Kavi's Star Fox Roleplay
You have the option to start your story out in any part of the Lylat System, but since the beginning, all of the action has taken place on Fichina. There is now set plot here; we are just making it up as we go and it is incredibly fun! Come join us!
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Stinger - VXR42
I don't insult. I criticise; the only way you get any better.
5/3/2007 #61
The One True Koneko
So who is he trying to shoot right now?
5/3/2007 #62
The One True Koneko
Guess he was aiming at Bayon... He's still going to miss. Hey Stinger, hope you get back soon so you can reply to Windthor.
5/5/2007 #63
Actually, we had a little squabble over that, so I talked to both Stinger and Wolf-Walrus and we decided that it never happened.
5/6/2007 #64
The One True Koneko
Good. I'm glad that everything turned out okay.
5/6/2007 #65
Yeah. *wipes sweat from forehead* Me too.
5/6/2007 #66
Stinger - VXR42
I thought it was common knowledge, though. It's one of the key rules in Furcadia.
5/7/2007 #67
Not everyone plays Furcadia you know.
5/7/2007 #68
Stinger - VXR42
Furcadia is THE Furrie roleplaying site. But I accept your word, Kavi - but would you kill someone else's character?
5/7/2007 #69
Nope. It's a sole rule in the war games I play with my nephews.
5/7/2007 #70
Stinger - VXR42
There we go.
5/7/2007 #71
Yo peoplepeoplepeople!! Yeah, I've been waiting for a while for the subject to change, but I guess I'm gonna have to do it. Anyway. If we post our ideas for OCs in here, do we have to actually Focus our sections of the RP on them? Or can they just appear from time to time? Cos I got some ideas.
5/18/2007 #72
What do you mean, exactly?
5/18/2007 #73
Stinger - VXR42
Ah, Kavi. If the rule is that if you wish to introduce a character to the role-play, you have to post their profile here, shouldn't you have already done the Fichiyae a while back?
5/18/2007 #74
It doesn't apply to me. ...What? I'm just kidding! *laughs* I had only intended to make the Flitchaye a group enemy. They weren't any particular character, just a tribe of rats. But I just found a character in their group and I'm considering putting him/her in the RP. So we'll see.
5/18/2007 #75

Name: Marco

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Race: Rat

Color: Black

Facial Features: Almost-black eyes and a shock of shaggy, ink black hair that hangs down in his eyes

Clothes: Mottled brown and white T-shirt and shorts to help him blend in with snow, earth and trees.

Weapon of Choice: Blow Dart Gun and fists

Home Planet: Fichina

Personality: Marco is quiet, yet he has a haughty air about him. He loves a good fight and a worthy opponent, and laughs in the face of danger. His favourite weapon is the blow dart gun, but he also knows a little bit about fighitng with his fists. He doesn't like adults much and hates to see a kid in need. He doesn't let anyone give him orders unless their rank entitles them to and lives by his own set of rules which he sticks to like a religion.

Background: Marco's mother was killed in a raid on Echo's tribe and later his father died of frostbite in the war that killed Echo's parents. The small group of stragglers he was with that had been left over from the war steadily depleated in numbers until there was only seven left, but they managed to steal a snow cruiser from one of the few Corneria military bases scattered across the planet's surface. It had been intended for the children to be left to die (there wasn't enough food to keep them and the adults alive together), but Marco rigged a basket onto the back of the snow cruiser and set himself and every child in the group inside the basket during the night so that in the morning, when the adulst woke up, they found that they wouldn't move, so they brought them along with them on one condition: they weren't allowed any of the food.

Marco had to hunt for food for the younger rats and soon became a skilled tracker on the long journey to find another part of the Flitchaye tribe. He had to learn to use a weapon to catch their food, but the only gun that the tribe wouldn't use -because they all had better weapons at the time- was a blow dart gun, so Marco took it and became extremely skilled with it until he could hit a snow rabbit's paw while it was on the run. After about ten month's wandering, the group hitched up with a tribe living north of the mountian Echo finds hismelf on later.

The Flitchaye were actually a large, loose organization of rats scatterd all over Fichina who often traded with other-race tribes and were dedicated to helping other parts of the Flitchaye that was in need. The only exception was that when one tribe started a battle or war, only tribes that wanted to help were obliged to. The rest of them didn't have to. A few other individual species were allowed into the tribes, but only after they had proven themselves capable of keeping up with the tribe and keeping their mouths shut.

Earlier in the year that Anderson, Echo, Vander, Karris, Coon, and Cole had met on Fichina, Marco decided to start his own tribe. He led the band of rats that had been with him since he saved them from starvation away from the tribe and started out on their own across the snowy plains. Soon, though, they had to join up with a warband that needed food and were going to raid as many other-race tribes as was needed. But they were all caught in a snowstorm near a mountain and buried themselves in the snow, as was their survival instinct when they were caught in the open. After it passed, they decided to continue by moonlight to make up for lost time until they stumbled onto a cave...

Connection to Starfox characters (If any): None

*laughs* I'm going to have to write a story about this character.

5/19/2007 . Edited 12/21/2008 #76
Kavi, if I wanted to bring in Daroach as a member of Flitchaye (am I even allowed to do that?), would I still have to write a profile for him, even though he's not actually an OC? Anyways. I've been intending to write Hal's profile for a while so... here It BE! Name: Hal Ross Age: 14 Race: Albatross/Hawk cross-bred Colour: White, one red wing, one black. Facial features: Black streaks around his eyes. Clothes: Very loose polar fleece, cool boots and gloves. A pair of ski goggles hanging round his neck. Home planet: Sauria, but moved to Fichina for a reason unknown to anyone. (That basically means that I haven't thought that far ahead!!) Personality: Friendly, outgoing but naïve. Calm, laid back. Likes good music and good food. Makes weapons for money 'cause his parents are both dead. Background: He lived on Sauria because his mother died when he was very small and his dad didn't want anything bad to happen to him. He played in a band for a while (until he screwed up the theatrics). Oh, and he has twenty feet of chain welded onto his arm. But I digress... He moved to Fichina to find out about someone who his dad knew when they were younger, but liked it so much that he stayed. Connection to other characters: Nothing comes to mind.
5/24/2007 #77
*shrugs* Go ahead. I didn't post a profile for Seran (It was "Seran" wasn't it?), did I?
5/29/2007 #78
5/29/2007 #79
The One True Koneko
Hey guys! *smiles*
6/1/2007 #80
Zaphyr Stone
(Okay, here it goes) Name: Shadow Age: 14 Gender: Female Race: Lupine Dragon (for those who don't know what I just said, it's a wolf with certain dragon qualities) Color: White with black forearms, calves, ears, and tip of the tail Facial Features: Sharp violet eyes with serpentine pupils, two black dragon horns, and short brown hair cut just above the bottom of the neck Clothes: Skin tight, black cargo jeans, a black tunic shirt with a long sleeved white undershirt, and black sneakers. (There wasn't exactly a category for this XD, but she also has black dragon wings that she's unable to use for flight) Home Planet: Fortuna Personality: Shadow is extremely shy of new people, and prefers to keep to herself rather than try and socialize with a group, finding comfort in her own company. She's very observant of everything that goes on, often analyzing new people and how they act to come up with a way to describe them. When around people she knows, her true colors shine as a fun loving girl with a caring and understanding demeanor. She's very loyal to her friends, and will always lend a helping hand to them. However, preferring to be a loner, it's hard for her to get out and hang out with anyone. Background: Shadow's true homeworld was destroyed during the Aparoid war, and she was moved to Fortuna to live with a couple who had adopted her. She grew up with onhly a few friends that always ended up moving away, thus her preference of being alone was developed over time. Her appearance tends to distance people from her, not being Cornerian, but she learned to ignore it.
7/27/2007 #81
(hey Koneko, gonna give this one a try.) Name: Meeko Ghintee Age: 37 Gender: Male Race: Komodo Dragon Color: dark brown Facial Features: Scar across his left eye. Clothes: black armor pads over a red jump-suit Home Planet: Corneria Personality: Sadistic, cruel, always looking for an opportunity to make easy money. He would make you think hes your best friend while hes stealing your wallet. Background: A cheat and a totally untrustworthy Komodo Dragon, Meeko Ghintee grew up in the slums on Corneria. His unfavorable living conditions made him an oportunist, taking what he needed when he needed it. At the age of 18 he began working for the gang leaders, quickly rising in rank. After 5 years of this style of life he left Corneria and took over the space station near the planet. He renamed it Outlaw Station and made it into a criminal den. It is now a safe-have for pirates, mercenaries and other underworld scum. With countless thugs under his command, he is now one of the most powerful crime lords in the galaxy.
12/2/2007 #82
The One True Koneko
Okay! Welcome to the forum!
12/2/2007 #83
Stinger - VXR42
Sweet - a Komodo Dragon. Is he just that in terms of form, or is he sort of Indonesian?
12/2/2007 #84
He looks like one, but has sort of a evilish british accent.
12/2/2007 #85
The One True Koneko
12/2/2007 #86
That name kinda sounds familiar... Star Wars Bounty Hunter?
12/2/2007 #87
Stinger - VXR42
Ah, I see. Woulda been nice to have him as a triad-sort of thing.
12/2/2007 #88
To answer Walrus' question, yes I got the name from Bounty Hunter.
12/2/2007 #89
Name: Max Darknith Age:20 Gender:Male Race:Fox Color:Orange and white. Facial Features: Normal fox enatomy with glitering gold eyes. Clothes: Silvery white winter jacket with matching pants, Snow worn out goggles, a silver winter hat, and other apropriate winter gear. Home Planet: Aquas Personality: Determined, smug but smirk, with a over confedant attitude. Background: Max is on a search for his brother Alex, who was reported dead after the assault on aquas during the Lylat wars. (Alex is Max's last living relative.) Max was led to Fichina looking for his brother when he was encountered with general Pepper who had contact with Alex after the wars. During his search he also came across the mercenairies Star Fox who had skirmished with Peculier fighter that was description matched that of Peppers as Alex's personal fighter. Although as startled as Max was to know that his brother fought against Star Fox and survived he was also relieved. Connection to Starfox characters (If any):Gen. Pepper. StarFox
12/5/2007 #90
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