Roleplay based on the FFX game. Number of characters allowed to join will be limited, so join now!
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These are my rules, I would ask that you follow them, simply because they make roleplaying enjoyable for everyone. Some of these should go without saying, but I will say them anyway, so no one gets confused.

1.This roleplay is intended to be long term. If you decide to sign on, please don’t disappear the week afterward. It causes trouble for me and everyone else if we have to kill off your character, especially if they’ve become a big part of the story.

2.If you will be absent from the roleplay for any length of time, please let me know, so I can deal with it. If you wish to leave the roleplay, also let me know, so we’re not waiting on you to post.

3.Do not god mode. This means a variety of things, which I will now list. Do not control other people’s characters under any circumstances. Do not make your character invincible. Do not swing the plot to make everything about your character is the center of everything at all times.

4.Keep things from reaching an overly vulgar level, so keep everything on a PG – 16 level. If you’re worried about any material you want to post may be inappropriate, run it by me, I’ll run a judgment call. Also, when you post your profile, please put the words "FFX rules!" at the top.

5.Each role player is limited to one character. The exception is me and my moderators, who will play necessary villains and or important NPCs.

6. Please listen to any rulings me or any moderators I have make, we have them for a reason.

7.Most importantly, have fun and do not let my big long list of rules scare you. Those that have role played with me before know that I’m a pretty nice guy and lenient on rules in general, just as long as you don’t go out of your way to make me mad.

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