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A forum for Azure Week, the celebration of the Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner x Seto Kaiba pairing every year from September 16 - 22 (halfway between their birthdays of August 18 and October 25).
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Azure Week is, unsurprisingly, seven days celebrating the Azureshipping (Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner) pairing. So we need seven different themes that you think would go well with the pairing. These should work for a variety of different genres (they don't have to be Romance) and types of fanworks, not just fanfics.

When drift--ing approached me on Tumblr back in 2018, fans voted on the following themes:

  • Dance
  • Under the Moon
  • Reunion
  • Excuse Me
  • Invitation
  • Trapped
  • The sound of waves
  • Reflection
  • Perfect blue
  • Urban

Would you be interested in any/all of these themes returning, or would you like to see some other themes? Feel free to make some suggestions below!

8/24 . Edited 8/24 #1

It takes place in September...what about some fall themes?

  • Warm by the fire
  • Raindrops
  • Falling leaves
  • Game night
  • Labor Day
  • Blustery day (inspired by "Winnie-the-Pooh" ;P)
  • Umbrella

Hope that helps! I'll post more if I can think of them :)

8/26 . Edited 8/27 #2

Ooh, I like several of those! Actually, the "Umbrella" one reminds me of the "Umbrella of Togetherness" trope, or the inevitable moment where someone drops their umbrella to give the other person (usually distraught) a hug!

Autumn's my favorite season, so I could definitely get behind these! ️

8/27 #3

Ooh! I love many of these ideas from both tables! I didn't know about Azure Week two years ago and I'd like the chance to try a couple of the prompts from the first list, but I adore the idea of autumn themes too! What if there's either taking a few prompts from each table to make a new table, or a list of 14 prompts, and each line has two, in an either or kind of way? People can mix and match among the prompts or even do all 14 (two a day, or combine some prompts as one) if they feel especially inspired!

8/30 #4

I know, right?! Some of the 2018 themes are really awesome! "The sound of waves" one was what helped me think of fall themes, actually XD

8/30 #5

Sweet! That is a neat one! And Trapped could lead to so many amazing hurt/comfort scenarios! I immediately got plunnied for it! I think it would take place before most of my timeline, since I never tire of fics showing Tea first discovering Seto isn't such a bad guy!

8/30 #6
LOL and I never tire of *reading* such fics XD I've been on SUCH a Seto/Téa kick lately so Azure Week's timing couldn't be more perfect, LOL.
8/31 #7

If we do combine the lists (which I am not opposed to at all), we would have more than 14, so I would like to eliminate at least a few of them. Any thoughts on which ones should go, either because they just don't seem that "Azureshipp-y" or would be difficult to work into a fic/art? Or perhaps they seem redundant?

9/1 #8

Hmm...well, Raindrops, Blustery Day, and Umbrella all have very similar elements, so perhaps we could slash one or two of those.

Labor Day is very American and very fun, but people outside the US might not understand the theme without a lot of research or even with it XD Plus if someone *did* want to use it, they could easily work it into one of the other themes. So I suggest we ax that, too.

Of the 2018 themes...the only one I don't *particularly* care for is "Dance" (and it's mostly an opinion thing XD) 1) I don't see Kaiba dancing (though he could enjoy watching Téa...unlike many other characters, she *actually* is a dancer); and 2) it just seems overused in general, and I think the other themes are more interesting. But...that may be only me. What'cha all think?

9/1 . Edited 9/2 #9

Combining the bad weather ones sounds good. :) I think for me, the 2018 prompt I'm not sure what to do with is Urban. It feels very vague somehow, since the show already has an urban setting (as opposed to a rural one). I guess one could write or draw a night on the town for it?

9/1 . Edited 9/2 #10

Hahaha "Urban" wasn't one of my favorite themes, either (the only thing that made me like it more than "Dance" was that I could see Seto showing Téa a time in New York XD). But both of those themes are ones that could easily worked into another, like "Under the moon". Of the three bad weather ones, I think we should keep "Raindrops" as I think it's the most versatile :) Actually, if we ax Labor Day as well, that leaves us with 14 themes:

  1. Warm by the fire
  2. Raindrops
  3. Falling leaves
  4. Game night
  5. Dance
  6. Under the Moon
  7. Reunion
  8. Excuse Me
  9. Invitation
  10. Trapped
  11. The sound of waves
  12. Reflection
  13. Perfect blue
  14. Urban

We have 14 now even if we keep all the 2018 themes :) So, we can either keep what we have, or think of a couple more and ax some of the ones that are either too redundant or too vague, like Azurite suggested :) I was running last night and thought up a few more so it's up to you two :)

9/2 #11

Yeah, that is a cute usage of that! Under the Moon is an awesome way to cover it! Raindrops is the most versatile, definitely!

Oh neat! What are your new ones?

9/2 #12

Hahaha well...keep in mind I was running so they're all song titles or lyrics XD

  • "Something Human" (Muse)
  • "Right Place Right Time" (Olly Murs)
  • "Inner Demons" (Julia Brennan)
  • "Make this leap" (inspired by "Geronimo"—Sheppard)

Make of those what you will XD

9/2 #13

Those are awesome! I especially love the first three!

9/2 #14

I'm happy to ax "dance" or "urban," if they're too obvious for the characters/show. I do like the song titles, too, because they seem to work on their own without knowing the song (though I'm at least familiar with Muse). I also had another potential idea (though not to "throw a wrench" in things, but potentially to make it more of a fun challenge): what if we had the themes in one column, and then elements of the series in another, and you have to pick two items, but they can't be from the same line? It could also be something we randomize, so that no one has the same two lines.

For example,

Warm by the fire / Manga


Falling leaves / Post-canon


Game night / Battle City

I have a link to a random sheet I generated on Google Sheets, but I'm pretty sure FFnet will strip it. I wonder if I can send it via PM? Otherwise, email me at azurite AT icloud DOT com and I will send you the table so you can see what I mean!

9/2 . Edited 9/3 #15

That would be interesting! If you're going by different verses or time periods for the second column, though, I wonder if there would be enough verses to go around (probably not without adding the game verses). And maybe some people wouldn't want to have to choose a different verse for each piece, like I'm not much of a manga fan (I've read most of it, just don't care for it) and wouldn't like to end up having to set something in that, probably (unless maybe I was writing another crossover between verses ...). I would probably feel very limited to only be able to write one piece for anime verse, if I wanted to do all the prompts and had to pick different verses from the second column to set them in. Different arcs, though, is intriguing.

Links, unfortunately, get stripped in PM too, sigh. Not sure if the document itself could be sent, but I don't think so....

9/2 . Edited 9/2 #16

The "Yu-Gi-Oh Elements" I picked for the second column included the following:

  • Toei anime/Season 0
  • Duelist Kingdom
  • Legendary Warriors/Virtual World (Duel Monsters anime only)
  • Rebecca's Revenge/Dungeon Dice Monsters
  • Battle City, Part 1
  • Noa's Underwater Fortress/Virtual World Part 2 (Duel Monsters anime only)
  • Battle City, Part 2
  • Orichalcos Arc (Duel Monsters anime only)
  • KC Grand Prix (Duel Monsters anime only)
  • The Dark RPG/Memory World
  • Post-canon
  • Dark Side of Dimensions
  • WILD CARD (choose any line you want, or mix it up! You can also do an Alternate Universe or Alternate Timeline)
  • Manga-only

I set it up to generate randomly, so if you don't like your first result because you either dislike that arc/haven't read or watched it or don't think it goes well with the theme, you can reload! I just thought it might be a fun way to challenge yourself a little "extra" if you need inspiration.

A shortened link to the sheet is bit DOT ly SLASH azureweek2020 so you can try it out for yourself and see what you think...?

9/3 #17

I can't seem to get it to randomly generate more than once, even after reloading.... Maybe we could do it both ways? A writer can pick their own prompts from the columns, or if they feel like they need help or are just feeling daring, they could use the randomizer?

9/3 #18
Yeah, I like that idea of it being an *option*, for sure. I'd hate it if I had a really great plunny for one prompt and it generated a setting for a different one. But if I'm *stuck*, it might just as easily become my best friend in helping jog my creativity in a specific direction :)
9/3 #19

Yeah, exactly. I already had a nice plunnie and I'm afraid the randomizer would make it extremely difficult to write it, since it would take many tries for it to give me the prompt combo I felt I needed for it. But if I could be free to write what I wanted, I'd be more likely to give the randomizer a spin just for kicks on another prompt or two.

9/3 #20
Yeah! Like... "Okay, here's the themes we've selected, BUT, if you want a *challenge*, there's also THIS! :D" I had a few plot bunnies the fall themes were working up, but I hadn't set a specific 'verse for them yet. But I'd hate to feel like I *couldn't* use them.
9/3 #21

Yeah, exactly! I really felt like most ideas I might have would work best as post-series. I'd be up for trying one or two during series as an extra challenge, but that wasn't how I wanted to handle most of them. I would really prefer to just have the themes as default, and then the settings thing is an optional addendum. If you have to pick a setting from a list or have it generated for you, I'd feel like I couldn't write more than two as post-series (one with that setting option and one with the wild card). I'd feel like I was being a party pooper not to do others on the setting list, or that I wouldn't be allowed to pick post-series more than once (unless, of course, it was said that one could pick the same setting multiple times if that's what they wanted).

9/3 #22

I think the randomizing wasn't working because I un-hid one of the sheets. I re-hid it so that only the "Result" sheet is showing, and I refreshed the screen and it randomizes. I also renamed the optional Yu-Gi-Oh! Element, so I hope it's clearer that it's to add to the challenge, but it's not required. Can folks test it again and see how it shows up?

9/3 #23

Yeah, optional is great. :) Unfortunately, I only got a different result once and then other refreshes kept doing the first one over and over....

9/3 #24
I only got one result; I refreshed several times, closed it then went back again...same result every time :/
9/3 #25

I apologize for the wackiness of this, everyone! This is my first attempt at creating a fic challenge randomizer... I think I have it working now, but do please tell me if it's still giving you the same results. I'm a total n00b when it comes to spreadsheet formulae and such. And again: this is totally optional, but at least a fast way to get a particular theme to work on for a given day, if you don't know where to start.

9/3 #26

Yay! I think it's working...I've yet to try it on my mobile, but on my computer it's working just fine and giving me a different result each refresh :D

Oh, I love the idea of it being an option, I just didn't want to be limited to only the randomizer. I'm definitely going to attempt a "challenge piece", as well! :D

9/4 #27

I can't seem to get it to work on my tablet, but it does seem to change on the laptop!

9/6 #28

I'm planning on doing social media blasts about Azure Week on all the channels I have access to over the next week, in an effort to hype up more interest. I was thinking about "revealing" two themes a day, but I don't want to associate any particular theme with a day of the week, because the idea is, once Azure Week starts, people can pick which theme(s) they are interested in using and just go with it.

How should I word it? Would it make sense to just say Azure Week 2020 Theme #1: [some theme here], or would that imply that you HAVE to start with this theme?

Also, what images would you use for each theme? I've got some ideas below with the complete list.

An example image of what I'm talking about can be found at bit DOT ly SLASH AW2020-T1

Here's the finalized list, just for clarity (and any last minute petitions for changes):

  • Warm by the fire - people by a fire
  • Raindrops - rain falling onto the ground
  • Falling leaves - leaves falling from a tree
  • Game night - game board, dice, maybe playing cards
  • Something human - ????
  • Under the moon - a moon in the night sky
  • Reunion - ???
  • Excuse me - ???
  • Invitation - a letter
  • Trapped - ???
  • The sound of waves - a beach, maybe at night?
  • Reflection - a mirror, or perhaps a glassy surface
  • Perfect blue - just blue????
  • Right place Right Time - ???
9/12 . Edited 9/12 #29

I think if you specify that the themes can be done in any order and the numbers are only to keep track of them, it should be okay to use numbers. :)

Maybe Something Human would be a silhouette of a person? Reunion - An image of people meeting after apparently a while, or a class reunion banner. Excuse Me - someone bumping into someone. Trapped - Someone banging on a door. Right Place Right Time - A clock, maybe on a building.

9/12 #30
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