Tensai Fuji Syuusuke
All Fuji lovers unite! Love the blue eyed tensai? So do we, talk about him, his love life and what makes him number 1 in our hearts!
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Megami no Hikari
Just talk about the tensai, how gorgeous he is, his excellent tennis skills, etc!
12/17/2005 #1
I will bombard this topic lol! Fuji~~~ *cheers* I love him. The way he looks...his play...everything! XD Anyway, there is one thing I am not sure of...about him (what a pity and idiotic thing in the world o__o ) His given name...Syuusuke...In the anime 2nd opening song, his name is spelled Syusuke...But when online, some say it's Shuusuke while some say Syuusuke. I am confused. :( If there are any artist here that happen to draw as well, do tell me so that I can drool over your art of him! XD
12/19/2005 #2
That confuses me too. o.o; I think maybe in english it would be spelled "Shuusuke"..and in Japanese "Syusuke" or "Syuusuke"? o_o; Just some weird theory. XD
12/19/2005 #3
Megami no Hikari
English: Shusuke Japanese: Both Syusuke and Syuusuke are acceptable,, but our Tensai's given name is "Syuusuke" BTW: the same thing happens with the name Shuichi(Shuuichi, Syuuichi, Syuichi, etc.) All of them are useable but each author uses the name that they like best :)
12/19/2005 #4
I see...Hehehehe. Thanks for the info! Yeah..Kantaro or Kantarou...Seiichirou or Seiichiro...They are all similiar.. ^^; My friend told me Yumiko seems to prefer Syuusuke over Yuuta...Lol...
12/20/2005 #5
Megami no Hikari
Hmm Well it would appear like so in the anime, but you really can't blame her, Yuuta IS the one who formed the one-sided rivalry with his brother and moved out to camp in a catholic school with a duck and a purple shirted thing (at least that's What Syuusuke says :) I personally like Mizuki, but he's fun to ridicule!) that areYanagisawa and Mizuki. I mean who leaves Syuusuke for Yanagisawa's company (I believe him and Yuuta are dormates correct me if I'm wrong) only Yuuta does that. Besides Syuusuke was always the favourite, he was always the genius, besides who could resist that cute little mona lisa smile on a chibi Syuusuke *squeaaal*? All in all, I'd say Yumiko loves her brothers equally, but favors Syuusuke, sadly for Yuuta-kun, she's not the only one...
12/20/2005 . Edited 12/20/2005 #6
Hmm..it's true lol. I do pity Yuuta though...having a genius brother really bothers him. Lol, I like how Syuusuke calls Mizuki at times. So funny. XD It makes him really fun to tease...that purple freak. XP I don't know much about Yuuta's school...didn't pay much attention. ^^; Yes yes! No one can resist his overly sweet smile~~ When both of Fuji brothers were young, they looked so cute (especially the protective Syuusuke!!) I see...Thanks for telling me hehehe. :) Yuuta-kun, it's too bad for you that most girls fall for your brother...He is just too sweet+adorable+cool~ XD Lol~
12/23/2005 #7
Megami no Hikari
*huggles Yuuta-kun* Don't worry Yuuta-kun, you are sweet, adorable and cute too! The only problem is the syuusuke is more than you are :P But don't worry we love you too! Besides you have Mizuki-san! And Atsushi-kun! And Yanagisawa-san for all he's worth, and probably Yumiko-san too if she isn't already siding with Syuusuke....
12/23/2005 . Edited 12/23/2005 #8
^^ Well maybe it works in a triangle? Yumiko like Syuusuke more Syuusuke likes Yuuta more And Yuuta like Yumiko more Does seem to work, ne? I dunno which one I like better... I've always went with Syusuke, but I see Syuusuke is more commonly used... x.X
2/5/2006 #9
They say that Fuji's smile because he doesn't want to intimidate people with his real self..Comments please..
2/5/2006 #10
I dunno about that but he does seem intimidating when he doesn't smile... ^^ Or maybe Fuji smiles because he's always happy? .
2/6/2006 #11
Ummm... in our opinion, Fuji smiles to hide his true feeling most of the time. You see... like when he first came to seigaku, he did not show his ability in tennis and rather kept it inside him so the people around him did not know at first that he was a tensai... maybe he too feels like hising his feelings behind those lovely smiles he always shows... just maybe...
2/8/2006 #12
Well, that's true... Fuji's never really direct about himself and he hides everything until he really needs to show it... :/ I guess a smile would easily hide all his emotions and help hide his personality in the process.... :/
2/11/2006 #13
Megami no Hikari
I guess thats part of it, I aslo believe its part of his true personality. Fuji is Fuji, he is a simple person and truly enjoys life and all it's aspects because he knows they are necesary to grow as a person. THat is why he is my favorite character, because a person who can try to enjoy all of life is the happiest person.
2/20/2006 #14
Amethyst Ripper Kazuki
saan mas pogi si fuji, pag nakapikit o nakadilat ung mata?
12/25/2006 #15
1/9/2007 #16
Yep.. he's definitely more cute with his eyes closed... he only opens his eyes when he's soooo seriuos bout something... remember his look when he played with Kirihara?? Gawd... He's scary. Its like he's about to murder kirihara or something... Scary... but still... KAWAI!!!
1/24/2007 #17
i think so too, i think that Fuji can find amusement in everything and therefore smiles. Hmm, I smile a lot and I don't even realize that i am smiling, i just sometimes cant seem to stop... then like something seirous happens and my friends are like "why are you still smiling...?" Maybe it's the same with Fuji except nobody asks him why he's still smiling.
3/15/2007 #18
Shunrei Ryuzaki
syempre!pag naka dilat!whew!
6/13/2007 #19
Sweet Obsidian Rain
While I think he is a simple person (in some matters), I also think he has a lot of depth. I think the smile on his face is to show that he's happy the with his life, but he is also hiding some of his deeper feelings. Thus, I think Syuuskue is a deep person; he has a lot of different sides to his character. But other people have other perspectives.
6/26/2007 #20
Yeah. but a lot of people think he's sadistic. Although he doesn't help his image by saying things like,"I like to see people suffer even more." But still I think Fuji has a lot to him. He's not a big talker like Tezuka but when people try to hurt someone close to him... But STILL Syuusuke seems like you said a deep person. Who hides his true feelings by smiling. I mean sometimes I even do it and in ways we all do. Just Fuji does it in abnormally frequently.
7/13/2007 #21
Favorite Fuji part ever? Nationals OVA episode 15. I didn't see the full potential of how smexy he is, but there he was. All in his chick-magnet glory. There was a match between him and Shiraishi. Go see it RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO. He also revealed another side of him. When Ryoma said, "Play seriously," I was like, "What? But Shiraishi just defeated all of his triple counters?" He is a sadistic one. What do ya know, there were more moves. My favorite? "Phoenix Return" and the final counter.
8/22/2007 #22
parehas! cute siya 'pag nakapikit at 'pag nakabukas ang mata niya at nakatawa...ang cuuute niya!!!!
9/7/2007 #23
Fuji!!!!!!!!!!!! Wat's not to love???? He is a tensai, who looks totally kawaii with his eyes closed, burning hot with his eyes open, and is the sweetest guy ever!!!! (lyk when he when out with that grade skool girl and makes her feel better) I heart Fuji!!!!! sorry for ranting like a fan girl, tho i am a fan girl.
12/15/2007 #24
Lady Nogitsune
Fujiko-chan! *-* Err... I mean... I agree. *nods her head eagerly* Syuusuke is definitely a very complex character... otherwise he'd never have caught my interest the way he did; because I don't like characters without depth (that much), even if they happen to be eye candy. ;P At the beginning, Syuusuke was the first out of the crowd of regulars I really paid attention to (except for Kaidoh, but that was only because he went ahead of them ;P). And the first thing I noticed about him wasn't his looks - it was his smile. ...Yep, I instantly knew that he could very well become my favourite. ^-^
12/20/2007 #25
Is there anything NOT to like about Fuji Syuusuke? Just his looks are more than enough! XD And that sadistic personality of his just puts icing on the cake, literally!
1/3/2008 #26
kya! i love fuji! it so cool how he's always smiling, but when he does open his eyes he's so intense! and his tennis moves are so cool! *gets out of fangirl mode* anyways, i always go by Shusuke, just cuz thats how they spell it in the manga. i read the manga before i watched the anime, and is it just me or does Fuji open his eyes more often in the manga then the anime?
2/12/2008 #27
hes so cute especially when he smiles...........he also has awesome tennis skills
2/21/2008 #28


5/11/2008 #29
love at third sight

Nah, he's not the hottest guy ever, but he sure is close. For me Shiraishi is 3 love. :D

5/11/2008 #30
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