Dib: Earth's Hero
Hey there, this forum is all about our favorite jr. paranormal investigator. Sure, few to none earthlings on the show like him, but he has some obsessed fans out here! Come on in, I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes!
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The Torminator
Cuz I'm bored...Hey! Anyone notice that other people HAVE seen Zim out of his disguise?? And they STILL think he's normal! Er...so just say anything bout Dibby-kun! Mmmyep........
5/22/2008 #1

Woo. Dib-Chats are the best kind of chat. And yeah, the people on IZ are all pretty stupid... Even to believe he's normal while IN his disguise.

5/22/2008 #2
The Torminator
I know! Even if GIR's disguise is INGENOUS! (NOT ^-^) Also, it seems that both Dib and Zim lost a little interest in some of the later episodes.
5/22/2008 #3

Heh, yeah. I think Dib started to realize that Zim would never really be able to take over Earth, and Zim just got kind of bored.

5/22/2008 #4
The Torminator
Yeah...well Zim should get a new hobby then!
5/25/2008 #5

Yeah. Like... uh... stamp collecting!

5/25/2008 #6
The Torminator
Or...crochete(sp)...he can make me a scarf! Dib could take up...no, he's okay where he is. I like him crazy! ;)
5/27/2008 #7
tere moto the sentry

lol. The thought of Zim crocheting a scarf is so cute.

What about if Dib had a secret hobby on the side?

5/29/2008 #8
The Torminator
Like...I dunno...fan fic writing. Or even youtube...that one would be funny! Well he already stargazes...
5/30/2008 #9
tere moto the sentry

Oh, thank you for mentioning him stargazing! That reminds me of a fic I was going to write.

Not to imply anything obscene, but what do you think he'd post on YouTube?

And Lilith, if that (sp) after "crochete" was a spelling check request, it's "crochet". You must have missed the new spelling checker on the forum post toolbar.

5/30/2008 #10
The Torminator
Hmm...I guess...footage of the "Big Foot Baby"...no I'm just using my PSP...I can't use the spell check on it.
6/2/2008 #11

Ugh... I now have the sudden urge to draw Zim crocheting a scarf.XD

Dib would probably post all of his video evidence of Zim being an alien on youtube.

6/2/2008 #12
The Torminator
That would be cute! I'd try too, but I'd mess up on it...XP
6/2/2008 #13

I'm definetly going to try it now.XD

6/2/2008 #14
tere moto the sentry

How about crocheting a skirt? For himself?

They have Internet on PSP? These new-fangled contraptions! *waves a walking cane and hobbles off to a nursing home*

6/2/2008 #15
The Torminator
Heh, or decides to give it to Dib...and yes it does have internet. It's ok I don't blame you, technology is just advancing too fast for its own good...
6/3/2008 #16
tere moto the sentry

technology is just advancing too fast for its own good...

lol Sometimes I feel it is too.

6/5/2008 #17
The Torminator

I was frustrated a little while ago because I couldn't figure out how to get music on it. XP And to top it off, my mom kept on saying, "It's EASY!" So I handed her the PSP and said, "Alright, YOU try!"

Let's just say, she couldn't figure it out either...and after about an hour of messing with it, I finally got the thing to cooperate! YAY! XD

6/5/2008 #18
tere moto the sentry

Heh heh. :)

6/5/2008 #19
The Torminator

I am listening to the Doom Song Techno Remix as I type this...O.O

6/5/2008 #20
tere moto the sentry

Maybe Dib should take karate or something...assuming he doesn't already. That would be a practical hobby too for confrontations with Zim.

6/22/2008 #21
The Torminator

Hmmm...yeah. I never thought of that! That'd be pretty cool!

6/22/2008 #22
tere moto the sentry

He might already since he knows how to sneak into Zim's house like a ninja.

6/23/2008 #23
The Torminator


Random blurt out thought: I LOVE dib's hair! ^w^

6/24/2008 #24

XD Who doesn't?

6/24/2008 #25
The Torminator

Good point! X3 I envy it too, though...I wish my hair was cool...but NO! It just lays there! Er....that was weird...

6/24/2008 #26
tere moto the sentry

The fic "Hair" by Elmecca Duo. I recommend it.

6/24/2008 #27
The Torminator

Alright! ^w^

6/24/2008 #28

Heh, mine too. But seeing as I hate messing with my hair, I like that all I have to do is brush it and it's done.

6/24/2008 #29

Hm. I think I read that, and that it was really good, but I'll have to check.

6/24/2008 #30
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