The Unknown
The tree metaphor was more complex than they imagined... It's time for a break from our classic clans to explore different branches. A distant war, secretive allies, and eery silence threaten newfound peace.
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1. Respect others (and yourselves, of course).

2. No godmodding.

3. Make an effort with grammar. Mistakes are fine, but let's try to avoid them.

4. Your characters must be accepted before being used.

5. Do not kill or involve other people's characters in plots without their permission.

6. Post "I accept these rules" down bellow before posting in any other threads.

If you continuously disrespect these rules you will be banned.

3/16/2020 . Edited 3/16/2020 #1

I accept!

3/16/2020 #2

Haha Hi but also avoid voting Im not readyyyy.

3/16/2020 #3


3/16/2020 #4

Well I did say it was a wip lmao.

3/16/2020 #5

I accept

3/22/2020 #6

Wow, hi! I didn't really think anyone would end up joining.

3/22/2020 #7

*stumbles in* I accept these rules!

3/27/2020 #8

Late Welcome!

3/28/2020 #9
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