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Hey there, this forum is all about our favorite jr. paranormal investigator. Sure, few to none earthlings on the show like him, but he has some obsessed fans out here! Come on in, I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes!
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Who should Dib be with? Tak? Zim? Gretchen? Someone I'm forgeting to mention? Also, why should he be with that person? Don't be shy, I'm nosy about this kind of thing. ;)
11/4/2006 #1
Invader BeckyandClad
Zita/ Well Gretchen is the only human girl who likes Dib. But I like his realtionship with Tak because I don't know why.
11/20/2006 #2
DIB+TAK relationship: Yeah, I like it! I think it's cute! It sort-of reminds me of FLCL, when Naota is fighting Haru-hara, and then he stops and looks up with those big, innocent eyes and says, "I love you." And then he kisses her! It's just SSSOOO CUTE!!!
11/20/2006 #3
Satoshi Oki
I like a few pairings with Dib. Dib/Tak is sweet I think. Dib/Zim is hawtt and really irionic, which I think is hilarious! and Dib/Dwicky has always interested me greatly. There, that is all I have to say for now so.....*runs off screaming like a lunatic*
11/25/2006 #4
Interesting. Myself I like Dib/Tak the best, (I always wished they showed more of that in the episode, since I get the feeling there was more than what we saw.) I have a Dib/Tak fic I am currently dying to start, and keep going and brainstorming for it instead of writing the stories I should be focussing on. *Whistles innocuously* Thus far I am not a fan of Dib/Zim, probably because I haven't found any really good fan fics with it. Once in a while I try one that looks interesting, but one or the other of them is always OOC, which I find very anoying. If anyone knows of an excelent Dib/Zim story that could convert me I am willing to read it. ;) I also have found the occasional Dib/Gretchen that I really liked. I might write one myself if I could ever think of a plot, since I think she deserves to be developed more.
1/6/2007 #5
I think Dib/Gretchen is the best, but Dib/Tak is awesome, too.
1/13/2007 #6
Yeah, but I really think that Gretchen's crush on Dib ended by the time the Ep. was over! I mean, in the Story-boards they show on the DVDs, there's a totally different montage of Zim trying to romance Tak, and one scene shows Dib and Tak laughing at the lunch table and Gretchen gets mad and dumps her food on him. Then, after that, she doesn't seem to show any emotion to him at all. What I think is possible is that Aki (The girl with the red hair that sits next to Dib) maybe could like Zim! I mean, think about it! She was the only one to give Zim meats on Valentine's day, even if they were pity-meats, and she seems to look like she feels sorry for Zim when Dib's torturing him all the time!!! But, yeah, Dib/Tak is just cute!!! Says, BTW, there's going to be a little Dib/Tak sub-plot in my "Oban- Invader Racers" x-over 'fic, (no there's no Gaz reconciling with her father kind-of thing! That's just STUPID!!!) and I need other peoples to help me out with the fic!!! This is 10,000 years after the show, and Jordan is the current Avatar. I also think it would be funny if he was like that little old guy that follows people around and gives them advice! But, I need to watch it again to make sure... First, I need peoples to make up alien races, then I need them to make up their characters, their racers, etc., and tell me how they want their race to go. REMEMBER: The Irk Empire and Earth Teams HAVE to be finalists, but the other 4 spots are up for grabs! (Six finalists) I also want the Nurasians to be in this one, but I don't want them to be finalists! I already have the Irken and Earth teams. There's a little summary on my Profile. Everyone who picks an alien race to play HAS to contact me each time their team is racing. If it's just the Irken and Earth teams, then I'll do it. EX: If you picked the Meekrob... You tell me your characters, any sub-plots of theirs, and you contact me when it's time for their next race. Racing information will be posted at the end of each chapter, so you guys can keep up-to-date. If you can't do that, then just think up something and get someone else who can do it. If we can, I'd like to have all kinds of peoples doin' this!!! Man, this is goin' to be SUPER FUN!!!
1/28/2007 #7
tere moto the sentry
[q]I mean, in the Story-boards they show on the DVDs, there's a totally different montage of Zim trying to romance Tak, and one scene shows Dib and Tak laughing at the lunch table and Gretchen gets mad and dumps her food on him.[/q] Really? Wow, I'll have to take a look at that. For some reason, Dib/Zita seems kinda cute to me. Maybe Zita thinks he's crazy but then decides she has a thing for crazy boys or something. Then there's Dib/Gretchen since she had a crush on him in "Tak, The Hideous New Girl", and she's not too popular either, so they have a lot in common. I don't know about Zim/Dib. They seem like they would be just friends if they ever patched things up. _tere
3/25/2007 #8
Personally, I enjoyed the Dib/Tak pairing. I would've liked it to go further, but, of course, it didn't. ;-; *cries* But I also like Dib/OC, If that's even allowed. o.o;
4/17/2007 #9
But of course it is! So long as they are not HATED Mary-Sues that is... My very favorite paring is that of Dib and the OC Vic in the FANTASTIC fan fic "Going On." That one is just awsome.
5/8/2007 #10
Rev Runner
Maybe Tak or Gretchen. I choose Gretchen because well, Tak is evil and she's Irken and since it's enough to say that Dib is out to destroy Zim and save the earth, I think that Gretchen would be the best choice. It's kind of unfortunate that Dib doesn't even notice her, but I'm sure he'll find out eventually.
2/10/2008 #11
Inventor of ZADRF

I personally only support Zim/Dib even if its just friendship. no real couples. I mostly read ZADR only becuz its wat i like...except for the homosexual part. that i dnt like. but to me i luv seeing zim and dib as really really close best friends and neither one have any gf's or anything. i haven't bothered to support any other couple. but i would like to read a zim/gir fan fic cuz i love how sweet it is that gir is like zim's baby brother. i also like dib/gaz cuz i think at some point they should get along and be nice.

but yeah, Zim/Dib is my fave!

10/2/2010 #12
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

I'm a DATR supporter and I'm working on a story like that right now. It also contains Zim and Dib FAMILY love and Tak and Zim FAMILY love. Please don't ask how I made that work cuz it's supposed to be a surprise for the people who read it and it seems kinda obvious to me.

9/11/2011 #13

I don't really belive in romance at all in this show...X.X Don't have anything against it, and I will read a romance fanfic on occasion, but I just don't see anything canon. *shrug*

But if I really had to pick, I'd go for DATR, since it seems like something fun to work with due to Tak's short term appearance in the story. I'd support it a little more openly if there were more good fics about it, but these(as I have said on a different forum) are few and far between.

T.T Anyone know any good ones?

9/17/2011 #14

I'd have to say Dib and um... the girl Swollen Eyeball person? Tunaghost? That's her name, right? Because no one ever pays attention to those characters and cause it will make peoples brains hurt when they try to get that concept. I realized the other day that, when I'm alone, I talk to myself. Who does this remind you of?... hmmm... brainteaser, no? Yeah, I caught myself talking about fan fic ideas while sitting in my room. I think I need help.

10/3/2011 #15
*pointing at PB* HA! HAHA!!! AAAHHHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm the one that needs help!!! I don't just disscuss fanfic ideads with myself, oh, no, I HAVE HELD TRIALS WITH MYSELF!!! I HAVE BABBLED TO MYSELF!!! I HAVE DISSCUSSED THE MEANING OF LIFE WITH MYSELF!!!!!!! *falls onto the floor* Uhhhh.....but yeah, that would make for an interesting pairing...but isn't she a bit...old for him? Cuz' she made a cameo in Megadoomer(I think, as the pink-haired chick on the computer), and seemed to be...oh, I dunno, 18, 19, years old?
10/4/2011 #16

You need help? YOU need help?! How about talking to a computer in a library and not caring that everyone is staring at you? How about talking with someone and starting to babble so much that you're not even speaking english anymore? Hmmmm? If there was such a thing as Irkish(Zim's main language), I have probably spoke it before! Well, anyway, yeah she's kind of old for him, but It makes you think. I truly think that Dib and Tak make a cute pair, if she wasn't so bent on destroying Earth, and Dib, and everyone else...Oh darn it!

10/5/2011 #17


*ahem* But, yeah, I've always liked the idea of Dib having a sort of crush on Tak, but I am a firm beliver in the whole 'Irkens don't love', thing, so that kinda rules it out for me. Dib/Gretchen does hold a bit of interest for me, though...

I've gotta say, the show may not have any canon pairings, and I don't think that in the actual show anyone would have gotten together(blame Jhonen-it just ain't gonna happen. Not in JTHM, not in IZ, not in IFS, not in Squee, not NOWHERE!!! =P), but it sure is a lotta fun to goof around and speculate!!!

10/10/2011 #18

CURSE YOU STUPID COMPUTER!!!!!! Mah computer just erased all the stuff I was gonna send you cause apparently 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.' I hates this computer!!! So, I's gonna respond later or tomorrow or somethin'.

10/11/2011 #19
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

I've SCREAMED in a library before!

10/11/2011 #20

As have I, IGJAR, as have I. *nods wisley*


10/11/2011 #21
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

I know the feeling.

10/12/2011 #22

I once wrote a massive chapter for for one of my fics...BOOM!!! Down the drain...*eyetwitch* I can't wait till I get a new computer...

10/12/2011 #23

I have laughed while watching IZ in a library before. Every single person in the library looked at me as if I was insane. I looked at them like, "You stupid anti-IZ fan people! You don't understand! DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!" Soooo...I need help. Yeah. And I needs keyboard skills. Hitting the right shift key with my right pinkie while hitting the Y key, doesn't work. I nearly split my hand in half. I so stupid! I am a human Gir! Hear me roar! Meow! Cheese! I'm bored.

10/27/2011 #24

Heheh. I've gotten my dad to watch the show, but it freaks my mom out and gives my little bro nightmares. I've gotten weird looks before for laughing hysterically at fanfictions, the show, youtube vids...the whole shebang. That's a weird word. *ahem*


10/28/2011 #25

Okay!!! PEAS PEAS PEAS PEAS PEAS PEAS laughing...hysterically...on floor, can't...reach...keyboard *sob*

Me want type!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa!! Oh, wait...I am typing...?????? Gaaahhh, I've confused meself!

Why can David Hasslehoff fly?

I've got a weird word(skipping through topics perty fast, ain't ah?) The word is...shaboodle! I mean, really, what the heck does shaboodle mean?! It doesn't even make sense! Shaboodle! It sounds like something Gir said one day, and stupid peolpe put it in the dictionary or whatever! I hate having to hit the spacebar after every word. Wow, off topic.


11/2/2011 #26

We all love Happy Noodle Boy, don't we! Or at least quoting him around innocent passersby.

WHHHHEEEEEE!!!!! I like typing!

Hmmm. Shaboodle...that's odd...I'll hafta add that to my *bumbumbuuuum* MENTAL DICTIONARY!

Oh, and getting back on topic, what do you think of DibxOC pairings?

11/2/2011 #27

Durrrr... What does OC mean?

11/3/2011 #28

OriginalCharacter. It's a character that wasn't in the show, and FF.N authors make them up and write stories that are either about them, or just with them as an included character. A lot of them are Mary-Sue's, though, which is basically a half arsed character who is just totally perfect and everyone lurves them, and all that crap. Of course, that goes to other fandoms too, but the IZ fandom is totally going to the dogs beacause of OCs. I don't mind them, I even have an OC myself, but so many of them are badly written, and a bunch of them DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY OF THE REAL CHARACTERS IN IT. WHAT THE HECK. OC's themselves aren't bad, and they can be a great plot device, but I just hate it when people put in stories with none of the canon charries in it. Then it's not even fanfiction, it's just fiction. And some people just FREAK OUT if they get any kind of a critisism in a reveiw. NOTHING ticks me off like that. 'Oh, you should watch where you put commas, but great story'. 'OMG FALME KILLITKILLITDIEDIEHOWDAREYOUSAYMIRITINISNOTPERFECTOMGOMG!1!!!!!111oneoneone' ARGH. Wow...looking back, this got off-topic really fast. Wow.

11/3/2011 #29

Darn it! That's an entire forum that's gotten off topic because of me! I have to move to another forum again!(not that I moved in the first place)

11/8/2011 #30
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