Dib: Earth's Hero
Hey there, this forum is all about our favorite jr. paranormal investigator. Sure, few to none earthlings on the show like him, but he has some obsessed fans out here! Come on in, I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes!
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First of all, To YourMooseyFate6, Nice picture thingy.

Second, Mah favoritest Dib quote has to be "Why was there ham in my pocket?" because it makes you think. Why was there ham in his pocket? Yeah, that one, or the one with the whole pencil-in-brain thing.

12/5/2011 #91

I loved the quick little 'I hate you' at the end of 'Voting of the Doomed', and almost any line from '10 Minutes to Doom' is classic, especially when he's alternating personalities.

1/1/2012 #92

I always forget the quotes from 'Vindicated" and "Voting of the Doomed" because I don't see them very often.

1/1/2012 #93

I've seen that episode God-knows-how-many times! And I thought it was funny when Dib said how it was weird that Zim doesn't think ponies know what we're thinking! That was totally random!

1/11/2012 #94

I vauguely remember that quote, but I don't remember the exact wording.

Dern mah awful memory!

2/9/2012 #95
My favorite lines are MY HEAD IS NOT BIIIIIG and we can blame for that gir
12/19/2013 #96
Cheesy Chelsea

My favourite Dib quote is from my favourite episode, walk for your lives, at the end when Dib says to Zim, "you j***". LOL!

3/10/2015 #97
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