eery silence threaten newfound peace.
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Clan history

When the original clans followed the sun trail to the lake, an apprentice, Smokepaw, fell over the edge of a cliff. Presumed dead, he was abandoned. However he was found by a family of rogues that helped him get back on his feet. During his quest to find the clans he also met a cat from the Tribe of Rushing water. Despite all his struggles, he never found what he was looking for.

However, he went on to found Iceclan, which soon branched out to form Ivyclan. Sparkclan and Lightclan's founders were originally members of different rogue groups that inhabited nearby territory.

The War

Widespread starvation, Dark Forest influence, and long-lasting conflict across borders lead to a war between Sparkclan and Ivyclan approximately two seasons before the start of the roleplay. Sparkclan, too slow to accept that conflict was going to occur, was nearly decimated. Ultimately, it was Lightclan's involvement that ended the war with Ivyclan's defeat.

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