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A forum for Azure Week, the celebration of the Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner x Seto Kaiba pairing every year from September 16 - 22 (halfway between their birthdays of August 18 and October 25).
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Since the fandom demise of LiveJournal, I feel it's been a lot harder to find large communities of fans about specific topics on any one site. A lot of us moved to Dreamwidth but still didn't find the communities we wanted, and so scattered: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantART, Wattpad, and more. Many of us have maintained accounts here on FFnet and/or moved to AO3, and there's a great deal of amazing fan content on YouTube, Patreon, and other sites.

So how does one go about finding fans willing to participate in an annual challenge?

Would you prefer the challenge be site-specific, or spread across multiple sites, so that people who:

  • Don't write fic...
  • Don't do art...
  • Don't like gift exchanges or
  • Don't work well with deadlines...

can still participate?

Here's what I'm thinking so far:

  • Tumblr: use the tag azure week 2020 at a bare minimum. Ideally also use a tag to indicate what day/theme you're using, e.g., azure week 2020 - day 1.
  • FFnet: post "submissions" to this forum, since FFnet limits us to only having one C2 community per account, and has no other challenge/gift functionality to speak of.
  • AO3: create a post meme challenge (not a gift exchange) collection for people to post to. This is tentative, since prompt memes don't necessarily work well if you are working with an existing list of prompts, or if you want to control the types of prompts submitted in any way (so that people are abiding by the rules). Otherwise people could just post their fics to either AO3 or FFnet and link us to it via social media. Note that FFnet does NOT allow links from FFnet to sites other than FFnet, FictionPress, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and it's debatable whether any of the social media links work at all.
  • Reddit: Submit your theme suggestions/prompts to the r/azureshipping subreddit, and when you've finished a prompt, post it as a new post in the community, perhaps with Azure Week 2020 Flair.
  • DeviantART: In my experience, the Azureshipping community seems more active when it comes to writing than it does to art, but there are a lot of talented Azureshipping artists out there. The problem is that I have no control over either of the Azureshipping communities on dA, and the mods are not always receptive to outside events/challenges. The site itself is also not optimized for non-visual media.

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Want to volunteer to help me moderate r/azureshipping or this forum? Know how to create Tag Sets or Prompt Meme Challenges on AO3? Please let me know!

8/24/2020 #1

I think the more sites we can spread the word across, the better the reception will be. FFN doesn't allow outside links, but AO3 and dA do. And the challenges themselves may depend on what kind, and how involved; I can't imagine too many Azureshipping mods on dA would be upset about a week dedicated to Azureshipping...especially if it's more of an open-invite sort of thing :) I'm not on Tumblr very often, but I've been meaning to cross-post some of my works to AO3 anyway, so I'll definitely try and spread the word there when I can :)

8/25/2020 #2

I agree. I was leaning towards something pretty open, like a theme list, which is apparently different from a prompt meme. That's what I did in 2018. I think such a list would work best for people who are contemplating writing OR art, whatever for it takes. The hard part is figuring out WHICH themes to use. It would feel kind of weird to be the sole arbiter of what the themes are; I want people to agree on themes that are general enough for people to have fun with it.

Speaking of dA though, if you go to one of the Azureshipping communities there, one of the mods posted kind of a salty Journal about the 2018 Azure Week, claiming the organizers didn't participate, which isn't true. It's just that neither of us are/were artists and didn't post fic on dA (or Tumblr). That really upset me and I wrote a note trying to clarify things, but I haven't heard from them at all since then. Likewise, the other organizer seems to have vanished from Tumblr, and I have no way of getting hold of them, so I'm trying to restart this on my own, hoping that the pandemic will make people more amenable to something like this (if they have the time).

I'm hoping to reach out some of the Azureshipping authors on AO3 via PM the same way I did on FFnet. *fingers crossed!*

8/26/2020 #3

That's a good point; a theme list would certainly be more versatile art-wise! I'll look over the ones you posted and see if anything in particular appeals to me, and see if I can't come up with a few of my own :) I understand the awkwardness of not wanting to be the 'sole arbiter', for sure! XD

Some people can be that way, sadly. BUT that was two years ago, now; hopefully things have changed. Perhaps we can make it clear that *literature* and art are accepted and desired...participants' time permitting? I'll see if I can't dig up my old Tumblr account, too :) Azureshipping has rapidly become one of my OTPs, and in this pandemic especially we need all the joy we can get ;D

I'll cross-post "Closure" and "Business Decision, Indeed" to AO3 either tonight or tomorrow, so hopefully get some more Azureshippy attention there, as well! :)

8/26/2020 #4

Yeah, it's been so lonely and sad since Livejournal borked. Sigh. Dreamwidth never really took off on the community scene. I think your ideas for how to post across the different sites is good! Ugh, I definitely understand your reluctance with dA after how that mod acted. Oy. It's so sad when that happens. Maybe people can also post on Dreamwidth (or LJ) if they so choose. I'm still on both sites.

8/30/2020 #5

I'm on LJ, Tumblr, and dA (MoonlightTyger) but not Dreamwidth D: I don't have all that many followers anywhere but here (and even then, that's limited), but I could put an announcement on every site I do at least have an account on. Not much, but every little bit helps, right?

8/30/2020 #6

I've done quite a few announcements on all the platforms I'm on, and if I maintain any sort of Azureshipping community/presence, there too. I'm going to try and focus next week on scheduling social media posts in various places (where I can) to announce Azure Week starting the 16th!

If you are willing to PM your favorite Azureshipping authors here on FFnet and ask if they're still interested in the fandom/'ship and they'd like to participate, please do! (You can also drop their names here and I will PM as many of them as I can, or we can just use it as a list so we don't pester the same authors repeatedly.)

Do people want a rule about whether or not submissions have to be new? Embarrassingly, I tend to write a lot of WIPs, and I might find it a fun challenge to try and integrate one of the themes/Yu-Gi-Oh! elements into one of my existing stories, but I get why people might prefer all-new, standalone content.

Lastly, I'm contemplating creating participant "sticker" awards featuring Seto and Anzu (using official art, because I can't draw to save my life, and if I had thought of this idea early enough to commission someone, I would have), if people might be willing to share address information (not here in the forum, obviously, but privately). I HAVE A STICKER MAKER AND I KNOW HOW TO USE IT! But it's just a fun idea, certainly not something people have to do. I could do a small sheet of stickers, or one big sticker (bumper sticker style). What do you think?

9/10/2020 #7


I unfortunately don't know many, but I've told the ones I know.

I think a WIP is fine, since that would result in some new content, but I can't fathom why people try to submit a completed story to a challenge, claiming they've already done the prompt inadvertently. Maybe the rule could be no trying to submit previously completed material, but writing new content for WIPs is okay?

Stickers sound so cute! You could check and see if ElfBean is available for a commission; her prices are amazing and the wait time very reasonable. If she's available, she might still be able to get something done before the Azure Week is over. Alternately, official art sounds fine too! I love stickers!

9/10/2020 #8
I don't know many, either, sadly D: I made an announcement on my dA and have reached out to the ones I do know. WIPs are nothing to be embarrassed about! At least they keep you writing :) And I definitely don't think it's an issue to submit part of a WIP as something, you said, it's still new content. But a previously-written work seems like it would detract from the point ;P Stickers are fun if participants want them, official art or fanart doesn't's fun! XD But don't make the workload too heavy on *yourself*, either! ;)
9/10/2020 #9

Oh, I was on AO3 and saw under my account there's a Collections tab. Clicking it showed a button saying New Collection and then AO3 walks you through making one. So if you have an account there, you can probably get that going if you still want to. :)

9/20/2020 #10

Yes, there is an azure_week_2020 collection that I opened and set to unmoderated on AO3. Unfortunately, I can't link it here because the FFnet overlords will strip it, but it should show up if you go to archiveofourown . org / collections / azure_week_2020 (remove the spaces, of course).

If you have accounts on both sites, please do submit in both places! When I make the Master List to put on Blue Eyes and Apricots, I can link to both sites, or to a preferred site.

9/21/2020 #11

Oh good. I haven't been able to get it to show up when I've uploaded fics (unless it's just been put up now?). I only get the 2018 one in the drop-down menu. Maybe going directly to the collection will help!

I like this site better, but I know a lot of people like AO3, so linking to both is probably best for mine.

9/21/2020 #12

Hmm, the new collection still isn't showing up in the drop-down menu, and I can't seem to put the works in directly from the collection either. It only seems to allow new works or imported works from other sites. There's nothing about adding a work already on the site. I wonder why it isn't loading in the drop-down menu so I could add the works from their edit pages....

9/21/2020 #13

Not sure why it's doing that; when I manually just typed azure_week_2020 it accepts it, even without turning it into "Azure Week 2020" with pretty formatting.

At least one other member was able to post to the collection, and I have one other "Member" that added herself as a reminder to post in the collection... I just did a search for you on AO3 and added you as a Member of the collection, so maybe that'll help? Not sure if maybe Tag Wranglers need to validate the existence of the collection or something.

9/21/2020 #14

Oh, interesting. I also tried typing it in before and it didn't work, but maybe it will now. If not, I'll see if being added as a member makes it work!

9/21/2020 #15

This time things worked, yay!

9/21/2020 #16
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