Anyone like Masaya?
i think some people like him but i dont know how many! because im considering writing a story with him and Ichigo together!
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I really dont like Masaya for some reason, I find him as BLEH, thats all, his personality doesnt intrest me like the other characters.
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I don't believe that someone's figting ability is what makes them a good person, nor that gentlemanliness is antithetical to regular manliness. So what if Masaya can't beat up Pai? Masaya is a normal human (who's possesed by a powerful, evil alien, but that's not the point). Ignoring the Blue Knight/Deep Blue part of him, Masaya is just not made to be a fighting character, and the fact that he even TRIES to fight Pai, who's clearly more powerful than he is, shows the depths of his devotion to Ichigo.

And why is physical strength all that matters? Masaya is mentally strong enough to fight Deep Blue during the very end of the series, and he's the one who actually destroys DB in the manga. Why is it weakness that he sacrificed his life to save both the girl he loves and the whole world?

EDIT: If anyone reading this wonders why my arguments do not match what the OP said, it is because she changed her post so as not to look stupid, and I didn't think to QFT her. Please refer to the edit date of the first post vs. the original post date of this post.

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Masaya isn't bad. Sure some people see him as a Mary-Sue because it's in Ichigo's POV, but he's not really. He fights plenty, seeing as the Blue Knight and Deep Blue have taken him over. How's he not manly? Several times in the series, he jumps in front of her to save her, and fights to protect people. (even tho he secretly doesn't like them that much for pulling everyone closer to their own demise) I know that being told Masaya is good and blah blah blah why isn't enough to change how you think of him, but I'd like to help convince what you have wrong and some opinions that are staying the same. Listen to sakuuya, because SHE actually makes sense. xD ^-^ latr
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he isn't such a bad guy...I mean well I dont like him like I like all the other characters, but hey hes not bad!
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i just noticed people have been in my forum!! well i kind of hate him but his okay sometimes! although he can get annoying!!!!!!!!!
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yay what???
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dunno ^--------------^
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I don't like Masaya all that much and I guess I like the idea of boy and girl fighting together AND knowing each other's identity, like CardCaptor Sakura.
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Well, Masaya finds out Ichigo's identity pretty quick, and to be fair, he didn't really know he was the Blue Knight, so it's not like he's hiding that from her.
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Well, he knew he was the Blue Knight when he first protected Ichigo, and Ichigo didn't know for quite a while...maybe it's just the whole identity thing that's got me hating Masaya. CardCaptor Sakura was a lot more simpler. And, plus, Ichigo is in love with Masaya in the very first episode and the first scene of the manga. Their relationship doesn't build up that much.
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Masaya is absolutely ADORABLE. :D

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Can I just say how happy I am that the Masaya-bashing forum lost almost all their posts in the purge and we barely lost any? Because that made my day, especially since the thread we lost was the stupid one.

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I agree with you about Masaya being 'BLEH' as weird as that seems if you sum up his main points. He is adored by throungs of fangirls, he cares about the environment, he's the mysterious Blue Knight who often comes to Ichigo's rescue and at the same time he also turns out to be Deep Blue, the one who the mews had to fight to decide the fate of the human race. I think it is his personality that makes him so boring. But the main reason I don't like him isn't the fact that I find him as interesting as a blank wall. It's because I honestly can't see much difference between Ichigo's 'love' for Masaya and the crushes his fangirls have on him.

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While I have no problem with your dislike of/boredom with Masaya, I don't think it's fair to blame Ichigo's bad characterization on him. He clearly loves her and doesn't care about any of the other girls who moon over him. The fact that she's basically a generic fangirl who just happens to be the star of the show is a perfectly good reason to dislike them as a couple, but not really to dislike Masaya by himself.

Seriously, think about how much you know about Masaya that isn't "he loves Ichigo" or "he's BK/DB." He's super-popular, plays kendo, cares deeply about the environment, and is secretly a misanthrope. He's not a hugely fleshed-out character, but if we're judging on the TMM curve, he's not bad. Now, how much do you know about Ichigo that isn't "she loves Masaya" or "she's a Mew Mew." She's loyal to her friends (like everyone else in this series), she's kind of a clumsy spaz (like every other generic magical girl protagonist), and that's about it. She doesn't really have an inner life beyond being a Masaya fangirl. She's the problem in that relationship, not him.

EDIT: Also, please only post in one topic if you have one argument to make.

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