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A forum for Azure Week, the celebration of the Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner x Seto Kaiba pairing every year from September 16 - 22 (halfway between their birthdays of August 18 and October 25).
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Hey all,

I've posted the Azure Week 2020 Master List on the Blue Eyes and Apricots Fanlisting, and cross-posted the link from my Tumblr (anzu-kaiba). If I've missed a link to one of your works somewhere, please don't hesitate to email me at azurite AT icloud DOT com so I can add it ASAP! Due to FFnet's linking rules, I obviously can't include the link here, but I hope you can search the site and find it without trouble.

We have a pretty extensive list of fanfics, fanart, some meta (including videos and other "evidence" for the 'ship), and a fanmix you can either listen to on YouTube, download on Apple Music, or convert using TuneMyMusic to your streaming app/platform of your choice.

If you happen to keep writing using any of the themes for Azure Week 2020, please let me know, as there's no official "deadline" to have fanworks finished by. I'm still working on perfecting my (very long) oneshot for a few of the themes...

10/6/2020 #1
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