Antebellum South
1858 Conrad Georgia the Walden plantation is the largest plantation along the largest plantation in Southern Georgia, step into their world and see what it's like for the free and not so free
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Role (Plantation owner slave farmer)



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Daniel Hudson

Name Celeste Callaway

Age 24

Personality: Celeste is very kind always willing to help someone in need, she's also very brave and stubborn making life as a slave hard for her at times

Appearance Celeste has light mocha skin and a slightly curvy frame with long flowing curly hair and soft light blue eyes she usually wears the light blue tattered dress and thin straw hat when working the fields

Role- Field slave Bio Celeste was born the daughter of a young field slave and a white overseer who feel in love on a plantation in Louisiana her father was killed for loving her mom and after she was old enough the two were separated she became defiant which earned her daily beatings, she was sold around alot before being sold in an auction in Charleston to the Hamptons where she was given the task of working the Cotton and rice Fields, she became friends with Delsi after defending her against an overseer which got her beaten pretty harshly, she still lashes out at times although she is learning more control

Extras: loves to sing while working, gifted healer

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Daniel Hudson

Name Eziekel Clardy

Age 31

Personality Zeke can be very mean and cruel most of the time, although in very brief moments you get glimpses of the sweet caring man he used to be

Appearance Zeke is a very tall man with a lean muscular build and dark skin he has dark Short cut hair and is clean shaven has a small crescent shaped scar on his face usually wears a black shirt and jeans with black boots and a short brimned black Stetson he usually carries a gun belt with a revolver and a whip Role

(Plantation owner slave farmer) Black overseer

Bio Zeke and his family grew up on a large cotton plantation in Alabama his father was a carpenter and his mother was a field slave his father fell I'll and died when he was young and his mother was sold to another family when he was older he fell in love with a young slave girl they were married by a friend that knew the bible a few years later they had a son. Things were good until one night one of the overseers got drunk and set the slave quarters on fire He was unable to save them from the fire a few days later he attacked the overseer in the fields he was beaten and branded with a crescent moon the family's mark before being sold to the Hamptons where he worked in the fields resigning to his work he worked hard and Eli took a shine to what he called his fire taking him out of the fields and making him an overseer, he soon earned a reputation as being mean and cruel wanting the other slaves to feel as miserable as him

Extras: Keeps a blue ribbon his wife used to wear in his pocket

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Daniel Hudson

Name Abigail Goodwin Age 26 Personality Appearance elisha cuthbert usually wears tan colored pants white shirt with her hair tied back and a grey stetson and brown boots in order to blend in Role (Plantation owner slave farmer) town sheriff - Abolishonist Bio Abby grew up on a large plantation in Lexington growing up she was groomed to be southern woman and hating every minute of it she longed to be wild and free she would often slip away and go down to the slave quarters where she became friends with Delsie spending countless hours playing before going back in tired and dirty much to her moms dissmay upon turning 16 she was able to convince her mother to allow her into town where she spent time around the university of south carolina often trying to stir up conversations to no avail since she was only a woman until she met a young man Edward Goodwin from Ohio studying to be a lawyer and a practicing Abolishonist the two fell Madly in love and married fairly quickly to her parents dissmay she moved into a small house with him in town becoming a dutiful wife as he in return taught her more than she could ever have learned on her own she shared his views about abolishin and would often be seen with him at the state capital grounds championing the rights of slaves he was killed by a masked man cloaked in a hood during one of his demonstrations the killer was never brought to justice realizing the system was broken she picked up a gun and took up his fight riding across the Carolinas and Georgia growing her legend in folklore for freeing the slaves through exciting battles and feats of mystery Extras carries a locket with her husbands picture in it

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Name-Madalynn Harrison (Maddie)


Personality-Caring, Indignant, Smart, defends what's right

Role- Plantation Masters daughter

appearance- Kind of looks like Lemon Breland

Bio- Maddie is the Plantation owners youngest daughter she has always been against her fathers treatment of his slaves. She often gets in trouble for helping or defending the slaves. She dreams of taking the underground railroad to the North.

Extras- She is dating one of her fathers slaves.

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Clark Luthor 322
Name Moses Age 23 Personality Moses is quite and guarded but he's always thinking and planning looking at his options, he does not trust easy but when he does you have a friend for life Appearance Charles Micheal Davis usually wears old tattered like light grey with no sleeves dark brown pants boots and long brimmed hat made from Palm leaves that Celeste made him Role (Plantation owner slave farmer) Slave Bio Moses was born on a tobbaco plantation along the North Carolina coast his Mom worked in the field his Daddy was killed shortly before he was born growing up Moses always had a problem with talking back which often got him in trouble his Mom tried to protect him from harm sleeping with one of the overseers so he could get in a little less trouble, she fell pregnant with the overseers baby she was determined to see it through though he watched her die in childbirth 9 months later with the baby, after that he got mean and defiant repeatedly trying to run which got him beaten he eventually was sold to the Harrison's down in Georgia where he met and fell for Maddie he still dreams of running and taking Maddie with him Extras dating Maddie Harrison
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Clark Luthor 322
Name Rosa Lee Age 20 Personality Rosa Lee is sweet but very quiet often seen as timid to this those around her but will speak her mind when she feels it's needed Appearance Jordin Sparks usually wears her hair in a neat bun with a simple Black house girl dress Role (Plantation owner slave farmer) Slave Bio Rosa Lee is the illigitimate daughter of Master Daniel Harrison she was born after his father slept with his mother a house girl herself, growing up her"father never showed her any attention Getting more from Maddie her mother never told her Harrison was her father, she worked hard to teach her how to help the other girls run an efficient house her Mom died From a bout of Scarlett fever that spared her after her death Harrison put her in charge of the house a position she has held for 3 years Extras
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Clark Luthor 322
Name Sam Carter Age 29 Personality Appearance James Lafferty wears black suite shoes and a black bowler hat Role (Plantation owner slave farmer) Owns a print shop Abolishonist Bio Sam grew up in a small farming community in Pennsylvania, his father was a quaker minister growing up his mom taught that all men were created equal he took that to heart he moved to Pennsylvania when he was 16 and became an apprentice at a print shop he eventually bought that shop and started using it to run Abolishonist articals, now he has asked Abby to interview Maddie and the others Extras will eventually fall in love with Rosa Lee
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Clark Luthor 322

Name Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jones

Age 16 Personality kind sweet caring always willing to help other's

Appearance Halle Bailey usually wears plain colored dresses and hats depending on occasion

Role (Plantation owner slave farmer) helps her mom and aunt with their boarding house and sometimes at the paper

Bio Lizzie grew up in a boarding house with her mom and aunt she never knew her father she was told he died helping get them to freedom before she was born growing up her mom used their boarding house as a station for the underground railroad so she ended up coming into contact with Abby who she considers her aunt as well she believes in the cause and often helps Sam at the paper.


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