Digimon 02: The Clash of Love
Alright people, pick your winner. Daikari vs. Takari, who is supreme? Voice your opinion here, back up your allies and challenge the opposing team. Remember I want a nice clean fight people.
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Dialogue taken from the Japanese version of episode 13 of Adventure 02, known as "His Master's Voice" or "The Call of Dagomon".

Context: Hikari is lost in the Dark Ocean, and calls out to the three people closest to her.

"Onii-chan..." (pretty obvious, he's her brother and the context of the episode in the original)

"Tailmon..." (also obvious)


yes...no National Guard, because that's American. Hikari went straight for Takeru-kun.

So why is she calling for Takeru particularly? Why not Daisuke or Yamato or some other kid that she "happens to be in love with"?

9/26/2008 #1

So why is she calling for Takeru particularly? Why not Daisuke or Yamato or some other kid that she "happens to be in love with"?

Your question confuses me. She's not "in love" with anyone at this point in time. She called for Takeru because it fit the script. He was the most likely of any other Chosen to have even the slightest idea of what happened to her, as shown through Daisuke's firm belief that she had only simply gone to the Digital World. Calling out for Daisuke or Yamato just wouldn't make sense.

What exactly is the... well... issue with this? I just don't get it.

9/27/2008 . Edited 9/27/2008 #2

You never know really. Who said Hikari knew that Takeru was the only one to know? There was a possibility (although it wasn't true) that he told everyone else.

Also, Hikari has known Daisuke for about three years (Takeru for only about a few months). If she felt more comfortable with Daisuke then she'd go for him.

9/27/2008 #3
The Two-One-Five

"happens to be in love with"?

Technically, Digimon isn't a show that focuses on romance, thus anyone seeing "evidence" is just seeing something they want to see.

Also, Hikari has known Daisuke for about three years (Takeru for only about a few months).

Whether that's true or not is quite debatable, as their bios aren't exactly all that well detailed for a majority of the digimon cast.

9/28/2008 #4

Actually, I've never had a problem answering it. You're implying that by calling him, she's supposedly in love with him, and that by NOT calling Daisuke, she's not and can never be in love with HIM. But it doesn't work like that. Takeru is her best friend at that point, since she and Miyako haven't gotten to know each other as well as they would in the future. Of course she's going to call for him. Especially as part of the context of the episode *is* their friendship.

The fact she called for him does not equal Takeru and Hikari having anything other than a good friendship. It does not mean that in the future, she couldn't fall in love romantically with Daisuke or anyone else. It does not confine her to anything.

10/1/2008 #5

I agree with most people on this topic. Hikari calling Takeru's name doesn't really mean anything. If you look at it he is one of the most logical people to call. He is already aware of her sickness and that there's something abit odd about her to say the least. He has the creast of Hope and a angle type digimon so he's also stronger against darkness. *remembers artical that I'm trying to write about the Dark Ocean*.

Personally, what I wish to know is why if Hikari and Takeru are 'in love', it appears from the conversation in the first episode that Hikari had not even mentioned that Takeru existed to Daisuke? She appears to be at least friends with Daisuke so surely he would have heard something.

10/2/2008 #6
Broken Angel01

Good point, MadamePika. Davis clearly did not have a clue who T.K. was, and you'd think after everything Kari and T.K. went through as kids together in the Digital World, she would have at least mentioned him to Davis, even in passing at some point in time. They had become friends in the Digital World so why would she never mention her friend to Davis, whether it was some memory that came to her or something that reminded her of him...

I might be a big Takari fan, but even I have to agree with everyone else. Calling out for T.K. doesn't mean anything nor does it imply anything because of the simple fact that it could mean anything. Heaven forbid it isn't something romantic. For all we know it was the third name that just popped randomly into her head. Everything comes in threes, right? He was just an extra tag to fill the spot. *laughs*

10/8/2008 . Edited 10/8/2008 #7

I think it's normal for Davis to not have a clue about who TK is in the first episode. It seems to me that Davis and Kari were friends as classmates (except that Davis has a crush on her). I have moved around a few times and I only mention my old friends on rare a occasion (depending on the subject) and I doubt my new friends remember the names of my old friends. There was no reason to talk about my old friends and I never heard my friends talk about there old friends (unless theres this great story that has to be told or you are looking at photos and there is a unfamilar face). So I doubt Kari would have told Davis about TK or Yamato, Mimi, Joe, ect. There would have been no reason. When Davis (and Yolie and Cody) became a DigiDestined then their was reason for Kari and TK to talk about thier other friends who are DigiDestineds.

The reason why I think Kari was calling out for TK is becaues she was calling out for the people she was close to and have saved her life many times. Her big brother who always watches over her, Tailmon her partner, and TK her close friend who has been there for her since she became a DigiDestined. This episode showed thier strong friendship and how it is still growing. (Takari forever! ^_^)

4/11/2009 #8

You know what? This whole debate has rolled over and over for so long, I've decided that from now on, I 'ship Hikari, Daisuke, and Takeru with ANYONE except each other. I'll write and read Hikari x LadyDevimon above her with Takeru or Daisuke. I've been meaning to get back into my Digimon writing anyway. Maybe that would be a good place to start. Something dark and smutty. The three of them are just good friends and from now on in my headcanon and worlds of fic, they'll never see each other as more than friends.

Guess that's something to add to my wiki when I get to that part.

4/11/2009 #9
Glory Nizenea

It has to be romantic?

She called out for her brother, her partner, and her best friend. While best friend could easily develop into romance, it's suffice to say that it doesn't -have- to be anything more than that, either. Typically, those are the three who always come to her rescue -- when she's in trouble, of course she's going to call for the three who always save her (not that she's necessarily a damsel in distress, we've seen Kari kick a** plenty of times as well as be saved by other people such as Daisuke and Miyako).

4/30/2009 #10

I don't see why it has to be romantic at all. I'm getting slightly sick of it. What makes me even more sick though are attempted to stop it stating people are making a big deal.

Lay back and laugh.

T'is fun. I know I've made comments to this page and am therefore being slightly hypocritcal but I'm sick of every time people try to have an attempt at a open minded talk someone has to have a rant about how we're all taking this too seriously... So what. It's not causing any harm and you don't have to look.

Anyway, friendship is harder to write than romance in someways, so I guess people are scared of writing it.

So anyway, who'd like to discus some of the other things that are also brought up in this episode...

Hey, this is a Takari and Dakari board so I'd be breaking the rules if I did that. Hmmm....

5/1/2009 #11

I'm thinking that she brought up Takeru because of what happened earlier in the episode about Takeru yelling at Hikari to depend on him as much as her brother.

It's nothing really romantic, but I guess it just shows that Hikari is willing to trust Takeru as much as Taichi. Again that doesn't mean it's romantic.

11/5/2009 #12

its probubly just becuse they were friends longer and what he siad and probubly the fact that he helped her during the pidmon incident but thats probubly it

10/24/2010 #13
Arika Ito

The fact that she called him in episode 13 isn't really romantic. She was calling for the people she cared for most in her time of need. She called Taichi, because they're siblings. She called 'Tailmon' because they are partners and she trusts him. She called Takeru because in the short time of 12-14 episodes they bonded. I am a supporter of Takari but using evidence that doesn't really exist is stupid. Sorry if anyone disagrees with me.

11/27/2010 #14

Not much to say; there's nothing romantic about it. But it is definitely a sign that she cares for Takeru, as a friend.

2/15/2011 #15
Insanity outcast
As all have said ( both Takari and Daikari) this is not romantic evidence, this episode focuses on the friendship of the two
3/23/2012 #16

It's atually how you interpret it...but yeah this would go more in a takari vs daikari topic

3/25/2012 #17
Insanity outcast
precisely, this subject should be renamed or changed because as is seen the question was answered
3/25/2012 #18
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