Dib: Earth's Hero
Hey there, this forum is all about our favorite jr. paranormal investigator. Sure, few to none earthlings on the show like him, but he has some obsessed fans out here! Come on in, I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes!
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Yeah, Dib tends to get picked on a lot by the show's creators. It would be interesting to see a fan fic in which he gets his revenge on them... ;)

And I think his head is probably slightly bigger than the others, although in the first season, if you notice, Zim usually makes fun of him for other reasons, rather than his head size.

9/24/2011 #61

Not to interrupt your conversation about Dib's head, but I think my fav quote has to be...

Hmm... Never realized I had so many. Oh well, I'll just list a few.

"Dark Harvest"- "Ms. Bitters, I think I have a pencil lodged in my brain. Can I go to the nurse?"

" How far in your brain?"

(pause)"Pretty far..."

"And THEN, and ONLY THEN will I stop talking to myself."

I wish I could think of more Dib quotes, but all I'm gettin' are Gir quotes. And those go in a different forum.

9/30/2011 #62
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

It's alright, this thread is for Dib quotes. We should have a thread to discuss the size of Dib's head... That would be one weird thread.

9/30/2011 #63

Yes, that would be weird... Hey, does anyone know the best place to find unaired IZ episodes. I know all the aired ones by heart(sort of) and I need something new to laugh at.

10/3/2011 #64

Oh, you poor doomed child. I have memorized every line from every aired episode, and I'm working on the unaired ones. FEAR MY AMAZING POWAHZ OF MEMORIES!!! *ahem*

There are several different places to listen too/read the unaired episodes, some of the voiceovered(is that even a word?)ones are on youtube...there's other places, but I don't know the exact addresses...OH NOW YOU'VE DONE IT!!! Now I've gotta go online and find ALL the scripts again and give you the links. J***.

Off topic once more, but is anyone else going to the DoomCON this next summer? I feel so alone...

10/16/2011 #65
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

You lucky duck! YOU get to go to DOOM CON AND I CAN'T! I'M SO OBSSESSED WITH IZ THE CHARACTERS ARE LIVING IN MY HEAD! Dib's my therapist! Everytime there's an error on my computer, Zim's voice shouts YOU LIIIIIIIIE! And that's just the minor stuff!.

10/17/2011 #66

YESS!! A LUCKY DUCK IZ ME!!! (I love puns...haha, IZ, geddit!?) I have many much voices in my head...and for every 'normal' thing that happens to me, a SI version of it happens inside of my head...It's fun!!! But...I feel so alone...I only know one person who might be going to the DoomCON...*sadface*

10/17/2011 #67
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

I WANT to go but I don't have the money to even get the tickets!

10/18/2011 #68

Hrm...doya mean out of pocket money? 'Cuz I don't have any eithier. I managed to get my parents to take me there on the grounds that *ahem* It'll be FUN!!! 8D So I'm going with my dad, and my mom and little bro(who is terrified of the show, Zim in particular *sigh* He'll be a fanboy yet, by golly!!!)go off and do whatever normal people do. I GET TO SCARE THE NORMAL PEOPLE!!!!

10/18/2011 #69
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

No, not pocket money. The only way I'd be able to get there, would be to rob a bank and that ain't gonna happen.

10/19/2011 #70

Aaww...is PB still here? CAN YOU HEAR ME, PB!!???

10/20/2011 #71

I'M NOT DEAF, YOU DOLT! Yes, I just said 'dolt.' I don't swear, ever. It's like I unconciously swear like Zim. Say something that sounds horribly mean, without actually swearing at anyone. Whoops, way off topic. Anywho, I'd like to explain my penname. I'm Poodlebrain because I am actually Agent Poodlebrain. You know, like how there's Agent Tunaghost? I'm Agent Poodlebrain! I am so repetetive! I like big words! Why am I so hyper! Taco waffles! Oh wait, wrong forum...

10/27/2011 #72

YAAAY!!!! I don't ever swear at people. Just inanimate objects! I just like using insults that no one understands! YOU KEYBOARD EATING PHASER SPAM!!!

We have an Agent in our midst! *bows* I take this waaay too seriously...oh, and IGJAR, I LOVE your new profile pic! I've been changing mine every three seconds on account of, I can't make up my mind!

AND NOW I'LL ASSPLAIN MY PENNAME! *ahem* I was wearing a shirt with a purple raccoon the day I made my account, and my middle name is Layn. My first name is a horrible, miserable failure.

10/28/2011 . Edited 10/28/2011 #73
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

Thanks! As you must be able to tell I like my Dibbeh!!

10/28/2011 #74

Welcomes! Heheh...my first thought was literally 'Dib got transition lenses? What the hell?'

10/28/2011 #75

The other day, I was bein' all weird and stalkerish, readin' people's profiles, and I found Dib! Well, it's actually someone who believes they are Dib... Anyway, their penname is swollen.agent.mothman

I sent a message saying that I believe Zim is an alien and everything(I took them way too seriously) and still haven't ghotten a response... I hope the computer actually sent it instead of bein' stupid.

Agent Poodlebrain out(wow, that sounds stupid)

11/2/2011 #76


I do find it funny when people do that kind of thing. It sounds like something I would do, since I have no life. BUT there is a person called Tallest Red that does(did) the same thing...heheh. And being weird and stalkerish is FUN. Not in...that way, heck no. But it IS fun to randomly follow someone around all day and see what they do.

Heheh, my code name would be 'Agent Munchkin', or something like that. It's a reference to one of the most haunted places in the US, Munchkinland cemetery. Called that beacause of the highest count in dead childeren...*shudder* And I Dunno if you know, but Mothman was(is)a real urban legend. Pretty interesting, actually...

11/2/2011 #77

Urban legend! Wow, that shows how unlearned I am in the paranormal. Look at me! I'm a stalker! Wooooooooooot!

Agent Poodlebrain eh, you get the idea.

11/3/2011 #78

*doing the 'I feel not un-smart dance*

Whee! I'm finally the one that feels smart! Now, watch as I stand up and humiliate myself by walking into a large, unmoving object! *runs into door*

11/3/2011 #79

No, you're supposed to run into a wall, not a door. Doors are too awesome to run into.

How does the 'I feel not un-smart dance' go? Is it done to the tune of the Doom Song?

11/8/2011 #80

Oh, I've run into a wall before. It hurts. Bad. And it was right after I had hit my head on a doorknob. My depth perception is nonexistent.

Yes, yes it is, the Doom Song remixed with 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time'. And with Nyan Cat in the backround. And if you're feeling REALLY confident, you can add in the 'Family Guy' theme.

11/8/2011 #81

Curse you!!!! I now have 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time' stuck in my head!

Doom doom doom doom doom doomy doomy dooooooooom! Doom doom doom Gir, would you please stop singing? (Zim nearly attacks Gir, computer beeps) Doom doom doom the end! Ooooh whazzat! Planet Earth

The way he says planet Earth is priceless!

I'm sorry, that-that's not a Dib quote.(hides under bed in shame)

ahem... You'll be in your base one day Zim, feeling all safe, and you'll look over, and I'll be there-doin' stuff!

Stuff, in my base! Impossible!

He sounds so astonished that Dib would dare to do stuff in his base!

Wooooo! The topic is back on topic!

11/10/2011 #82

Woo! Heheh...there should be a facial expressions category on some forum. 'Cuz there are some damn funny facial expressions in there. And I burst out laughing at Dibs face in the opening scen of ToP. When they sped up his voice or something, I was just like, What the HELL!!??' Wow...I'm on a rant again. Damn...

11/10/2011 #83

I hate the people with the speed voice...button...thingy! Or something like that. I hate the way he seemed all spazzy in the beginning of that episode. I was sitting there like,"Give Dib back his personality!"

You know what facial expression I have adopted from IZ? Zim's not-so-famous confused look: One raised eyebrow w/ one lowered eyebrow. Can't quite get the "Eh?" noise that he makes, but I'm extremely good at the expression. What's one that Dib does often?

11/15/2011 #84

Epic eyenarrow. I can't do it though...I can't move my glasses with my eyes. Damn laws of physics...

11/15/2011 #85

Yes, I agree! Stupid gravity and stuff! You hurt people!

I need to go eat a taco, but I gots none.

11/18/2011 #86

Have an online taquito. Two times the yum, zero times the calories. *nods wisley*

11/20/2011 #87

I... I found a forum where I can rant about how awesome Dib is! :D

I really like the exchange in the unaired episode "Nubs of Doom" where Dib pops out of the trashcan.

Dib: I was watching you the whole pathetic time, Zim! If Irkens are so advanced, why is your robot such a loser?

Zim: Hey! At least he's better than YOUR stupid sidekick! (He points at something beside Dib)

Dib: That's a soda can.

Zim: Who's pathetic now?!


11/24/2011 #88

Heheh. Unaired episodes...all the quotes in them seem so much more awesome...I would have loved to see Return of Keef...He scares me, and I would have liked to have seen his head 'splode. And if we're allowed to use unaired quotes...


Keef: YEAH!!!

I shudder to think of what *really* happened to his parents...*shudder*

11/28/2011 #89

My favorite Dib quote would have to be in "Battle of The Planets" when he runs into the NASA building and shouts,"OH-MY-GOD-IT'S-THE-END-OF-THE-WORLD-WE'RE-ALL-GONNA-DIE-OH-NOES!"

12/2/2011 #90
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