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I realize that it will probably be a while before Eldest is shown on the big screen, but I wanted to start this topic just for a few details. Mainly, any information anyone gets about the film can be posted here. Also, what sort of things do you think will be changed from the book to make it compliant with the first film?
3/11/2007 #1
Queen of Tortall
Is there even going to BE an Eldest movie? Because I think it is going to be even shorter than the Eragon movie because in Eragon they left out a lot of the "teaching" part. Eldest has a lot of teaching parts in it, so I wonder how it will turn out. Probably a LOT of things will be changed. Also, I think the dragon women will be changed unless the movie wants to be rated PG 13 +.
3/20/2007 #2
If you are referring to the ones that dance in the scene where Eragon becomes part elf, then yes, definitly. But the teaching will probably be kept in. They still have to explain the intricacies of magic (if they're going to). But even if they do take that out, you have to include Roran and Nasuada in the movie.
3/21/2007 #3
They have to show Ajihad's funeral and Nasuada's coming into power. It's a must, and if they don't... I'm hoping they show more of Murtagh in the next movie. They showed a bunch of pointless scenes of Galby and Durza that weren't even in the book so maybe they'll do something with Murtagh and Thorn (but knowing my luck, they'll make him look evil...) But it's more likely that they will have to find a way to include Roran in the movie.
3/29/2007 #4
Well of course. Every third chapter is based around him. They'll also take out the whole part of Eragon joining Hrothgar and Orin's clan, because without the entire backstory it just won't have any significance.
3/30/2007 #5
Yeah, you're probably right. Was it even implied he was dwarf? If I hadn't read the book, I wouldn't have known who or what he was. And what are they going to do about the elves? Arya didn't look like an elf (no ears)so are they going to de-earify all the elves? Actually, the one thing I ~am~ looking forward to is the scenery and the set (except for Galby's lair). I think they did a really good job with most of the landscape. Alagaesia- even if the Hadarac was no where to be seen- was really pretty. I hope they do something uber cool with the Ellesmera (spelling?) set.
3/30/2007 #6
Actually, there wasn't even a real set in Eragon. Almost all of the scenes were shot in Europe and a few shots in Montana. The only time they used a (at least from what I remember) was inside Farthen Dur (and even the outside of the city was an actual place). So it is more than likely that they'll find an actual forest to shoot in.
3/31/2007 #7
Well,it was still pretty.
3/31/2007 #8
This is yet another attack from the random post replyerer! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE MORTALS! thank you, thank you very much! elvis has left the building!! lol!
5/3/2007 #9
I finally saw most of the deleted scenes online, and now I can understand why they did it. The deleted scenes do make up for what is missing, but for those who haven't read the books, they don't do much. The twins only do a quick appearence at the end of book two, so they can be thrown out all together. The baby (STILL can't remember her name) doesn't really play as big a part as everyone thinks, so unless Chris has something big planned for her in book three, say goodbye to her too.
6/12/2007 #10
I think it would be cool to have Eldest come to the bring screen. I think tough this time they should not really change anything from the book this time. Eragon had so many changes made, but don't get me wrong, it was a great movie minus the changes
6/20/2007 #11
Eldest (the book) was only worth a rent from the library, much unlike Eragon, which deserves at least a buy and then a re-sell a year down the road. The Eragon movie was the second worst move I saw in 2006, after Superman returns. I do not want to think about what would happen. If they focus more on Roran and less on the training parts of Eragon and the Varden's 'terrorism' with lace, the movie will surpass the predacessor.
7/17/2007 #12
The Nerdy Samurai
I don't see how they can focus on Roran. They left Katrina out of the picture.
7/19/2007 #13
They could easily fix that along with all of their other mistakes. Or, Katrina couldn't make any appearance at all. Roran could simply be wanting to save his village. We don't know yet what will happen after the Burning Plains, so we'll have to come up with some other excuse. But they have to include SOME of Eragon's training. It makes up almost half of the story.
7/20/2007 #14
The Nerdy Samurai
Of course they have to. They have no choice! But if they make Eldest into a movie, they have to make the third book in to a movie as well sooner or later. Without Katrina that's proably one third of the book out of the movie. I think their missing some big parts from the book here and that's going to be a problem in future movies.
7/20/2007 #15
I kinda really hope they don't make Eldest into a movie, no offense to anyone who liked Eragon the movie but I thought it was terrible (so did my other read the book before the movie friends). They left out and changed so many things, I know you can't do certain things in movies but they just did a bad job. But if they did make one I pray to God they make it better then Eragon.
9/5/2007 #16
It's too late for an [i]Eldest[/i] movie; they killed the Ra'zac in the first one.
9/5/2007 #17
They'll probably just figure out some way to summon more or come up with another creature to take their place.
9/6/2007 #18
The Nerdy Samurai
That'll be wrong. They're going down in the stocks.
9/6/2007 #19
There are more then two razak. read eldest. there at least two razac and two leatherblanka. Oh, razak can reproduce. you know. they are animals. As for kartina, roran could simply want to kill the razak in a revenge plot. duh.
9/8/2007 #20
even so they'd be messin' with the plot, and the plot needed no messing with.
9/8/2007 #21
The Nerdy Samurai
Why would he want revenge for? ...oh, wait...nevermind...
9/9/2007 #22
Huor Spinks
Garrow, I guess? I'd rather another studio redo Eragon, then tackle the Eldest bit, because there were too many changes of scenes in Eragon, which makes Eldest almost impossible because they're pretty much running on a different plotline.
9/15/2007 #23
They screwed up the Eragon movie so much that its going to be near impossible to make a passing good movie out of Eldest. They just left out to many key parts and added a whole lot of crap into Eragon as well.
2/29/2008 #24
The Nerdy Samurai
And even if they did try, it would suck anyway.
2/29/2008 #25
i think we all agree to that. lol.
2/29/2008 #26
Huor Spinks
[q]They screwed up the Eragon movie so much that its going to be near impossible to make a passing good movie out of Eldest. They just left out to many key parts and added a whole lot of crap into Eragon as well.[/q] I agree, it would be almost impossible to even try, especially since some of the fans are already so disillusioned that they cannot be bothered to watch the second. However, there are people who would still watch it though, because if you watch it without reading the books, it actually does turn out better. [q]And even if they did try, it would suck anyway.[/q] Oh yes. No matter how good a plot, it still does not take away the annoyance over crappy casting and lines, which is mainly what I'm irritated at the movie for, in addition to changing so much from the books, especially since I have read the books.
3/24/2008 #27

If you ask me, I think some other company should do Eragon all over again, new castings, new lines, new plot script everything! I would think that they would do a much better job at it then Fox did. Fox never really has any good movies. They totally screwed up Garfield and Flicka. I mean in Flicka they changed the freaking horse, the gender of the main character and the whole story! I mean I was so pissed off! I rented it once and have never seen it since.

3/29/2008 #28

The only decent part of the movie, I thought, was Saphira's voice actress (I can't think of her name) and the casting of Jeremy Irons as Brom. He did a fantasic job if you ask me. But everything else was terrible and just plain (for lack of better word and since I don't wanna cuss) icky. It sucked, I was so mad after I saw the movie I ran home and reread my favorite parts of the book.

3/29/2008 #29
Huor Spinks

Heh, I couldn't even be bothered to watch the movie. I just bought the pirated version since I heard about such bad things about it so I wanted to see how bad it was for myself. On the bright side, it was only five bucks, so I'm quite relieved that I didn't have to waste money on crap.

4/6/2008 #30
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