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It was a regular day in Olympus. Everything was shiny, some were partying and others were living their lives and dreams. Let's go to the underworld were our favorite god of the underworld is starting his day smiling and being happy finally. It was tough in the beginning to find it, but he finally found it with someone special and was waking up in bed looking at her. His eyes full of love. A ton of things changed over the years of Olympus. They all had to grow, and become the person they were meant to be.

Hades was smiling as he caresses her luscious locks just enjoying her sleeping face as if it was a masterpiece made from the beautiful flowers and stars that make her eyes twinkle.

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Persephone hummed as she felt a familiar hand along her skin and smiled in her sleep, slowly awakened by the wonderful touch of her dear husband. They had their moments of course but never anything they couldn't handle. She bit her lip and smiled as she looked up at him sleepily, "Hmm~ Good morning~"

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Hades smiles and kisses her softly and caresses her cheek lovingly. "Good morning my beautiful wife~ Had any sweet dreams you want to talk about?~" as he held her close wanting to just be close to her showing her how much he loves this woman.

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Persephone giggled and looked to him with loving eyes, "I had a wonderful dream last night about you and our babies~" she giggled and hugged him happily, cuddling into his arms, "How about you, did you have any nice dreams in particular?~"

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Hade smirks and kisses her neck and cheek. "I had beautiful dreams about my incredible caring wife and our family we created~ Especially her gorgeous smile~" as he winks at her.

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Perse giggled and tilted her head curiously, "That sounds like a wonderful dream~ I think we can carry it out into real life too, don't you?~" she kissed him softly, "Do you have to go into work today?~"

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Hades smirks and shook his head, "Nope~ Didn't get a message from Zeus yet meaning it's a sign if finally relaxing with my family.~" As his eyes sparkle in hopefulness.

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Perse giggled and hugged him excitedly, kissing his cheek and looking up at him with sparkling eyes of her own, "That means we get to have a special day between you and me and the babies~" she kisses him softly, "Its about time~"

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Hades kisses her back passionately and smiles, "About damn time indeed~ Now, Shall we wake up our babies?~ If so, shall we surprise them separately or together~" as he was smiling bright.

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Perse giggled, "Well~ What about we go ahead and have you start on breakfast so I can get our beautiful baby girls and they can be surprised when they see their Papa?~" she grinned adorably and mischievously.

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Hades smirks and nods, "Alright then~ Let's go get this plan into motion than my Queen~" as he winks at her and kisses her back passionately. He got up and puts on his pants, brushes his teeth and heads downstairs happily and began to make some breakfast.

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Perse smiled as she did the same and went ahead to their daughter's rooms, smiling as she saw them each already awake. She stepped inside Makaria's room and smiled, "Good morning my sweet little cherub~"

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Makaria was stretching and smiling happily seeing her mother, "Morning mama!~ How did you sleep last night?~" as she was getting out of the bed happily as well feeling quite good.

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Perse giggled and hugged her sweet baby girl happily, hugging her close and kissing her forehead, "I slept wonderfully sweetie~ I have a special surprise for you and your sister this morning with breakfast~"

Melinoe giggled as she quietly made her way downstairs and gasped as she saw Hades cooking, "PAPA!~"

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Makaria giggles and smiles happily, "Alright Mama!~" as she hugs her back and went downstairs as well and gasps as well seeing their father home. "PAPA YOUR HOME! WHAT ABOUT WORK!~"

Hades chuckles and smiles at his precious daughters so happy and in shock, "Morning my sleeping angels~ I was able to not have work today and be able to hang out you all the whole entire day!~"

Makaria gasps happily and smiles, "BEST DAY EVER!~" as she was excited that their papa had a day off.

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Persephone giggled and shook her head as she saw Mel and Maka literally trying to climb onto Hades, "I tried to hold them back but they were too strong!~" she laughed softly.

Melinoe giggled as she held onto one side of Hades, "All day!~ Papa that's too little time!~ We gotta do so much together since you're home!~"

9/7/2020 #19

Hades chuckles and nods, "Of course my little meli belly~ It's all about you two and your mother~" He smirks and winks at Persephone. "I know you tried darling~ They are growing girls after all~"

Makaria giggles and smiles as she holds onto Hades happily, "Meli we have to make the list that we wanted to do with papa and mama!" as her eyes sparkled.

Hades chuckles and smiles, "I can see the determination in our Maky's and meli's eyes~"

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Mel giggled and smiled brightly, looking to Persephone, "Is he really here the whole day just for us Mama?~"

Persephone giggled and nodded, going over to the three and kissing Hades on the lips softly before bending down and ticking Makaria's and Melinoe's sides, "Yes he is~ Today is our very special family day that is very rare so we must make the most of it!~"

Mel giggled and nodded, still clinging to Hades and looking to Makaria, "Since he's here, we absolutely gotta!~ There's so much to show him and so little time!~ Let's go plan it out in the indoor courtyard!~"

9/18/2020 #21

Makaria nods happily with her eyes sparkling in excitement. "Yeah! To the backyard Mel!~ This is a once in a lifetime chance!" As she kisses Hades cheek and took Mel's hand happily and leads her in the backyard.

Hades chuckles and smiles, "We'll come over to eat together in the backyard then!~ Take your time girls!~"

Makaria smiles and said, "We will!" Once they made it to the backyard, Makaria sits and looks at her sister to plan. "What shall we do with papa?"

In the kitchen, Hades smiles and winks at Persephone, "Looks like we surprised them~"

9/18/2020 #22

Melinoe giggled as she followed Makaria and held up a book she had written in, handing it to her, "Look at these for us to spend time with Papa!~" she grinned excitedly.

Persphone giggled and cuddled into his back, wrapping her arms around his waist, "They love you more than words can describe Hades~ The girls adore you~" she smiled warmly and kissed his cheek, "Any moment they can spend with you is a moment they will take full advantage of my love~"

9/18/2020 #23

Makaria looks at it and smiles happily, "Yes!~ Papa has to see them!~ We also have to take turns taking pictures ith papa as well so we can put it in a scrapbook so we can look at them when papa is working!~"

Hades smiles and kisses his wife's lips and cheek happily, "And I love them too~ I've been waiting and waiting and trying not to wring Zeus's neck trying to get a day off so I can spend time with my family~ Finally I can be with you all even if it's for a day~"

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