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Jonas Grant

Some might have seen my new fic, which throws the Helghast reserve forces in the Imperium's territory.

I've had a few complaints about my view on different techs, so I'll ask your opinion, since I'm not that great about the 40K universe...

(I did my homework, though, and I know the difference between a bolter, a lasgun and an autogun, as well as the names of most primaches, chapters and different divisions of the Imperium. And I most certainly know the difference between a Baneblade and a Leman Russ ^^)

My first concern is armor vs ammo type...

Helghast armor is made of extra resilient carbon fiber fabric and polymer (Diamond is crystalised carbon, is diamond harder than ceramite?) chemically protected against most acids and extreme heat... How do you think it would fare against a direct lasgun hit?

Heavies' armors are made of a high tech polymer which name's I forgot designed to protect against explosions and penetration... Can it withstand a bolter shot?

How would an Imperial Navy ship deal with a "Snow" rocket salvo? Or arc battery strike?

How would a Helghast shield fare against... Whatever it is the ship they fight is packing?

Anyway, in my opinion, the Helghast get the upper hand when it comes to science, stealth and trainning while the Imperium is better in term of armor, number and firepower...

A bit like Halo's Human/Covenant...

Last thing; Colonel Mael Radec meets Commisar Sebastian Yarrick, what's the outcome? (This one is just for fun :3 And 'having a beer together while sitting on a pile of dead orks' IS an acceptable answer ^^)

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