Dib: Earth's Hero
Hey there, this forum is all about our favorite jr. paranormal investigator. Sure, few to none earthlings on the show like him, but he has some obsessed fans out here! Come on in, I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes!
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Hellos! I am back! I had disappeared fer a whale 'cause mah computer would na let meh post stuff in de forums.

Oh, and about the random mention of a 'google flerp', I had just made that up. I didn't think you would actually look it up, because I made it up.

2/9/2012 #31

Well, I did!

'Cause I'm gullible like that!

2/9/2012 #32

Naw, yous not gullible. Yous jest wants ter figger outs whats goins on.

If that makes sense to anyone, I'll give them a...um, a...

Oooh! I know! I'll give them a sammich made with waffles and spaghetti!

Beware my amazing spelling abilities! I can spell the word 'spaghetti!'

2/13/2012 #33

HWAAA!?!?! You can spell that!?! Gy Mosh, that's hard.

+4 Grammar Points

2/13/2012 #34

I knows!

I can spell wonderfully when writing/typing, but put me in a spelling bee, and I can't spell 'broccoli.'

2/13/2012 #35

I can't spell all-around, so I just open up Word and use that Spellcheck so I don't look like a n00b.

2/13/2012 #36

Spellcheck is less reliable than your head, you know. Even if you know what you're doing, spellcheck insists that 'Dib' is supposed to be 'dog' or 'dab' or...you get the idea, right?

2/14/2012 #37

Well, I mean just for complicated words. Copy & Paste, then spellcheck.

And I can always just Add (Dib) To Dictionary.

2/14/2012 #38

Why didn't I think of that? I should add IZ related words to the dictionary!

2/15/2012 #39

☆彡The More You Know...

2/15/2012 #40


2/15/2012 #41

Never mind. It's a meme, I think.

2/15/2012 #42

Whazza meme?

2/15/2012 #43



Okay, look up Know Your Meme on your favorite search engine RIGHT NOW.

Be enlightened.

2/15/2012 #44

Can't do that 'cause I have dial-up.

Stupid computer! Move faster!

2/27/2012 #45

... I'm confused.

Search engine, like Google or Bing.

If you can get online to post this, then can't you go anywhere on the Internet?

2/27/2012 #46

I don't feel like it!

And I only have a certain amount of time allotted before my *cough* 'parental figures' tell me to disconnect from the Interweb. (yes, I did say Interweb)

2/27/2012 #47


I usually say Interwebz, when I feel like it.

2/27/2012 #48

I'm sorry if my, "I don't feel like it!" sounded rude. It was meant to be said in a nice way.

Don't look at me!(hides in shame)

2/27/2012 #49

It's okay... I hardly noticed the possibly rude statement. *pats you on the back*

2/27/2012 #50

*Sniffle* D-do I g-get a c-cookie?

2/29/2012 #51

Sure. *gives a giant cookie*

These Comically-Large Cookies actually came in handy for once!

2/29/2012 #52

Yay! Cookies! *noms*

2/29/2012 #53
Light Shadow and Weirdness

The craziest thing I've heard Fans say about Dib is that he's annoying. I don't see it. Like at all.

The craziest thing I've heard people say about him in show is that his head is big. I have literally measured his head in proportion to everyone else and I can honestly say that, for an IZ character, Dib's head is average sized.

2/13/2015 #54
Cheesy Chelsea

The weirdest thing I have ever read about Dib is ZADR (shudders)

3/10/2015 #55
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