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(We have to think of this but for future reference)

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Power Index:


Basic: Breathing under water, unaffected by strong currents.

Medium: Anywhere from being able to cause ripples to minor water control and or icing things over.

Strong: All of the bellow but more intense.

Rare: Storms.

Note: Typically a cat will have a specific power they're better at. Chances are they're not experts at both ice and water.



For plants: Green thumb, photosynthesis.

For earth: Minor rumbled, dust swirls.


Plants: Growing plants.

For earth: Shockwaves, creating rifts in the ground, bigger earth swirls.

Strong: The bellow but stronger.


Plants: Healing

Earth: Straight up earthquakes.


Basic: Able to heat up the air around them, enough that things smoke a little, maybe starting to burn.

Medium: Able to make flames from their paws, and light up their eyes like flashlights

Strong: Below, but stronger.

Rare: Lightning and firestorms. Breathing fire.


Basic: Low levitation, causing minor air currents.

Medium: Wind control, partial intangibility, sound influence (including echolocation) (sound travels through the air).

Note: For medium powers all of these will never happen at once.

Strong: The below but stronger.

Rare: Invisibility, tornadoes.

*A note on rare powers: A cat with rare powers will not necessarily have the rest of strong powers. A cat that can create tornadoes, for example, can of course control wind, but can probably not have an impact on sound of become intangible.

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