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Minecraft skin: (This could be your real skin or like Minecraft steve or something))

8/5/2020 #1
The Camouflaged Warrior

Name: Becca

Age: um, teenager.

Gender: female.

Personality: bubbly and cheerful; very supportive of her friends and will usually only attack when provoked; loyal and always has your back. talks with a country accent.

Minecraft skin: (This could be your real skin or like Minecraft steve or something)) wolf-human hybrid. a furry i guess. not ashamed to say it. she has wolf ears and wolf tail.

8/5/2020 . Edited 8/9/2020 #2

(No, Minecraft skins can be whatever you want!))

Name: Steve

Age: Steve's age

Gender: None he is steve. Only steve

Personality: Talks in the 3rd person. Is weird

Minecraft skin: Steve, Minecraft Steve

8/5/2020 #3
The Camouflaged Warrior

omg its like the talking monkey in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!!!!!!!


8/5/2020 #4

Oh my gosh it is! I didn't even think of that! xD

8/5/2020 #5
The Camouflaged Warrior

xD and mine is like the she-wolf in that animated movie Alpha and Omega then. xD

so is my character accepted?

8/5/2020 . Edited 8/5/2020 #6

Yeah, of course

8/5/2020 #7
The Camouflaged Warrior

yay! so is yours!

ur like a mini mod for the Minecraft topics bc its more your thing, btw

8/5/2020 #8

Oh cool! I can't make the RP yet. It said I have to wait 8 hours :/

8/5/2020 #9
The Camouflaged Warrior


8/5/2020 #10
The Camouflaged Warrior


8/5/2020 #11

Uuh okkee

8/5/2020 #12
The Camouflaged Warrior

hm it wont let me make you a mod. :(

8/5/2020 #13

That's odd :/

I guess I'll just have to wait 8 hours *shrugs*

8/5/2020 #14
The Camouflaged Warrior

XD *falls on floor laughing* "yea its just 8 hrs, no biggie" *laughs some more*

8/5/2020 #15

yeah i'll just sleep thru it XD

8/5/2020 #16
The Camouflaged Warrior

*indignant snort* sleep. who needs sleep?

8/5/2020 #17


My dog apparently, she sleeps all day

8/5/2020 #18
The Camouflaged Warrior


8/5/2020 #19
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