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A forum for Azure Week, the celebration of the Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner x Seto Kaiba pairing every year from September 16 - 22 (halfway between their birthdays of August 18 and October 25).
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I agree with Ladybug...I think numbers are fine as long as it's specified that the themes can be done in any order :)

  • Warm by the Fire: Two people by a fire, or simply a fireplace or campfire
  • Reunion: two people hugging (though the class banner idea is awesome, too!)
  • Excuse Me?: an 'angry/jealous' eye
  • Trapped: someone knocking on a door, or maybe a picture of a cave
  • Perfect Blue: blue sky or blue gemstones
9/12 . Edited 9/12 #31

Thank you for the suggestions! I'm almost done with the "theme reveal" images, and I plan on using them on social and posting them on my deviantART gallery (the-sweet) next week, leading up to Azure Week in an effort to get more attention.

When I got stuck trying to decide what image to use for "perfect blue," I turned to music to help inspire me, and, since we already have a few themes inspired by songs, why not make an Azure Week 2020 fanmix? I've already come up with my own ideas for several of the themes, but I'd love to hear your suggestions for what songs could fit them. What I did was look for a song that either included the theme word(s) in the title/lyrics somehow, or just evoked a similar feeling, and felt like it could work for Azureshipping.

I also wanted to pick some instrumental songs, because I know not everybody likes songs in languages they might not understand (e.g., for "perfect blue," I picked Hikaru Utada's "Blue" song, but just because of the title... if you look up the lyrics, I think they could fit Seto and/or Anzu in their 20s or older, feeling a bit melancholic), or because they can't always concentrate when there are lyrics. So I basically have two versions of the mix: one with lyrics, and one without.

Here's what I have so far for the lyrical mix:

  1. feels like fire - santana feat. dido (ironically I only have this song because of a peachshipping fanmix I have!)
  2. drops of jupiter - train
  3. been too long - emmy rossum
  4. couldn't think of a good 'game night' song
  5. something human - muse (obviously!)
  6. under the milky way - sia
  7. when can i see you again - owl city
  8. couldn't think of a good 'excuse me' song
  9. couldn't think of a good 'invitation' song
  10. couldn't think of a good 'trapped' song
  11. couldn't think of a good 'the sound of waves' song
  12. mirrors & smoke - jars of clay
  13. blue - hikaru utada
  14. right place, right time - olly murs (of course!)

and the instrumental version:

  1. the fire - imogen heap
  2. distant soft rain - rain sounds
  3. fallen leaves - motoi sakuraba
  4. couldn't think of a good 'game night' song
  5. couldn't think of a good 'something human' song
  6. couldn't think of a good 'under the moon' song
  7. together again - dave koz
  8. couldn't think of a good 'excuse me' song
  9. couldn't think of a good 'invitation' song
  10. couldn't think of a good 'trapped' song (that wasn't kind of shrieking or startling)
  11. eternity ~memory of the light and waves~ - noriko matsueda & takahito eguchi
  12. glass from jasper - roedelius
  13. blue dragon '07 version - hiroyuki sawano
  14. couldn't think of a good 'right place, right time' song

I'd love it if we could complete these two "albums" and hopefully get some art that we could use as "album art" for the fanmixes. If you're interested, I've posted several other Azureshipping fanmixes on Blue Eyes and Apricots, and I can hopefully make some YouTube playlists of the finished "albums."

One of the things I love about some of the themes is that they can be interpreted multiple ways. "Excuse me" is hard for me to find an image for because some people might hear it as Excuse me? like "What did you just say?!" while others might see it as "Excuse me, I need to pass by," or "Excuse me, I am entering your room/house", or even "Excuse me" after you sneeze or something. Since that one's a repeat from 2018, I can say it inspired me to open one of my WIPs, Mayonaka no Rendezvous with that line, and Seto is saying it because he can't understand Anzu, who is speaking through a speaker box at the entrance to the Kaiba Mansion. And trying to find images that represent "manners" or being "polite"... well. But I finished ALL of the other images!

9/12 #32

Oh fun! I can't seem to find you on dA, though.... I'm Meromeroyui.

Fanmixes are an awesome idea! Hmm, Game Night is definitely hard. If you're not adverse to dub music, there were several songs about the YGO card game written for the two dub soundtracks. ;) I don't know if any would be good for Azureshipping, though.

Instrumental is a very hard category to find appropriate music for! It's an awesome idea, though! Maybe Enya or Yanni would have some nice instrumentals that would work?

I've always associated Latter Days by Over the Rhine with Azureshipping, but I'm not sure it would fit any of the current themes....

9/12 #33


  • Trapped: "Moonlight Shadow"—Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly (Missing Heart, KOKIA, and Groove Coverage also do good but different-sounding versions of this song)


I know I know more songs, I just can't think of them right now...D: I'll have to check my old computer and see what I can see :P

9/12 . Edited 9/12 #34

Holy cow that Warriors video, though!

Question: Do you think Anzu would ever get into tap dance?

I'm a big fan of "Moonlight Shadow," too, even though it sounds like such a super-sad song if you listen to the lyrics real closely. But maybe it's a sort of "dream sequence"? I'll have to listen to "Sing Sing Sing" and "Moondance," though (yay for Apple Music). I do love me some Nightwish!

I managed to finish all 14 of the "theme reveal" images I made. I've posted 7 of them today on Tumblr and Twitter, and will post the remaining 7 on Tumblr and Twitter throughout tomorrow. I've also got a Pinterest Board with all 14 of the theme images, and they're also all up in a gallery on my deviantART page. I hope everyone likes them! I've made a blog post and an information page about the event on the Blue Eyes and Apricots fanlisting, too. If any of you are members and want a special badge denoting that you've participated here, let me know!

Lastly, I'm going to make another thread for people to post links/title information for their fics that they post on here, in some small case we don't see it otherwise. I've seen the FFnet filter act strangely when it comes to characters/pairings.

I'm so excited, and I want to thank everyone for contributing to the themes for this year! I hope you're all inspired and eager to create and share. :)

9/15 #35

For some odd reason, I can picture it! Dunno if it's just me or not.

Moonlight Shadow is definitely a sad song! It could be intriguing as a hurt/comfort scenario fic, though! As in, it looks like Seto's dead, but of course he isn't and he finds his way back. :)

I finally found you on dA and I love the images! Beautiful and so creative and very professional-looking!

I am definitely on the fanlisting, but I forgot what name I joined up under, lol. It could be LuckyLadybug, it could be Insaneladybug, or it could even be Oldiesfan62 or Marik4Me. (Hmm, I went and searched for myself and I used Marik4Me. LOL. That's the last one I thought I would have used on an Azureshipping site. Guess I wanted to fangirl Marik while I was at it.)

That sounds great!

Thank you so much for all your hard work! :) I'm working on my fic now. I think I will also be drawing. I realized it's been years since I drew Azureshipping! I don't even have any on the dA gallery except a picture of my plushies! I have quite a bit on my old Side7 gallery.

9/15 . Edited 9/15 #36

Hahaha more likely "Irish dance", which "Warriors" is ;) Tap dance and clogging are similar, but very different ;) And yes, the Irish dance melds quite beautifully with ballet:

Gaelforce Dance—The Wedding:

The lady playing the bride is trained in ballet as well and it shows :) We Irish dancers go en pointe in a manner more similar to ballerinas, also ;)

"Moonlight Shadow" is *definitely* a sad song! But if you watch the original music video (the Maggie Reilly one), it *does* hint at a happier possibility :) Ladybug it's a *great* hurt/comfort song! :D

Azurite, I *did* find you on dA—thank you Ladybug for doing the hard part; I found her off yours XD—and am now following you, as well! Oh my goodness...those images are *fantastic*! And Téa's in her DSOD outfit, too (I love that outfit! *starry-eyes*). I admit I am lost with the fanlisting, though XD I'll see if I can find it and go join :) I'm relatively new to the YGO fandom but once I got in here, I fell *hard* XD I think I'll try and draw a little something, as well :) I only have fics and one two-page comic on dA XD

Oh, these are all such fun! Azurite you've put in *so* much work to make this fun and it really shows! :D

9/15 . Edited 9/15 #37

I found the fanlisting, but when I tried to join, it doesn't give me a CAPTCHA, and it won't let me join without me confirming said CAPTCHA. Where the box should be, it says "ERROR for site owner: invalid site key"? I tried it on my mobile and my desktop and it doesn't work D:

9/15 . Edited 9/15 #38

Hey, thanks for letting me know about the fanlisting error. I removed the reCAPTCHA (it's so annoying how I can get it to work on some sites, but not others), so it should work now.

9/15 #39
Thanks! I'll register when I get home tonight :) (Under "MoonlightTyger"...because why change a good thing? XD)
9/15 #40

Ahh yeah, if we're talking Irish dancing, I can totally picture Tea doing that!

Wow, that is a very trippy music video for Moonlight Shadow! It does seem like a dream sequence. It looks like what happened is she saw a duel from afar, but when she got closer, the shot guy wasn't her love, so she started looking everywhere for him? And it ended without her finding him? Sounds like my dreams a lot, lol. I rarely ever find what I'm looking for before I wake up!

I adore the kitty for the Excuse Me prompt, awww!

9/15 #41

EDIT: I revise my previous statement. She could do both :P (That said, the Irish dance still compliments ballet better than tap, IMO! ;P)

IIRC the shot guy is alive, too; I think he gets up and is smiling like, "Gotcha!" And yeah, that very well could be what happened...she realized the man on the ground wasn't her love so she kept searching and couldn't find him. I always figured her love was dead, but I like that the video does give an alternative :)

The cat in use on "Excuse me" cracks me up XD Perfect XD I think my favorite pictures so far are "Right Place Right Time" and "Perfect Blue", though *starry-eyed emoji*

I don't know what's going on on that fanlisting, but I can't get it to work. I tried registering under a username, registering under an email...the register button depresses for a minute and then pops back up, and I don't get a message confirming one way or another. When I try and log in, it doesn't say that the username doesn't exist, it just says I have the wrong password. For trying to register by email, I never got a verification email in my inbox. I even tried going another route and registering for just the Anzu Mazaki fanlisting so I could go to the Azureshipping one and just "join", but I ran into the exact same issue :/ Is there some trick that I'm missing? *glares at Internet*

9/15 #42


Yeah, he acted like he thought it was a colossal joke, the creep! Definitely nicer to have an alternative!

Thee are great pictures too! I adore the blue rose!

Oh no! It sort of sounds like it may be the website borking when it's happening on the other one too! I registered many years ago; I was using the Marik4me alias around 2004.

9/15 #43

The blue rose is gorgeous! *starry-eyed emoji*

LOL of course the site is borking. Well, if it was going to happen to anybody, it was going to happen to me! XD #MurphysLawStrikesAgain #FirstWorldProblems

9/16 . Edited 9/16 #44

It's not you, it's me. Sorry about the website trouble, it's so embarrassing! I'm working with the support for the membership plugin that powers the fanlistings, in the hopes I can get it resolved soon. I'm so excited! Sharksmirk on Tumblr has already done some fanart for the theme "reunion," and emiliziacontent has done a picture mini-essay showing how close Seto and Anzu get in the Duel Monsters series (as in, physically close), along with a redraw of the famous scene between the two of them from the Noa's Underwater Fortress arc.

So far my plans are to complete the next chapter of Mayonaka no Rendezvous, the fic I started for Azure Week 2018 (for "excuse me," but "raindrops" and "under the moon" also fit), complete a oneshot for "falling leaves," and, if I can pull it off, start one of three potential multichapter fics, either for "trapped" (a bodyswap fic), reunion (inspired by a hilarious Tumblr thread from kaibacorpintern about Seto at holiday parties and Anzu kicking his a** at DDR), or "invitation," about a certain someone tracking down all the duelists we know in an effort to find out which one's her father.

What about you?

9/16 #45

Oh, don't beat yourself up too much over the website! :) I mean, sure, it's a bit frustrating, but it's certainly not the end of the world! How are you to fix a problem if you don't know there is one? No worries at all! I'm sure you'll get it resolved soon :)

Oh those fanart projects sound awesome! I can't wait to see them! I'll have to start Mayonaka no Rendezvous and leave proper reviews on what's there before I can get to the new chapter of course, but your oneshot and new multi-chapter fic ideas sound great, too! I'm particularly curious about the "reunion" one, I must admit...I love it when fics make me laugh! XD Your idea for "invitation" sounds incredibly promising, too!

So far I'm working on a oneshot for the "Warm by the Fire" prompt; my goal is to have that posted by Friday night :) I'm thinking of doing one for "Right Place Right Time" also, but I'll have to see if another one strikes me harder when I get there :)

9/17 . Edited 9/17 #46

I fixed the fanlisting error!

Have you ever tried doing a theme prompt like this and found that you keep going back to one prompt over and over? For some reason, that theme for me is "excuse me" even though that's the one that a) I wrote Mayonaka no Rendezvous Chapter 1 for 2 years ago (aaaah I feel bad saying that, I'm slow) and

b) the one I used a cat picture for. -_-; I guess the problem is using it as the central theme...?

In any case, for the next chapter of another of my ongoing fics, Tremors, it does end up featuring as a sort of "You did what?!" sort of line, so I guess in that way, it's kind of importance for the developing relationship I have between in Seto and Anzu. :) And then the "falling leaves" theme fic might have it in there as an incidental/point of conflict. So yay for using it a bunch of different ways, all without a cat showing up? Haha.

9/18 #47

Nice! And I am *registered*! :D Thank you :)

I *do* have themes I keep going back to. I think we all do XD As for the cat...well, Seto does sort of remind me of one, so...XD

9/18 #48

One theme being that inspiring is pretty awesome, actually! I have sometimes gotten multiple inspiration from a particular theme.

My entry for Excuse Me will actually have a cat, buwahaha. I didn't get inspired for that prompt until there was a cat!

9/18 #49

Hey all,

I'm finalizing the Master List for Azure Week 2020, and I really want to finalize the "fanmix" we came up with using music that fits/is inspired by the themes we chose (or songs that inspired themes)!

Right now, I'm missing:


  • falling leaves
  • game night
  • excuse me
  • invitation
  • the sound of waves


  • something human
  • excuse me
  • invitation
  • right place, right time

Thoughts? I'm open to basically any song, but bonus points if I can a) find a YouTube video for it or b) find it on Apple Music so I can add it to the Mix I plan on publishing. If a particular song happened to inspire a fic that you did using one of the themes, that could work, too. Or I could just list your favorite Azureshipping tracks as "bonus tracks." There are also several other Azureshipping playlists/mixes on the Blue Eyes and Apricots fanlisting, so I'm hoping to have new songs rather than overlapping ones.

We've got a decent mix of genres so far, too: Pop, Rock, Indie/Alternative, J-Pop, Celtic Folk, Jazz, New Age, Metal, Electronic (well, according to Apple Music, "The Fire" by Imogen Heap is Electronic, so...), Blues, and some soundtracks (movie soundtrack, game soundtrack, and a TV soundtrack; I argue that "soundtrack" is less of a genre and more of a "use case," so they could easily fit into the other genres listed, I think).

The fanart I'm using for the cover (with permission from artist Sharksmirk) is inspired by the Vaporwave aesthetic, so if you know of any good Vaporwave tracks, that would be even cooler!

9/29 #50


"This Is My Idea"—The Swan Princess soundtrack: (I don't know if this'll work for y'all as I don't recall them saying "excuse me" in the song, but it carries the "excuse me" attitude, at least to me)

9/29 . Edited 9/29 #51


"Invitation": "Arms"—Christina Perri: ("I hope that you see right through my walls"...more an "invitation" on a metaphorical, deeper level)


"Something Human": "Sandstorm"—Darude:

Those are my suggestions thus far :) Both my Azureshippy stories were posted as well, here and AO3 (I'll cross-post to dA eventually, but it's a process that takes time *eyeroll*)

9/29 #52
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