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The Camouflaged Warrior

The name says it all. Role play as your own Ninjala character.

Please head to the Ninjala RP Character Corner to create your character, and you should make sure its accepted before using it in a role play.

Follow the rules and have fun!

8/3/2020 . Edited 8/3/2020 #1
The Camouflaged Warrior

This is the topic where you rp when your character is in battle or back at base. There will be a separate topic for history class, cafeteria, basketball court, workout room, and the standby dojo.

8/5/2020 #2
The Camouflaged Warrior

Rae was walking along in Eagle City, where she lived, in search of Pets Plus, the pet store where she got the pet supplies for her pet cat, Ippon. She hummed a quiet tune as she strolled to the store. She needed to restock on cat food.

8/5/2020 #3
The Camouflaged Warrior

Maybe today I will get called in for day one of my official training, she thought hopefully. It had barely been a week since she came to WNA Academy, after finding out that she was a descendant of Berecca, a descendant of the original ninja clans. Which meant Rae was, too. She was now all unpacked and settled in to her nice little home base, and had been provided a training uniform and a special holographic smartphone designed after a scroll. She'd even been allowed to bring her cat from home!

8/5/2020 . Edited 8/5/2020 #4
The Camouflaged Warrior

Meanwhile, Gil was on his way to the basketball court for a game or two. Just for fun. Besides, he needed some time to think. He'd just found out about a week ago, that he had ninja ancestry and he was being sent to WNA Academy to train in the ways of the modern Ninja and learn to control his "powers." Which apparently he had now. As far as he was concerned, the only powers he had was the power to dominate the basketball court and get the ball through the hoop every time, without fail. Not that he wouldn't like to have powers- that would be cool. He just wasn't sure what to believe; it all sounded too good to be true. Later that day someone would be sent to fetch him and take him to WNA Academy in person, and until then Gil wanted to spend his remaining last day being as normal and Gil-like as possible.

(btw im gonna change Luka's name to Gil. also, if youre following Gil's story, head to the Basketball Court topic, but if you're more curious about Rae her story will be in here for now. I will put a notice in parenthesis like this and let you know when a character's story is moving to a different topic.)

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