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Hey there, this forum is all about our favorite jr. paranormal investigator. Sure, few to none earthlings on the show like him, but he has some obsessed fans out here! Come on in, I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes!
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Isolated Int

Or, things you simply disagree with, and why.

Example: That Dib is certifiably crazy. I don't get this one. Sure, he is obsessive, but once Zim arrives on the scene he has a REALLY good reason, even more important than just proving himself right to the world, although that is of course a major component (and what compassionate person would begrudge a child this grain of self-satisfaction?) He only sounds crazy because the paranormal is outside the range of normal human experience (duh), and when his audience either can't see the evidence that what he's talking about is real (as with the nightmare world) or is too stupid to understand (as with the obvious fact that Zim is an alien), he frequently resorts to yelling.

While it's possible that Dib believes in stuff that isn't real in addition to real things like Zim, the audience seems to very often forget that much stranger things are very often accepted as part of the canon (like, say, magical spell drives?) If that's real in the IZ universe, then why not some of the weirder ideas that Dib has come up with? Besides, Dib is only eleven - even if he wasn't obsessed with the paranormal and just believed some weird thing with no basis in reality, it would be entirely possible that it's just a phase of childhood and not part of a mental disorder. Given all the weird things he has encountered in real life, and the fact that he researches the subject of the paranormal so voraciously, it wouldn't be surprising if he acquired a mistaken belief or two that faded with age and experience.

Fans also seem to ignore the impact of constant bullying and ostracism on his level of paranoia. For instance, when I was in the seventh grade and the yard duty accidentally locked me up in the locker cage, and I saw some boys I had never seen before laughing about it to the side, I immediately saw them as making fun of me, told them to get lost, while they kept insisting they were laughing at the guy in charge for making the mistake of locking up while somebody was still in there. Not only that, but I started thinking the yard duty locked me in on purpose and was covering for those boys in defending their story.

Fortunately, when I transferred to a charter high school where I didn't face daily harassment, the edge gradually came off, but it still took a few years of a low-stress environment before I could take an innocent joke without seeing a hidden slight meant for me in it. When you are in an environment where you are surrounded by legitimate threats, the minor non-threats start to look threatening. It's a basic survival mechanism that can make people dysfunctional when the environs change (or when the guardians of success and freedom impose unrealistic standards of behavior upon the inmates of this insane asylum we call our public school system).

And yes, I do realize the irony of posting this after posting a story about Dib losing his sanity.

3/8/2011 #1
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

When I think of Dib and craziness, him being crazy in the bad way isn't how I see it. I see it as he's one of those people where if people actually took the time to get to know him he'd be really fun to hang out with but since most people aren't that way, he's called crazy. That's the way most people are with me. They see how I act and say 'She's crazy and weird! I don't want to be her friend!' Basically, in that way, he's like me.

6/5/2011 #2

Hey, people who understand peolpe like me! I'm not crazy, I'm just insane! Wait a minute...

Yeah, I think I need to calm down. But I do understand what you're saying. I have loved Dib ever since I realized that...ummm... I just lost what I was gonna say. I do that a lot. I blame ADHD, but I'm not sure if that's the culprit or not. It may be that I'm just overly hyper and I need to release my energy.

*Runs around in circles*Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel better now.

10/3/2011 #3

Urgh. The whole social paronoia thing...I've got it. Bad. So I can relate. And seriously, some of the unrealism of the show really needs to be taken into account if your gonna go all 'judge and jury' here.

But one of the even CRAZIER things I've seen written/heard said would most definetly be that he is a half-breed(or even a full-breed) Irken. Just...no. It's just as bad as saying he 'loves' Gaz. Urgh.

10/16/2011 #4
Invader Griz Jau and Rel

I find that offensive! I hate DAGR, but I love to play around with Dib being Irken. I think I did pretty well keeping it realistic in my story Take Me Back to Irk! And besides, how is it that bad? He is smarter than any other human on the show! If he were Irken that would explain why!

10/17/2011 #5

DON'T KILL ME!!! *hides* That's just me, I don't like complicated theories like that in FanFiction, normally. I haven't read your story personally, so I rekon I'll do that...It's just not my cupppa, y'know? It's like romance-I don't belive it's canon, but I won't go and flame a story just beacause of the genre or pairing or whatevers. =P

10/17/2011 #6

I hate when People say Dib is insane. Mostly because I am kinda smart, but people call me weird and stuff and I feel exactly like Dib. You know how in, A Room With A Moose, Dib got laughed at for the entire show? Well, I could feel exactly how he probably felt. I was almost screaming at the stupid kids who wouldn't appreciate how they were just saved from "their moosey(that spelled right?) fate" by Dib! I was so mad that all they cared about was the stupid dog! It wasn't even a real dog! It was a hologram thingy! You know what? I give up! Rantrantrantrantrantrantrant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

10/27/2011 #7


I know, I've felt like that before, trying to explain stuff in class. MY TEACHER WON'T LISTEN EITHER!!! I keep saying all this stuff that is clearly beyond them. (in politics class) It's just frustrating. Of course, nothing can even measure up to what Dib goes through every day...it just p*** me off, the way they all treat him like s***...WELL PARDON ME BUT SCREW THEM!!! We all can relate to him in some way...most of us fans don't even know anyone else like us, sit alone at lunch, all that crap. I've gotten used to it, but THAT'S NOT THE TOPIC. Anywho, the skoolkids can go...just...go. I hate them.

10/28/2011 #8

Yeah! They can just go and...and... Do the...the things they do!(used a Dib quote, look at me!)

If you look at how the word 'either' is typed, it looks funny compared to the rest of the sentence.

Or am I hallucinating again?

11/2/2011 #9

Hmm...it kinda does look different...Or maybe I'm hallucinating too. *shrug* These temperatures can do things to a persons brain, you know. I like quotes. Quotes are my frieeeennnndddssss.....

11/2/2011 #10

Yeah, go quotes! Woot! I'm sittin'!

11/3/2011 #11

Hooray! I'm standing. Hmm...I really wish that some other people would come and help to revive this forum. I like it...IT MUST LIIVE!!! LIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!

11/3/2011 #12

All of the topics in dis forum are off topic 'cause of me!!!! Woooooooooooo! Record! Wooo!

I'm bored. cheddarbiscuit has an awesome IZ story called Meta-Morphine!

Wow, random! Poodlebrain! cheddarbiscuit! LaynThePurpleRaccoonGirl! Names! List! Chickens! I am insanme! Wait, what?

11/8/2011 #13


11/8/2011 #14

Whoops! Spell check! Insamne should be insane! I was so hyper, I forgot how to backspace!

cheddarbiscuit is all one word, and never capitalized! Evur! (Fairly Odd Parents reference. Couldn't resist!)

He/she(meaning cheddarbiscuit) is awesome, and better than the Almighty Tallest! Although, that could be said about a few others on this website...

CITIZENS OF MARS, SURRENDER OR I BECOME GIANT WILFORD BRIMY!!!!!! What does this mean?(points to copy and pasted statement, not that you can see that)

11/10/2011 #15

*eyetwitch* You...you know not of...HAPPY NOODLE BOY!!!??? I ENLIGHTEN YOU!!!!

*scene goes dark, and dramatic music plays in the backround*

Read. JtHM. And Squee!. And I Feel Sick. Be enlightened. Know the awesomeness.

*goes back to normal*

Or at least look it up online. They're really great.

11/10/2011 #16

I don't know where to find them. They not in bookstore/second hand bookstore.

Me can has a problem!

11/15/2011 #17

Oh, yeah. I had that issue too. They're uber hard to find, and I don't suggest showing them to your parents...*sheepish grin* They aren't exactly 'kiddie comix'...But still AWESOMENESS!!!!! I only own 'Squee!', and when I found it, I did the happy dance, hit some guy behind me in theface, knocked over the shelf of comic books, and got kicked out of the store. It was WORTH IT....wow. I have no life...

11/15/2011 #18

You have no life and, according to my friends, I live in a box. Is that something in common, or what?!

Dib quote alert: I have crazy people in mah science class, and the only thing saving mah sanity(or what's left of it) is Dib's quote, "Time for some serious notes!" 'cause it seems completely reasonable compared to what's goin' on around me... I needs to see sane people!!!!!!

11/18/2011 #19

Friends? I have no friends. But I suppose that is something in common.

And yeah, all my classes are full of brainless idiots that brag about their straight D report cards and make fun of me for having A's...*sigh* Logic and common sense...both have been brutally murdered.

11/20/2011 #20

Exactly! That is the exact reason that Dib is teased(other than his head)! His knowledge causes others to feel bad, so they feel better by tormenting Dib! Graaah! I hate stupid peoples!

Well, they are entertaining. For example:

Latin Class

We are learning to conjugate Latin verbs, which isn't as hard as it sounds. You just use a different ending depending on the point-of-view(first, second, or third person) you are using. And the idiots are absolutely astounded that I know what to do. And guess how I know what to do? I (and you better be sitting) pay attention! It's amazing! If you pay attention, you know what to do! I would have never guessed!

12/8/2011 #21

I'm glad I don't get made fun of for being smart. Where I live, being smart is a good thing (Amazing, right?).

But I do get made fun of for other things. You know, being odd, crazy, being obsessed with a show that only two other kids in the entire grade know about, etc. Yeah, there aren't many IZ fans over where I live, and my friends think I'm really... odd because of it. The quotes, references, characters, etc.

12/14/2011 #22

Hey, you sound like me!

12/30/2011 #23

Really? Cool!

I knew the Internet would lead me to someone with similar interests. Well, I didn't really, I just assumed I would find another crazy IZ fan here. But I was right anyways!

Anyway. People always tell me 'anyways' isn't a word.

1/1/2012 #24

'Anyways' is a word and noodles just ate mah pants.

Is dat crazy enough for ya?

1/4/2012 #25

No, it's not crazy enough, because mah friends called me an alien all last year.


1/4/2012 #26

Dern you!!!!!!!!!

1/6/2012 #27

There, there...

( T_T)\(^-^ )

Not everyone can be as awesome as me.

1/6/2012 #28

Oh nos!

I lost mah google flerp!

Whatever dat is!

1/9/2012 #29

Are you trying to sound crazier?

I looked up "google flerp", and I found a random blog saying that it's a word, and nothing else.

Oh well. We'll never know what a "google flerp" is.

1/10/2012 #30
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