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Location (GaleClan, WaterClan, EarthClan, FireClan, rogue, loner, kittypet):


Power Strength (low, medium, high):


Personality (please write at least two sentences):


Anything else?:

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Name: Leafstar

Age: 34 moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Leader

Location (GaleClan, WaterClan, EarthClan, FireClan, rogue, loner, kittypet): EarthClan

Powers: can sprouts vines and other plants up from the ground, photosynthesis, etc.

Power Strength (low, medium, high): Strong

Appearance: pretty calico she-cat with green eyes

Personality (please write at least two sentences): Very calm and levelheaded, tends to be all about peace. Doesn't like violence and strongly discourages it, but will attack if provoked.

History: Her parents were in two separate clans and neither seemed to care very much for her. Her mother was WaterClan and her father FireClan. She didn't want to be around either of them so she decided to choose EarthClan, which had the most appeal to her anyways.

Anything else?: Yes, this is pretty much Leafwish in non-medicine cat form. Mate is open

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Name: Russetstar

Age: 31 moons

Gender: female

Rank: leader

Location (GaleClan, WaterClan, EarthClan, FireClan, rogue, loner, kittypet): FireClan

Powers: Most high power FireClan, but she cannot make lightning. She can, however, breathe fire, and her eyes glow brightly when using her power.

Power Strength (low, medium, high): High

Appearance: long-limbed dark ginger tabby and white she-cat with a white diamond on her forehead, a long, fluffy tail with a white tip, and greenish-yellow eyes

Personality (please write at least two sentences): She knows she's a young leader, but she doesn't let anyone take her age lightly; just because she's younger doesn't mean she's not a capable leader. She is easy to anger and holds grudges for muuch longer than she should. She is stubborn and very protective of her Clan, kind of living up to the stereotype that most cats outside believe FireClan to be.

History: Nothing really?

Anything else?: Born and raised in FireClan, she never doubted where she was supposed to belong.

Name: Robincry

Age: 19 moons

Gender: male

Rank: Medicine cat

Location (GaleClan, WaterClan, EarthClan, FireClan, rogue, loner, kittypet): EarthClan

Powers: Able to make vines grow around areas and is often asked to repair dens

Power Strength (low, medium, high): Highish-medium

Appearance: handsome brown tabby and white tom with amber eyes. Long fur and a bit of a mane of white fur, he has large paws and a stumpy fluff of a tail.

Personality (please write at least two sentences): Kind and comforting, a true softie. He really misses his mentor and is a little upset they left him to take care of the entire Clan by himself, but he'll do what he can. He loves caring for his Clanmates and while he's sad he may never have a mate, he's okay with it as the entirety of EarthClan should be his kits and family... even though deep inside, he's terribly disappointed.



4/1/2020 #3

Name: Windstar

Age: 45 moons

Gender: Tom

Rank: Leader

Location: Galeclan

Powers: Powerful intangibility, wind control.

Power Strength: Medium (on the higher end)

Appearance: Black and white tuxedo tom with yellow eyes.

Personality: He's annoyingly calm, collected, and patient. His fighting technique is defence, and he refuses to react to taunting or goading. He's not exactly about peace like Leafstar, he just likes to irritate his enemies with a lack of anger responses. He frustrates threats into submission. A no-nonsense type of cat, he doesn't believe in immaturity.

History: Born and raised in his clan, he was always ambitious. He may not have had the strongest powers, but his ability to become intangible for long periods of time is unmatched. He had a wise mentor that taught him to act exactly the way his personality is today. The amount of arguments that the two had (calm and annoyingly patient mentor vs hot-headed apprentice) is unreal. But cats nowadays would never guess that he was once reckless.

Anything else?: Nah.

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