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This is RP in minecraft?

What biome do you want to start in?

8/7/2020 #1
The Camouflaged Warrior

uhhh waats a biome???

8/8/2020 #2

Uuh google it?

8/8/2020 #3
The Camouflaged Warrior

oh its basically a habitiat. ok.


8/8/2020 #4

Oh ok, we'll start in the jungle biome! Hopefully we'll find a jungle temple!

8/8/2020 #5
The Camouflaged Warrior

oooo yay!

8/8/2020 #6

Steve spawned in the jungle. He had an empty map in his inventory. "Hmm, Steve needs some wood." Steve said calmly. He walked over to a tree and began punching it. He kept punching it until the tree fell down.

8/9/2020 . Edited 8/9/2020 #7
The Camouflaged Warrior

Becca spawned in the jungle. She looked around, wide-eyed. "Wow, this forest is so pretty!" she gasped, her wolf ears twitching.

8/9/2020 #8

Steve collected the tree he had enough wood for a crafting table. He made a crafting table, but he heard something in the jungle around him. "Steve thinks there is someone there. Who is there?" Steve called out into the forest. He heard the tweets of parrots and mews of ocelots.

8/9/2020 #9
The Camouflaged Warrior

Becca was enjoying the scenery when she suddenly heard a new voice. "H-hello?" she called timidly, pushing through the greenery towards the voice.

8/9/2020 #10

"Steve is here. You are who?" Steve called. He quickly made a wooden sword. He glanced around the area, calling out to the voice. "Steve wants to know your name." He called again.

8/9/2020 #11
The Camouflaged Warrior

"My name's Becca. I just spawned here two tail-shakes ago. How'd you wind up here?" she asked with her country accent. (which i forgot to say she had)

She pushed through the foliage, finally coming to a clearing with a person-thingy in it.

8/9/2020 . Edited 8/9/2020 #12

"Steve is my name." Steve said calmly, moving the sword out of his hand. "Steve is happy to meet you." Steve held out his hand to shake her paw.

8/9/2020 #13
The Camouflaged Warrior

(oh she has wolf paws with retractable thumbs but her feet are totally human)

"It's nice to meetcha too, Mister Steve," she replied politely, shaking his hand.

8/9/2020 #14

Steve smiled. "Steve has some extra wood. Would Becca like to have some?" Steve asked blankly.

(I replied in the gold winglet))

8/9/2020 . Edited 8/9/2020 #15
The Camouflaged Warrior

Becca blinked at him.

"Sure I would. Thank y'all," she replied politely.


8/9/2020 #16

Steve passed her some jungle planks. "Steve is happy to help." He moved back to his crafting table. He made an axe.

"Steve is going to chop down some more trees." Steve said walking over to a nearby tree and chopped at it, it fell down considerably faster than the last one he had punched down.

8/9/2020 #17
The Camouflaged Warrior

"Why? What'd the trees do to ya?"

8/9/2020 #18

"Steve needs more wood. Steve wants to build a house." Steve said calmly. Steve collected more of the jungle wood. Steve walked back into the clearing where he had left his crafting table. He made the wood logs into planks. "Steve is wondering if Becca would mind collecting cobblestone?" Steve asked politely. He tossed her a wooden pickaxe. He crafted himself a pickaxe. He nodded to her with a blank stare.

8/9/2020 #19
The Camouflaged Warrior

"Sure, but Steve needs ta tell Becca how first," she pointed out sensibly.

8/10/2020 #20

Steve made himself a pickaxe. "Steve says follow." Steve said calmly, leading her to a small entrance to a cave.

8/10/2020 #21
The Camouflaged Warrior

"Okie doke, Becca says." (shes very adaptable and can easily adjust to the lifestyles of others which is why shes talking like that too now.)

8/10/2020 #22


Steve lead her down to the cave entrance and began mining at the stone, creating cobblestone. "Steve says do it like that." Steve said quietly, not glancing up from his work.

8/10/2020 #23
The Camouflaged Warrior

Becca began to... do that too. Whatever that was.

"Becca says okay."

8/10/2020 #24

"Steve thanks you." Steve said with a goofy smile. He walked away, to the other side of the cave and also began mining at the stone. He heard something, something like a hiss.

"STEVE Says RUN!" Steve shrieked before bolting away. There was a creeper coming their way!

8/10/2020 #25
The Camouflaged Warrior

"Becca doesn't know what that is. Becca says WHAT THE BLAZES IS THAT?!"

8/10/2020 #26

The green and black creature slowly made it's way over to Becca. "BECCA RUN!!" Steve said running back down with his wooden sword in hand. He whacked it with his sword and grabbed one of Becca's paws and lead her away from the creature. They heard a massive explosion behind them.

8/10/2020 #27
The Camouflaged Warrior

"Steve," she growled, "Becca thinks Steve needs to start explaining."

8/10/2020 #28

"Steve saved you from a creeper! Steve didn't know there was going to be a creeper!" He glanced up at the sky, night was falling.

"Steve needs to start building the house!" Steve said quickly, grabbing his cobble and wood and making a wooden shack.

8/10/2020 #29
The Camouflaged Warrior

"Oh. What are creepers?"

8/10/2020 #30
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