What can SURVIVE in the Warhammer 40K universe?
Does anyone know what can survive in the Warhammer 40K universe? I'll explain the details in the reply since there is a ridiculous word limit on this thing.
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The Multiversal Writer

I'm currently thinking on a new fanfiction that takes place in the Era Indomitus (Dark Imperium/M42) that revolves around If the Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device. It involves some sort of civilization that was created back during the Golden Age of Technology that have been living in isolated in their artificial solar system from the 16,000 (M17) and has something that Magos Delphan Gruss has been seeking for his entire life. I have been thinking about something that can go against the many factions of the WH40K and have found some things that might go against them thanks to Commissar Gamza, Avyon404, OneMindSyndicate and many reddit forums. You can check them out. Here is what I've got:

  • Gundams - Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundams are mechs that can be use in space and are more faster than the Titans. Not to mention that the beam weapons are more efficient than lasers. Gundams are also made from lunar titanium or gundanium alloy that makes them immune to 20mm rounds and are given a special coating that makes them immune to lasers and certain energy weapons. As for their pilots, we got Coordinators and Newtypes. Coordinators are genetically altered humans that can think faster, have stronger bodies, greater reflexes and are immune to diseases. Newtypes are sort of like psychics that have spatial awareness, almost a sixth sense in a way, which allows to react faster and have some form of clairvoyance.
  • Hellspawns - Spawn - These guys feed on the negativity and guilt of anyone they come across and refill their necroplasm for each guilty person they kill. Very handy against the Forces of Chaos so they won't run out.
  • Doom Slayer - Doom - Now imagine an army of Doom Slayers from Doom wrecking havoc on the daemons and other Chaos beings. But due to their hatred, Khorne will feed on that and create more. Yet if they were given a blank gene, Khorne won't be able to feed on their hatred because they have no presence in the Warp. But that blank gene also gives them a special ability that spreads fear and anxiety to all Warp creatures.
  • Guardians - Destiny - Humans, Awoken and Exos are given special A.I. pals that resurrect them known as, Ghosts. Every time they die, the Ghosts resurrects them in a safe range from the battlefield, which makes them immortal. The Ghosts can be destroyed, but under special conditions.
  • Cabal - Destiny - An unarmored Cabal can go toe-to-toe against an armored Space Marine and use another race with psychic abilities called, Psions. Not to mention that they have ships that are big enough to swallow all of Ireland and many western coasts of the British Isles. And there is the Almighty, a ship that can create supernovas and are immune to supernova blasts. That, and they have tanks the size of Titans.
  • Saiyans, Nameks, Friezas, Majins and many planet destroying species - Dragon Ball - Okay, we all know how insane the Dragon Ball universe is. We got people that can destroy planets and entire solar systems with a wave of a hand or pointing their fingers, green skin slug & plant people that create wish granting McGuffin orbs, and creatures that can reform themselves after complete and total obliterating while having bodies made of gum. Some might fall under the control of Khorne or the manipulations of Tzeentch if not careful.
  • Kryptonians - DC Comics - We all know how powerful Superman is and all of his abilities. Add the entire scientific advancement of all of Krypton and you got some major power houses. Yet if the Kryptonian isn't trained in Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo, they will fall into Chaos. If the Tyranids get their claws on one, then we got a serious problem. Not to mention that they are vulnerable to red-spectrum lasers from lasguns from the Imperial Guard and become weak under the rays of the red suns.
  • Strontians - Marvel Comics - Basically the Marvel equivalent of the Kryptonians but with purple skin.
  • Capsuleers - EVE Online - Pilots that have made clone bodies of themselves and will transfer their souls to their new bodies unless Chaos eats their souls. Not to mention the size of their Titan-class ships that can beat the Imperial's largest ships. Since they're human, Tyranids won't get much.
  • Tenno - Warframe - Void touched humans that pilot mechanical bodies at a safe distance via psychic link. When one falls, another can be easily replaced. Yet the organic components in the Warframes maybe possible to the Tyranids to devour which allows the Hive Mind to enter the Void and put a major blow to them. And the Shadow of the Warp can also disrupt their link.
  • Protoss - Star Craft - Okay, they are a psychic race that can end up getting mind screwed by Chaos, but their technology is pretty advance. Their ships can go faster in the material plane than ships using the Warp. These guys can come in, destroy a planet in seconds, and get out. Not only we got the Khalai, but we also have the Nerazim and the Purifiers. The Tal'darim...eeeehhhh...I guess these guys would be Chaos worshipers since they have red eyes, wear black and have spikes on them.
  • Petrosapien - Ben 10 - A race of crystal-like beings that can survive in the vacuum of space that can shoot their crystals at anything. They can deflect and absorb energy such as lasers. Not to mention being immune to decay. And when they get sick, they spit crystals. And able to destroy an entire city by causing crystals to spike up from the ground. Although they will be vulnerable to sonic weaponry from the Emperor's Children and any of those sonic weapons from Slaanesh.
  • Crystalsapien - Ben 10 - Pretty much the same with Petrosapiens, but can fly, immune to radiation, produce electricity and light along with force fields, and immune to possession from parasitic beings. Yet can also absorb energies from the Warp. However, can be destroyed by extreme force if caught off guard.
  • Necrofriggian - Ben 10 - Another Ben 10 species that are bugs that can eat through solid matter, manipulate cold and ice, immune to gases, able to survive in space and breath underwater, intangible, temperature resilience and resilient to mind control. Yet they are vulnerable to possession, electricity and magic. So they would end up being controlled by Chaos.
  • Ectonurite - Ben 10 - And yet another Ben 10 alien. They are ghost-like aliens with the ability to become intangible, absorb Warp energies, able to survive in space, and able to posses people. Having these guys possessing a high ranking official can be great when dealing with Inquisitors assuming how powerful they are as psykers. Yet they are vulnerable to sunlight when they lose their skin, unable to posses servitors since they lack a mind and are more like programmed zombies, can be controlled via hypnosis, vulnerable to electricity, and can be detected by psykers.
  • Celestialsapien - Ben 10 - A very powerful alien species that can warp reality itself. Super OP against everything! But will require a group against Chaos Gods.
  • Galvanic Mechamorphs - Ben 10 - A shapeshifting blob of tech that can also survive in space yet also manipulate any form of technology. Might go toe-to-toe with Necrons by manipulating their bodies. However, they are vulnerable to EMP and electricity along with technorganic viruses, and their regeneration can reach to a certain point unless being continuously attacked. Not sure if the Tyranids want their programmed DNA since these guys are inorganic. Also, they are weak against acids and extreme heat like lava.
  • Ghostrunner - Ghostrunner - There was a new game that came out not too long ago and I would like to include these guys. From what limited information I manage to get, they are cyberpunk cyborg ninjas created in vats that are a fusion of flesh and technology. They are meant to be use for peace keeping in an arcology tower while having amazing abilities. So these guys might survive.
  • Asari - Mass Effect - These ladies are an all female race with very powerful biotic aptitudes. They can live long and are able to reproduce with other species, no matter the gender. They are far more combat capable than the Eldar but not as quite as humans, very good at cooperating with others, and more efficient hit-and-run tactics. They meld with their partners in order to get the best genes and add them to their offspring for greater chance of survival. ...and I just realize that the Asari are basically sexy genestealers but they let their mates live.
  • Cravers & Sowers - Endless Space - Okay, the reason why I have these two together is because they were made by the Endless yet one (the Cravers) are insectoid cyborgs that devour everything in sight while the other (the Sowers) terraform dead planets. The Cravers might be effective against the Tyranids even though the Tyranids will take their genetics and add them to the gene pool. That, and being controlled by Khorne who sees them as new toys for slaughter. Sowers are robots that could make planets habitable again, even after an exterminatus been done or after Tyranid devouring of a planet.
  • Umbral Choir - Endless Space - For those that don't know, they are a race of immaterium creatures that pierced through the darkest reaches of space and wish to heal galaxies. These shadowy creatures are well known observers and infiltrators that can manipulate anything from living beings to robots. They see the Great Rifts as gigantic wounds that has been inflicted upon an old galaxy that is in need of dire healing. Since they are immaterial, they are immune to Tyranid assimilation. Although they can be hurt by the Necrons and Chaos since they do have weapons and abilities to do such a task.
  • Mandalorian - Star Wars - These guys thrive on war ever since they began on Mandalore. Beskar, or Mandalorian steel/iron, is very tough that can repel laser fire and absorb a certain amount of damage unless people use weapons similar to the Arc Pulse Generator. Plus the Mandalorians use jetpacks all the time with small rockets they can launch. Although their weapons are weak, they are very militant and have much experience in warfare. However, they can only be good against the Imperial Guard. They could possibly survive against Orks, Eldars, Tau and maybe the first wave of Tyranids. But they can be defeated by Necrons, Chaos, Space Marines and a full Tyranid invasion. Although, if they use stuff from the Clone Wars since the Clones are based on the Mandalorian genome or something like that.
  • Javeline Pilots - Anthem - Basically, humans that can pilot Iron Man suits. Something that can be more maneuverable than power armor with jump packs. Plus they do receive support from cyphers, which are sort of like psykers that can communicate with the others via telepathy. But as always, vulnerable to psykers and Chaos influence. But if we just have Javeline pilots doing hit-and-run tactics, they could survive as long as they don't lose their armor to the enemies.
  • Yautja - Alien vs Predator - These guys are hunters that hunt down the strongest and most clever game in the galaxy, including sentient life forms. The Yautja (or commonly known as Predators) could go to certain types of planets like civilized and feudal. Although, I've been thinking that they could go to the underhive of hive cities undetected and do some of the same shit they always do until they make it to the top. So they could assassinate high ranking officials of the Imperium, Eldar and Orks as long as they don't get detected by psykers or those that can see those with cloaking capabilities. Not much with everything else, unfortunately. But it would be cool if they manage to kill the Princeps of the Titans through stealth. Rendering them useless as long as they kill the other pilots.

That is pretty much all I got so far and imagine all of these guys working together. I wish to add Star Ocean and Xenoblade, but I cannot find any forums about that. But what else do you guys think can survive in the Warhammer 40K universe? I am willing to accept any alien races, mutants and different human cultures and hope to add them. And this is a bias, neutrally align opinions that focus more on reasoning and logic. No fanboying and don't bring up the ULTRA MARY SUES. Had enough of morons bringing plot armored blueberries into the mix. And I say SURVIVE, not go on a total full on crusade. Survive. Lastly, I'm gonna use the Space Marine Chapters under the Free Use category of WH40K Homebrew. Which also means I can use them without permission of the creators. So you can imagine the hilarity. I mean, could you imagine the Silverbacks being more of an annoyance than being helpful?

And one more thing: No time traveling of any kind. Sorry Doctor Who.

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The Multiversal Writer

Okay, I just learned that there is, well WAS, some Eldar/Human hybrids that were born naturally in the oldest editions of Warhammer 40,000. Not only that, the guy was a Space Marine in the Ultramarines chapter as Chief Librarian Astropath. He was known as, Illiyan Nastase. Unfortunately, there are no human/Eldar hybrids anymore except what the Haemonculi make in their labs. To me, that's complete and total bull. I was planning on having races that are human/Eldar hybrids that were made from abducted Eldar from the Golden Age of Technology and were given certain genetic modifications depending on what planet they're on and can actually breed with other species. So to give you guys the heads up, there will be Eldar/human hybrids that are gonna be based-on a few other franchises in terms of culture and abilities. While I'm at it, better tell you some new species that I might add that could survive in WH40K. Might.

  • Blisk - Destroy All Humans - These guys are immune to radioactive materials and weaponry. Not only that, they are immune to psychic powers while also able to create spores that can cause humans to mutate. Yet they are a hive mind though. But that might make them immune to the effects of the Warp since the Tyranids are also a hive mind. Speaking of Tyranids, they might take their genetic information on being immune to radioactivity and shoot energy beams.
  • Super Mutants - Fallout - Humans that have been given the Forced-Evolutionary Virus that turned them into the green skinned (or yellow or greyish to some) that are immune to radiation, diseases, and are given superhuman strength and endurance. Although, their intelligence is a bit lacking but that only applies to the second generation over at the West Coast and a few others across the former USA. Despite that, they can go toe-to-toe with an armored Space marine since they are equal in height. Well the East Coast SM are around seven to eight feet tall (Institute being seven) while the Mariposa ones in the west are over ten feet. Super Mutant Behemoths are around 13 (Fallout 4) to 20 (Fallout 3) tall that can crush a tank. However, they can't reproduce. Yet there was this one experiment that was conducted in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel that involves Super Mutant procreating, but that was destroyed. Due to their violent nature however... Yeah, Khorne again. Yet Nurgle and Tzeentch will try to take them. Nurgle sees them as a stagnant race and stagnancy is his thing. Tzeentch will see them as an evolved race for him to toy with. So you can imagine these two fighting over them like the seagulls from Finding Nemo. And to get that out of the way, "Mine mine mine mine mine!" Enough said.
  • Tetramands - Ben 10 - Another Ben 10 alien race, but there is something I need to get out of the way first. Due to their violent and aggressive nature they can be controlled by Khorne okay moving on. These four armed aliens are taller than armored Space Marines with males being 10 to 15 feet tall while females are taller and females are stronger than males. Yet the older the Tetramand, the more strength they get overtime. Since these guys have four arms with incredible strength, imagine them duel-wielding chainswords with one pair of hands and heavy weapons with the other pair. That would be awesome! Also, their ship engines are the toughest and extremely durable in the galaxy.
  • SCP Subjects - SCP - Let me explain. There is a lot, and I mean AN INSANE LOT, of stuff in the SCP universe. We got an orange slime creature that can make people feel good (SCP-999) and trust me, everyone will need one of those in this grim dark universe; monsters that can cause you to lose your sleep and wait for you to die from lack of sleep that are completely invisible (SCP-966), strange fleshy substance that create meat zombies (SCP-610), a demonic being born from war after spawning from a pile of corpses (SCP-4715), a sculpture that can kill you if you blink (SCP-173), some entity in a Garfield costume full of lasagna that tortures you for causing Garfield to go bad or canceling it (SCP-3166) so the Emperor will be in trouble along with the rest of the Imperium, an immortal giant reptile that hates all living things (SCP-682), and an infinite IKEA store that spawns countless of disfigured employees that trap people from other dimensions (SCP-3008). So yeah, a lot of craziness that even the Chaos Gods and the C'tan want nothing to do with them. And I bet the Tyranids will suffer indigestion from these guys.

I think that's all. Make sure you leave a reply to what your thoughts are and help me find whatever species have a chance of surviving in the WH40K. And yes, Squats will be there too for all you dwarf lovers out there. Don't forget to follow and fav when you get the chance.

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The Phantom Traveler

Hey there,

Thanks for inviting me to your forum! It seems you got a lot of ideas, so I will pitch you an idea to consider.

Ultraman/s - the Ultra Series - Gigantic humanoid aliens imbued with various powers who defend the galaxy from kaiju. In most of the series, they are often defending Earth from monsters and aliens. Their abilities range from transforming into different modes (strength and speed types) to creating copies of themselves. Their signature ability is firing a laser beam that destroys their foes. (Most of them are taller than Titans)

Lore: Originally humans, their sun went supernova and doomed their planet to a freezing death. Their brightest minds created the Plasma Spark, an artificial sun. While the artificial sun saved their planet, it had the side effect of turning the humans into gigantic humanoid titans. Upon discovering and using their powers, they dedicated themselves to protecting the galaxy from the unknown. Their home is their terraformed planet called the Planet of Light. They are located in Nebula M78.


  • 3 Minute Rule - After transforming, they have three minutes to defeat their enemy before they run out of energy. Prolonged fighting either leads to the Ultraman disappearing in motes of light or dying.
  • Corruption/Fall to Evil - Most Ultramen are kind-hearted and willing to defend the weak and innocent. But there are some that have become evil due to their desires or being mind-controlled.

How does this idea fit the survival narrative, you ask? The answer: the Monster Graveyard, where dead monsters' souls reside. They can easily be resurrected from another alien or monster, so I can see the Chaos Gods using this place to build a gigantic army.

If you are going to use this idea, here's a plot outline: Magos finds the Planet of Light in Nebula M78 and immediately reports it to the Imperium. Hearing this discovery, Chaos Gods send their own expedition. The expedition fails to reach the planet but discover the Monster Graveyard. Almost immediately, the Chaos Gods resurrect the monsters and everything goes ham. Monsters are terrorizing planets, while aliens are brainwashing the populace into Chaos worshippers. Obviously, the Ultras intervene on the Imperium's behalf and use some space marines as their hosts. From there, chaos and war ensue on a larger and titanic scale.


For the warframe idea, I feel the Tenno would be immune to Chaos corruption. They are already dealing with the Void and whatnot. Tactics would be mainly hit-and-run and occasional assassinations. If they are in their Railjack (space gunship), they would be linked to the Void through the Void Engine (human finger encased in a golden carriage filled with Void energy).

If you have any questions, send me a message and I will respond ASAP. I look forward to seeing this story. Let the hilarity ensue!

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The Multiversal Writer

Okay, wow! I just checked the Ultraman wiki and the Ultras are one way to completely crush Imperial Titans and other gigantic beings that are the same size as the Titans, which you pointed out, yet I checked to see the size estimate. 130-160 feet tall. Holy crap being eaten by a feudal world monk. Not to mention their incredible immune system to keep Nurgle out. You do have an interesting idea, but the story takes place in a collection of solar systems that have been remained hidden from all forces because of some special dimensional shift barrier that was later ruined during the 13th Black Crusade by the Great Rifts. And thank you for giving me more data on the Tenno.

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The Multiversal Writer

And if you want to invite some friends to send in their ideas, they're free to do so. The Coalition of...um... Crap, I haven't figured out the name. Anyway, feel free to add in any race, no matter what it is, on here. Aliens, mutants, spiritual beings and whatever. Long as they're able to survive in this grim dark future. Ookay, bye!

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The Multiversal Writer

Plus, if you are interested in what the solar systems may look like, here is a link to some before continuing. And I do apologize for the spacing because the bloody websites won't show.

planetplanetdotnet . files. wordpress. com /2017/05/ultimate_engineered-0012.jpg?w=748

planetplanetdotnet . files. wordpress . com /2018/05/bh_solarsystems-001.jpg?w=748

planetplanetdotnet . files .wordpress . com/2018/06/bh_solarsystems-006.jpg?w=748

planetplanetdotnet . files . wordpress . com/2018/05/bh_solarsystems-002.jpg?w=748

planetplanetdotnet .files. wordpress . com/2018/05/bh_solarsystems-004.jpg?w=748

planetplanetdotnet. files. wordpress . com/2014/05/ultimate_solarsystem2-0031.jpg

But instead of black holes, you get Birch Worlds. Think Dyson spheres yet for black holes. Check it out on the megastructure mod of Stellaris and all the ridiculous stuff in it. While I'm at it about ridiculous stellar engineering, I always wanted to say this: Eat your heart out, Palpatine!

I know what you're thinking: This is completely insane. Well, humanity were technologically advance in the Golden Age of Technology (M15-M25) yet haven't reach that far since everything made life comfortable rather than taking the next step. So I created this one group of scientist and engineers that made all these things and the races inhabiting these types of solar systems as part of a major experiment that no one ever knew because the Founders created the dimensional barrier that is similar to a webway, but extremely different.

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I would go with a mix of choices-

Gundam for heavy support.

Doomslayers for a fear corp.

Guardians for internal affairs.

Asari because why not.

Hope this helps.

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The Multiversal Writer

That's not what this is about. I was hoping to crowd source from a bunch of different people to see what can survive in the WH40K universe, combine them together into a grand army and head out to retaliate against some of the attacks launched by some of the major factions of 40K. I know that crowd sourcing is what is destroying the entertainment business right now (at least that's what I believe), but I do need some help. Like with The Phantom Traveler with the Ultras from Ultraman. Never really thought about them until he pointed out a few things and never heard of Ultraman. While I'm at it, I did discover some things that could survive.

  • Mi-go - Cthulhu/Lovecraft - A type of fungoid, crustacean-like insectoids that are not only scientifically advance, but also skilled in neurosciences and surgeries. If they can find away to use the Orks abilities along with learning about psykers, then they would unlock a new form of godhood. And since they are part fungus, they can produce similarly to Orks yet I'm still trying to work out whatever information I can get on them. So imagine an Ork with a Tyranid that can fly into the battlefield. That would be a nightmare. Yet since they are part fungus, Nurgle will try to corrupt them. And we also have Tyranids that will harvest their DNA to gain their neuroscience knowledge.
  • Cthulhi/Xothian - Cthulhu/Lovecraft - Basically smaller versions of Cthulhu that can go toe-to-toe against a Space Marine (6-8 feet, but varies in other sources). These beings can also induce madness to all that lay eyes upon them (Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth). They also have shapeshifting, surviving and flying in space, psychic powers, feed on psychic energies of other lifeforms, and magic. Although some in the Imperium may confuse them for Tzeentch daemons since they are similar with Tzeentch having some cephalopod-like qualities if you saw some of the other previous versions. Plus Tzeentch will try to claim them.
  • Therions - Tales of Berseria - If you haven't played Tales of Berseria yet, then you are missing out. These are demons (daemons in the game) that eat other demons. I'll say that again, DEMONS that EAT other DEMONS! So you can imagine these guys devouring the Daemons of the Warp along with the power of Chaos as long as they can keep their cool and their powers under control. If you want to fight against Chaos, these guys should be send in to eat them and make sure that the Chaos Gods won't get a fraction of their powers back. Daemons are fragments of the Chaos Gods, but only a sliver. Yet these guys are created by certain emotions while being infused with malevolence such as hatred, despair, greed, conceit, obsession, lust, cowardice, and selfishness. So guess which Chaos God will try to claim them? If you guess Slaanesh, you are correct. And if the Tyranids devour them... Oh boy! The Warp will have a field day with immaterial Tyranids that will feed on the Chaos Gods' energies.
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Alright, how about Gundam and Asari-

Gundam for the main theme.

The Asari as secondary.

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The Multiversal Writer

Just remembered something that I'm gonna add.

Yokai - Anime - Let's admit; Yokai in anime is pretty overpowered. And no, I'm not referencing the group of machines with daemon souls onboard the Torquetum near the Eye of Terror. Those were wiped out by members of the Thousand Sons led by Ahzek Ahriman. The ones from the anime is what I am talking about. These beings, depending on the type, can use their abilities to overpower some of the other factions in the WH40K. One thing to note is that if a Yokai has gain many worshipers, they can ascend to become gods. Plus we've all seen the animes about Yokai kicking butt left and right no matter the odds. And they're many different types depending on the occasion. Like having Yuki-Onna (snow maidens) causing never ending blizzards on a snowy planet, Enenra capable of turning into smoke and shapeshift (if you're familiar with the character, Smoke, from Mortal Kombat, then you have some ideas), Kitsunes with their amazing magical abilities and fire abilities that can give the Salamanders a run for their money, Oni are super strong while also being immune to diseases and a ridiculous healing factor. So yeah, overpowering. The only Chaos God I can see trying to seize them is Tzeentch, since many of the Yokai feed on "fear of the unknown" which is Tzeentch's domain. And of course big trouble with Tyranids, Necrons capable of destroying souls and the Dark Eldar wanting new playthings. Oh wait, the Dark Eldar were wiped out by all the crap that happened in Comorragh and are also part of Ynnead.

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The Multiversal Writer

Okay, got a new one.

Ixian & Tlielaxu - Dune - I know that these two guys hate each other, but the technology of Dune is impressive. They got some impressive shields that can last long and only slow slow moving objects penetrating them. As they say, "It's the slow blade that penetrates the shield". Now for what each of them are capable of. The Ixian are pretty techno-savy that they produce technology faster than the Empire can ban them. They have little kamikaze drones that can detect invisible units along with having a projector vehicle that can make three or more holographic vehicles that make forces appear larger than they actually are. They even made a special gas called, deviator gas, which kills people inside the vehicles. With the Ixian being technologically advance, the Tlielaxu are on the opposite end of the spectrum in the term of bio-engineering. They are highly skilled in genetics that allows them to create things like tanks that shoot some sort of biomass that turn whatever vehicle into an additional tank and nasty mutants that can spread a special virus that can turn the infected into additional mutants like a zombie plague. The Tlielaxu also have access to Face Dancers which are assassins that can change their appearance and mimic anyone, like a doppleganger. But these spies and assassins have limitation. And they even have gholas, which are clones taken from cells of a dead body and even have the same mind as the person, yet reprogrammed. They can take on the form of any high Imperium officer, but that has some limitations. The Orks would like to get their hands on the Ixians' tech to become a bit more harder to kill. Genestealers can use the Face Dancers' genetics to make themselves more like humans for better infiltration. The Adeptus Mechanicus would consider these two factions as heretics in their faith and would crusade against them. As for Chaos, well, Tzeentch would like them since they promote change and evolution.

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The Multiversal Writer

Okay, got some new ones.

  • Phyrexians - Magic: The Gathering - From what I've gathered from the net, they are mechanical and biomechanical "lifeforms" from the plane of Phyrexia, but also known as Machine Hell. This plane is comprised of metal, death and tissue that is hellish with controlled, accelerated evolving life forms. From what I understand, they are sorta grim-dark version of the Adeptus Mechanicus with their god, Yawgmoth being a mix between the Void Dragon, the Machine God, Nurgle and Tzeentch in certain ways. Yawgmoth does sound like a new Chaos God that focuses on machinery. As for the Phyrexians themselves, they do have a high chance of surviving given that they are partly mechanical that would send in sleeper agents to spy on members of the Imperium (Adeptus Mechanicus to be exact). Tyranids may try to eat them yet some of the genetics are similar to humans and other such creatures if you saw a few of the cards. Necrons would try to destroy them if not for the fact that the Phyrexians are experts in robotics. Chaos...eeehhh...odds are 50/50. Tzeentch could try to manipulate them if he had some mechanical pieces since evolution is his thing. I think the Dark Eldar would love them since they are just as vile looking as their creations. Eldar would try to avoid them as much as possible. Orks...hmmm... Now that is a tough call to make. Depends on what sort of weaponry the Orks have strapped together.
  • The Silence - Doctor Who - I said no time manipulation of any kind so these guys are allowed. Yet the Silence are being that look like the taller versions of the Grey aliens in black suits, but it is there ability that is interesting. If you look away from them, you lost any and all memory of them in an instant. The only way is to memorize them with one eye and use an eye patch to keep your memory of them. That, and using tallies on your skin to keep track on how many you have seen if you can remember. The Silence do make good infiltrators and spies and can cling on walls and ceilings. Bet it would work on Chaos. Not sure about Necrons. Yet the Tyranids would use their traits to gain the ability to make better Genestealers. Might also work on the Tau. Orks are way too busy to notice since they are blinded by their WAAAAGGHHH! all the time.
  • Weeping Angels - Doctor Who - For this one, I'm gonna remove their ability to send people and things back and forward in time. Since they have an angelic appearance and look like statues, they would be clever assassins against the Imperium if anyone blinks. For a reminder: let's say there is a Weeping Angel that is fifteen feet away from the person. If that person blinks, then the angel would be within arms' length. Now that's fast that the White Scars would be jealous. Unless that person happens to be a psyker and can detect psychic activity from the angelic statues. Although might mistake them for having the Emperor's blessings and what not. Tyranids might ignore them since the angels look like statues. Same with many other races and factions. Yet Chaos would simply destroy them and replace them with daemon statues.
  • Kree - Marvel - The Kree are a militant race with advance technology. Many of them have superhuman strength, durability, endurance, and stamina along with being six feet tall. Women have psychic powers that they call, the Seventh Sense. These women can also use it to manipulate males to do their bidding and use them on their technorganic bloodhounds. They may have trouble breathing in oxygen, but lets remove that weakness. They also have denser bodies and have lived on a high gravity planet. Some might go toe-to-toe with Orks. Khorne can manipulate the pink-skinned Kree due to their savagery. Since Kree evolution is stagnated, Nurgle might try to control them. Or Tzeentch could with the promise of trying to get them to evolve. And Tyranids might like to have their thicker skin and technorganic technology. Since most of the Orks are males, the female Kree would try to manipulate most of them and have them turn against each other.
  • Thanagarians - DC Comics - Thanagarians are humanoids with hawk-like wings that grants them flight. Actually, it is thanks to a special metal called, Nth metal (or Ninth Metal). It is a highly conductive metal that also negates gravity. It also speeds up the healing of wounds, increase the user's strength, regulate body temperature in extreme environments and temperature, possess anti-magic properties that can also destroy ghosts and spirits on contact, can generate electricity via kinetic forces and a bunch of other properties. But according to my rule: no time manipulation. As for the Thanagarians; they have enhance eyesight and hearing, slowly age because of the Nth metal, resilience to pain, considerable strength, endurance and durability. They are also ruthless and warlike. Khorne can manipulate these guys due to that fact. Tyranids would like to have their Nth metal that may exist in Thanagarian's blood (depending on which universe you may know, like Arrowverse). Orks would love their metal to make new flying machines and gravity weapons, yet would have a hard time gunning many Thanagarians down unless they have lock-on. Necrons could try to get their metallic hands on the Nth metal for better technology but can be easily be destroyed by it. Tau would like it, but would ended-up getting their skulls bashed in no matter how hard they try the diplomacy route.
  • Daxamites - DC Comics - Basically Kryptonians distant relatives yet vulnerable to lead.
  • Skrulls - Marvel Comics - This one focuses on the Skrull Deviants and Skrull Eternals since the originals went extinct. That, and a few others. They are pointy-eared, reptile skin humanoids with the power of shapeshifting. From what I gathered, other than the fact that they have advance technology, are similar to humans in many respects. Willing to sacrifice everything for their children; have dreams, hopes and aspirations; love art, and have peaceful family lives. Other than that, they're known for being honorable warriors and very militant. Always courageous. Skrulls can shapeshift into other beings while armed with a mind-scanning device that lets them blend in with the local populace. Like the Orks, they can use numbers to overwhelm their enemies, however, they are armed with the most advance technology. So think Tau mix with Ork. Yet they can also fly by sprouting wings on their backs, can become elastic, alter their size, and can use telepathy. And that is only the Deviant Skrulls. Eternal Skrulls can use cosmic energy blasts that can melt ceramite steel like butter. Dire Skrulls use their tongues to suck out brains and obtain the memories and personalities of the person they killed. Making it easier to wear a disguise. But they prefer to use magic over technology. War Skrulls have the ability to mimic any powers and abilities of any mutant, psychic or whatever physiology of anything. Making them the super soldiers similar to Super Skrulls but without any cybernetics or genetic manipulations. K-class Skrull Mutants are, well, mutants with a wide variety of abilities. In terms of numbers, they can go toe-to-toe with Orks and Tyranids yet the Tyranids would love to have their genetics for better strains. Tzeentch would love to have them in his service but Khorne would love them for their honor since, you know, honor is his thing despite the love of slaughter. Tau would like to employ them, but would be outnumbered faster than light speed. Eldar would avoid them, if they can, but the brain-wave camouflage would make it hard for psychics to detect them.

That's all I got for now. Still trying to figure out if I should add Xenoblade and Star Ocean races to fill in some gaps.

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The Multiversal Writer

Alright, here is another round. But with this one, I'll edit in some new stuff when I found something new. Or when I have some time.

  • Harmony - Endless Space - A race of sentient crystals that despise a nano-substance called, Dust. Since they don't have emotions, they cannot be affected by the Warp. Not to mention that their ships are nearly hard to board due to the crystalline structure and interiors being extremely complex. That, and they have the capability of manipulating quantum energies and gravitation and become powerful with their endgame technologies. With no genetics (from my understanding), Tyranids can't eat them. The Harmony can sense the vibrations of individual atoms and able to sense "resonance" in the area around them.
  • Macross* - Okay, this one is rather unique. Never saw the show or anything like that, but what from I've gathered, it's about a ship that can turn into a giant robot that battle against species that can stand 33 feet tall (10 meters). A battleship that can turn into a giant robot. Saw one in Spaceballs, yet the one in Macross is armed to the teeth. So imagine an entire fleet of these things against the Imperium and other space vessels. The Adeptus Mechanicus would be estatic when seeing them along with vehicles that can turn into mechs and somewhere in between. Now for the weaknesses. The giant aliens, the Zentraedi, are a more warrior culture that regard sex as disgusting. Since they don't like sex, they can be recruited by Khorne; eternal enemy of Slaanesh. Tyranids would also like to have their hands on the Zentraedi genetics to make everything taller. So imagine a genestealer as tall as a building. Yikes.
  • EMians/EM Being - Megaman - So we got two groups of aliens, FMians and AMians, that are comprised of electromagnetic waves (EM Waves) and able to control and manipulate any form of technology. They can even convert humans into EM Beings, which means that they could phase through solid objects. Some of them can even feed on emotions. The Dark Mechanicum would love to get their hands on them since they are a mix of energy and emotion feeders and would love to harness them. Especially for Slaanesh. Techno-savy factions such as the Adeptus Mechanicum, Necrons and Tau would love to get their hands on them to research new energy.
  • Grineer - Warframe - After looking into more research into Warframe, I say the best match against the Orks are the Grineer. Grineer are an army of deformed clones that are militaristic, mad and full of hatred. Like the Orks, they can overwhelm everything with numbers. Yet they all have very, very short lifespans if you don't count dying on the battlefield. Since they are a stagnant and decaying race, Nurgle will try to trick them about saving them and turn them into something worse. And I bet the Tyranids can get a stomachache from adding their genetics to their gene pool.
  • Chimera - Resistance - True the Chimera have advance energy weapons and shielding along with some good vehicles. Such as the 150-305 feet tall Goliaths, which could go toe-to-toe with the titans that are 50-196 feet tall while also armed with mortars. Although may have difficulty with the Emperor Titans, that are 492 feet tall. Since they are a hive mind, Chaos won't have much influence on them. The titan and brawler Chimeras stand 20 feet tall, which are a good match against not only Space Marines, but also some of the Tau's battlearmor. Some, not all. Now the Chimera Virus, that would be the best bioweapon against many races that don't have an advance immune system. The virus can turn anything it touches into hybrids of Chimera unless taken somewhere to speed up the process, which the virus can infect any person or animal. If they're being smart, they let the virus do some of the work before coming down and finish the job.
  • Ceph - Crysis - Another hive mind race, yet more of the cephalopod variety. The ship from Crysis 1 is 1,640-6,562 feet, which is smaller than the Imperium battleships and battle barges. But that ship is more of a frigate. The main warship we saw in Crysis 3 is 1/25 the size of Earth (exact measurements unknown) along with having fierce energy weapons and able to terraform planets. Not to mention they have extremely powerful force shields that can absorb energy. The Ceph themselves also have strong telekinetic abilities, powerful mechs, use nanomachines and advance energy weapons. Like the Chimera, they have a special virus, but it is made from nanomachines. This virus causes some decay and allow a fungus to grow in the abdomen area that the Ceph then later harvest to be repurposed. Unlike the Chimera Virus, this virus is more programmable. Yet according to Crysis Legion, many infected fall under a deep religious state before dying with decaying cognitive functions. So they do have a chance at surviving in the WH40K if they play their cards right.
  • Strogg - Quake - They are a race of alien cyborgs that harvest biological materials for their own augmentation while enemies become Stroggified. Turning them into soldiers for further harvesting. Think something akin to the Adeptus Mechanicus when they take things too far. In the wiki page above in the quote from Intro to Quake Wars: "The Strogg: soulless fusions of decaying flesh, bones and metal, twisted and ruined by centuries of war. They search the galaxy for the sole item their existence requires, harvesting, consuming and destroying everything in their path." In other words, the Strogg have no souls of their own, therefore Chaos can't control them. Not to mention being a hive mind. No soul means no psychic powers but I wonder what would happen if they capture a few nulls and add their DNA to the Strogg soldiers for total psyker immunity. They may not have the firepower yet can invade worlds with weak security & defense forces caught unaware if they use the strategy of using teleport droppers dropping in and setting teleporters in hive cities as they dig long tunnels to get to them. Necrons would try to vaporize them or try to convert them into additional Necrons. Tyranids wouldn't get much yet will be overwhelmed by them along with Orks.
  • Covenant Species (Sangheili, Jiralhanae, Huragok, Mgalekgolo, Yanme'e, Kig-Yar subspecies, Unggoy, Yonhet, Sharquoi) - Halo - Okay, we all know that the Covenant from Halo wouldn't last long in the WH40K universe. But look at the Tau. They also use many other species and have technology more advance than the Imperium of Man. But let me get some stuff out of the way. Necrons can one shot energy shields off of enemies with their gauss rifles, Tyranids will overwhelm them if the Covenant species use drastic measures against them, Chaos would psychologically cripple them, Eldar use hit-and-run stealth tactics like they always do which usually works. Same number game with the Orks. The Covenant may not have much of an advantage against the Tau on the ground, but better in naval battles. Speaking of naval battles, a standard Imperium fleet consist of 50-75 ships. Covenant fleets are over 500 ships strong. And that is only a small portion of their fleet if you remember from Halo 2 when a fleet arrive at Earth: "The fleet that destroyed Reach was fifty times that size." In other words, the Covenant may win fleet battles yet at a cost. Now for the ground stuff. We remember the Scarabs, right? The one from Halo 2 is over 176 feet tall as the Halo 3 ones are 127 feet tall. The Imperator Titans are 177 feet tall, yet have a bit more firepower and a larger arsenal than the Scarabs. If one guardsman dies, ten more will take his place. But if an Unggoy dies, a thousand will take his place. Hunters are slow, but can take on a Space Marine as long as they don't turn their back to them. A Sharquoi is sixteen feet tall and could take on a Space Marine. Jiralhanae have brute strength with energy shields, so they can fight at a stalemate with a Space Marine depending on the weapons.
  • Sword of the Stars Factions - Sword of the Stars - Unlike everyone in the WH40K universe, they use anti-matter to power their unique FTL drives to get anywhere instantaneous (but not all the time). So no Warp traveling. The Hivers are comprised of insects similar to the ones on Earth and have vast numbers. The Liir are quite good at bioengineering, aquatic horticulture, volcanic engineering and metallurgy. Which means that they can drop viruses or cause a planet to self-destruct. The ancient Morrigi are techno-savvy and make pilotless drones for space combat and can join there ships together to make a supremely large ship. Zuul are slaughter-happy marsupials that take and utilize any tech found like the Orks. The Tarkas are an honorable and militaristic race of reptiles that can break the laws of physics. The Loa are basically robots with free will and are comprised of robots from other civilizations. Well, we all know what happened to the Men of Iron when Chaos comes knocking. Nurgle would love the Liir for their bioengineering, Khorne would love to have the Tarkas and the Zuul. Tzeentch would like to have the Morrigi. Slaanesh gets nothing.
  • Supreme Commander Factions - Supreme Commander - This one is rather unique. The commanders use super size mechs, which are 295 feet tall, that are mobile command centers and barracks (according to the description). Yet the Aeon Illuminate make the Galactic Colossus, which is a 951 feet tall monstrosity with phason lasers and tractor beams. But no anti-air or shields, but towers over the Emperor-class Titans. But that is where the CZAR comes in, which is a gigantic flying fortress that is 1968 feet wide in diameter. Not as impressive as Imperium ships, but eclipse any flying vehicle. The Symbionts of the Cybran Nation are able to integrate and process data at superhuman speed with the help of an AI implant in their brains that would give the Mechanicus a run for their money. The Aeon use alien weaponry and technology from the Seraphim as well as learned much of the more peaceful philosophy called, the Way. Although, since Earth is now Holy Terra, better call the UEF another name. Since the Symbionts have AI, some might fall under the control of Chaos. Same with the religious Aeon if given the chance. Many of their mechs are slow, so having overwhelming factions such as the Tyranids and Orks would overpower the ACU. Smaller Necrons would be crushed unless they bring out the big guns. An assassin could take out the commander of the ACU with relative ease, such as the Eldar.
  • Triceratons - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - As for which ones? Well... I'm thinking of a mix between the ones I saw when I was young, such as the 2003 one, and the 2012 one. The Triceratons breathe a mixture of nitrogen and sulfur and look like humanoid triceratops. The 2003 Triceratons stand around six and a half to seven feet tall (depending on horn length) that specialize on taking pieces of planets apart and have them taken up into space as well as able to travel fast distances. The Triceratons are honorable (until their Prime Leader screwed them over) and brutal race that love gladiator fights. The Triceratons from the 2012 Ninja Turtles are ten feet tall with immense strength and durability that they cannot be harm by nearly any weaponry. Which I'm gonna have these be super soldiers of the Triceratons. Both of them are unable to survive long in oxygen since it makes them delusional. Despite all of that, they could go toe-to-toe with Space Marines...if they have better weapons. Due to their ruthless and honorable nature, Khorne would accept them. Slaanesh might, during Prime Leader Zanramon's reign. The Triceratons during his reign love torturing prisoners. Necrons might try to kill them with their gauss rifles. Eldar could assassinate them with surprise attacks. Orks and Tyranids would overwhelm them if the Triceratons aren't as stubborn.
  • Viltrumite - Image Comics - They are similar to Kryptonians, yet don't need the sun to keep themselves charged. However, they have decelerated aging, accelerated healing factor, enhanced lung capacity which allows them to survive up to two weeks without air, able to travel through space without any sort of equipment, fly behond light speed, and their genes will override other race's traits for physical appearance and powers. Since they are a warrior race, Khorne would like them. Slaanesh would enjoy having superhuman pow-wows in its arsenal assuming that they don't turn into another Viltrumire. Nurgle and Tzeentch...um...not too sure about them. Tyranids would love to have their DNA to have genestealers able to travel without a ship. Orks stand no chance. Necrons might be able to make a dent in them. Eldar seers might be able to damage their minds along with psykers.
  • Evolved - Prototype 2 - If you are familiar with Prototype 2, then you know who these guys are. Human-like viral shapeshifters that are incredibly strong, durable, fast, nimble and possessing short reaction times. They can disguise themselves as human beings and can infiltrate as long as they keep things on the down-low. Psykers might be able to detect them unless the Evolved ate a lot of psykers and nulls. The more DNA, the more powerful. Tyranids have a small chance assuming that they won't get consumed themselves. Orks, Eldar and many other factions may not survive. Tzeentch would like to have them, since the Evolved are evolving, with evolution being his thing. Nurgle would like them since they are made of a viral culture. Khorne would like them, since the Evolved slaughter and consume all fleshy material. Slaanesh...maybe? Necrons might be able to survive since what is left of them are robotic-like and made of living metal. Not to mention that their weapons are made for wiping out all organic life. So Necrons do have a higher chance against them.

And I think that's all I got.

*Okay, I just found out that Macross is a series that is rather similar to RoboTech. As a matter of fact, Macross is RoboTech's musical cousin.

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The Multiversal Writer

Alrighty then! This part is about Cthulhu/Lovecraftian species that can survive.

  • Great Race of Yith (Yithians) - They are capable of projecting their consciousnesses across time and space, inhabiting the bodies of individuals of other species and swapping their minds with their own. In other words, they can swap minds with almost anyone they can find. The downside is Chaos. Chaos can corrupt them. Tyranids would love to have them for better Genestealers. Not sure about Necrons. They can even manipulate electricity.
  • Coleopterans - They are essentially beetles with the minds of the Yithians after almost facing extinction with Flying Polyps. However, they have a higher resistance to pain.
  • Nightgaunts - They are flying creatures with smooth whale-like skin, curving horns, and a blank expanse of flesh where one would expect a face to be that inhabit dreams. They have superhuman strength, speed and durability along with the ability to read minds. But that power is limited. They also have unlimited stamina and able to fly faster than life with their bat-like wings. Weak against Chaos since the Warp is where thoughts, desires and dreams go to. Probably be guardians against the Warp if let loose.
  • Flying Polyps - Horrifying creatures that look like twisted flesh with multiple eyes and mouths with some tentacles (some are tongues). These creatures have the power to manipulate air currents which allows them to fly anywhere while able to use them for offensive and defensive purposes along with being invisible. These guys nearly wiped-out the entire Great Race of Yith despite the Yithians having the most advance technology on their side. They do have limited telepathy and share the same mind, other words, hive mind. Chaos...not to sure. Tyranids would eat them. Necrons would try to obliterate them.
  • Gug - Massive tanky bastards with jaws able to open vertically and capable of devouring a person whole. They have black fur and four hands. These guys can stand sixteen feet tall, which makes them twice the size of a Space Marine which is a good match. So imagine these things not only good at hand-to-hand combat, but also wielding four bolters at once. Not sure about Chaos, but Tyranids would stand a chance with their overwhelming numbers. Possibly the same with Orks in that account.
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The Multiversal Writer

Got more here!

  • YoRHa Androids - Nier: Automata - A race of androids that is meant to fight against the alien threat and the machines the aliens made. If you guys played or seen Nier: Automata, then you know how capable these androids are by carrying large weapons and having a little robot that does range attacks. When their bodies are destroyed, their minds are brought back to wherever the gestalt consciousness is at and given new bodies. As for weakness, well, if we all learned from the Men of Iron, these machines can be corrupted by the powers of Chaos. Since they have no DNA, Tyranids won't bother them unless provoked. Orks can overwhelm them with their numbers if they manage to land a lucky shot. The Tau would try to see what makes them tick and try to find any weaknesses when given the chance. Necrons anti-organic weapons are relatively useless.
  • Technomancers - Mars: War Logs/Technomancer - Humans with the power to manipulate electricity and magnetic fields via an implant and mutation. They are best described as warrior monks that are meant to safeguard pre-Turmoil artifacts. Yet I'm gonna give them other abilities like I did with the Doom Slayers, with abilities from Shadowrun. With their implants, they can wirelessly interact with any form of technology, including nanites. Not only that, they can interact with computers and digital information without the need of a terminal or any other external device. These guys can hack their way through whatever security measures that are in their way. Chaos gods like Tzeentch would like them, since they are "mutants" and mutation is his thing. Slaanesh might try to coax them, since some technomancers are inbred in certain areas of Mars. Tyranids would like to have these abilities. Orks may not stand much of a chance. An Eldar assassin will make quick work of them. Same with the Tau. Although, the Adeptus Mechanicus would try to be allies with them to understand any form of technology and would keep them alive. Necrons sees them as a threat and would annihilate all of them since they sort of are robots themselves, I think.
  • Lombaxes - Ratchet & Clank - Seriously, has anyone seen the Ratchet and Clank series? Before the remake I mean? The weapons in the games are ridiculous! A ray gun that turns people into sheep, another gun that turns enemies into chickens, a gun that shoots lava, a weapon that acts like the BFG, a hat that can transfer an entire race of people into another dimension, and a weapon that fires bullets and rockets while playing the 1812 Overture. Holy crap! But why Lombaxes instead of other such beings? Because the Lombaxes were a technologically advance race that make powerful weapons and very fast ships despite their size. When something doesn't work, they fix it and make better improvements. True they were sent to another dimension, but that is because they took pity on the last Craggmite, which turned against them. These feline humanoids, in my opinion, do have a chance at surviving in this grimdark universe. I can only think of two Chaos gods that would like to have these furballs: Khorne and Tzeentch. Since they are also warriors as well as scientists, Khorne would love to have them slaughter all in their way with their vast and impressive arsenal. Since the Lombaxes are also a progressive race, Tzeentch would like them. Since these two aren't polar opposites that hate each other, they could try to work together to cause the Lombaxes' fall. Like that of the Saruthi. Dealing with Tyranids? Make a special weapon against their numbers. Dealing with Orks? Make a weapon that destroys all of them at once. Dealing with Necrons? Make a weapon that activates their off switch. Dealing with Eldar? Make a scanner to detect their webways and destroy them. Trying to penetrate ceramite? Make a ray gun that cooks them from the inside. So whatever the situation calls for, they make a solution. So...yeah... Lombaxes do have a higher chance of survival.
  • Lumen Sages & Umbra Witches - Bayonetta - I'm putting these two together because one cannot exist without the other. Now in the lore of the new story I want to create, the Makyr, one of the first races being artificially made by the Founders, try to take the souls of all sentient life to make argent energy. Like they did in the Doom series, with the bodies transformed into demons. But after the war, some demons still remain and ARE NOT CHAOS and still cause problems. As a result, the Umbra Witches were made to control what is left of them as the Lumen Sages summon forth old testament angels to fight and kill what is left with the exception of some that have surrendered or sell themselves out. If we payed attention to the series, they can phase in and out of the material realm and able to get past everything, with the exception of psykers that can sense and see them. Same with their demons and angels. Despite the lack of physical presence, they can still interact with the material realm. So they can assassinate an entire legion of soldiers and whatever creatures with ease as long as they cannot be detected by psykers that drag them out into the material realm. And we all have seen what Bayonetta is capable of along with all those powers. And we saw what the last Lumen Sage did against Bayonetta. I know that time manipulation is not allowed, but stopping time for seconds or slowing it down is actually alright. Plus, have you guys seen how tall Bayonetta is? Seven-foot-seven feet tall! Not as large as a Space Marine in full power armor, but close. Necrons...may have chance judging from what I've researched and able to negate the psychic powers of the Old Ones along with the C'Tan. Chaos...maybe a fifty-fifty chance. Possibly? Eldar can easily detect them since they are a psychicly attuned race and can detect them very easily. Tyranids and Orks won't stand much of a chance. Unless you got Ork Shamans and Hive Fleet Ouroboros. If you guys read about it, then you already know that Hive Fleet Ouroboros is well know to deal with Warp entities. But both of these mystical people are still humans so they will suffer some of the same weaknesses, though not sure about being able to live centuries. But the Lumen Sages could manipulate the ranks of the Ecclesiarch (or Manclesiarchy in the TTS now) and have them turn on their Emperor. But that is a very small chance.
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The Multiversal Writer

Okay, I did some research on the web and found something interesting. There is a game called, Fracture, which is a game about the USA split between the cybernetically advance Atlantic Alliance and the genetically enhanced Republic of Pacifica. I think the stuff would be good soldiers and military units for the Ixian and Tlielaxu since, well, they have very little from all the stuff I read. The Ixian will get the stuff from Atlantic Alliance since technology is their thing. The Tlielaxu will get stuff from the Republic of Pacifica since genetics are their thing. What do you think? I mean, its not space age stuff, but they include terrain manipulation to some degree. So, any thoughts?

1/6 #16
The Multiversal Writer

Here is some stuff I found out earlier.

  • Sins of a Solar Empire - Yeah, these guys don't exactly have the best tech but one thing to note is that the three factions have quite the productivity speed. The Trade Emergency Coalition, Advent and Vasari can produce a fleet in a matter of weeks. Way faster than the Imperium of Man with their Adeptus Mechanicus doing their blessings and what not and materials needed to build one starship. Building one will take years to a century to build with the exception of building a multitude at once across different forge worlds, shipyards and etc. But still takes decades to build them. Typical bureaucracy, resource requirements and religious crap on the Imperium's part. The titans the three factions make are about the size of a Super Star Destroyer (which is 17,500 meters). Buuut...the Imperium of Man's Gloria-class Chapter Flagships are bigger (19,960 meters). Not to mention that the three may not have good ground-base weaponry. The Advent may not survive against Chaos because some are psykers and would fall if they don't have the proper crap to protect their minds. The Advent are actually humans that have gone through extensive mutations, genetic-engineering and cybernetics just to let you know. All of them maybe get overwhelmed by vast numbers such as Tyranids and Orks. On the other hand, the Advent does have their titan able to mind control an entire planet permenately, so there's that. The TEC Ankylon Titan is a tank that can survive a gravity well that can provide shields to all allied ships along with having a looooot of firepower. I mean, a lot. And the Vorsastra Titan of the Vasari... Holy crap! That thing can take on an entire planet with ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SHIPS. Even immune to long-range nuclear weaponry.
  • Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade - What is this game you ask? Well, it is a game about bio-engineered ships made by the Human Empire, that later other species use, to find the beating heart of the universe. Many of these ships are organic, so they could regenerate or given some sort of healing beam. Not only that, their ships can travel from one galaxy to another. I say again: they can TRAVEL from ONE GALAXY to ANOTHER. Now that's insane. Yet the ships do require blood, so guess which faction has plenty of blood to give? You guessed it, the Tyranids. So these guys can slightly survive a Tyranid invasion for...a little while I guess, a little while as their ships vampirise the living ships. Although some might be able to take on Orks...if the Orks are on the planet and the many tendrils drain them of their blood and clean out all the spores. These ships might be useless against Necrons since the Necrons are basically machines with possibly souls inside.
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