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A forum for Azure Week, the celebration of the Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner x Seto Kaiba pairing every year from September 16 - 22 (halfway between their birthdays of August 18 and October 25).
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Just in case we miss it among FFnet's filters, please post any/all fanfic submissions for Azure Week 2020 here. To make things easy, here's a simple form you can follow:

  • Fic Title - Link or Fic ID
  • Theme(s) You Used
  • Rating/Warnings
  • Short Summary

I've noticed FFnet treats fics where Seto K. and Anzu M. are marked as the characters differently than it does the same characters with the "pairing" checkbox marked. I don't know if it treats it differently depending on what ORDER they're in, though (it shouldn't)!

9/15/2020 #1


I don't think this site uses hashtags, so I don't think I can do the hashtag on my fic as instructed, but I'll edit it if I'm wrong!

9/16/2020 #2
9/20/2020 . Edited 9/20/2020 #3

Okay, my first submission~

  • Tremors (specifically chapter 3) -
  • theme #8: excuse me - it's subtle, but it's there. I actually did start from what I imagined Anzu would say after making a particular discovery, and the rest of the chapter flowed from there.
  • T for Teen (PG-13), Inspired by Real Events, Natural Disasters, Post-Canon
  • Fic summary: It had been six minutes. Only six minutes. But in that time, the world came crashing down around Anzu Mazaki. It would have taken her with it, had her chemistry lab partner Seto Kaiba not saved her...again. Why does he care? Since when does he care?
  • Chapter summary: It started with croissants, which, in retrospect, was probably a bad thing to try and make at 2:57 a.m. Anzu didn't care. Or, Anzu avoids sleep and it catches up with her, anyway. Seto makes plans that could backfire spectacularly.
9/20/2020 . Edited 9/20/2020 #4
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