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Adios FFNet

I've seen countless online arguments about pairings and who is better than someone else and what all, and that's entertainment to a point but it has gotten carried away in the past years when Inuyasha series was hot. Now, that's over and a lot of the original fans have grown up and moved on with their lives, does anyone really care? I'm serious. I really do wonder this...

I still enjoy anime and all, but a lot of it just doesn't seem as important as it once did.....

Real life calls......

8/22/2010 #1
Chrysolite Heart
Ahah to be honest, I agree. I think that the main heat over pairings and whatnot is gone now that the anime and manga are over. At the same time though, instill do feel strongly about the opinions I hold and still enjoy debating them..I don't think that's something I'll ever really get tired of. And thankfully, there are always new users that are discovering inuyasha which I'm glad for. Sure, reality comes first but I AM still subscribed to these forums so I like to check in every now and then :p CH^^
8/22/2010 #2
Adios FFNet

Well, we all have our opinions about the stuff we love and that includes anime and pairings etc. Personally, I liked mixing and matching all kinds so it never mattered later on though I did get absorbed at first in Kikyo VS Kagome wars at first, then realized " What am I doing"..... "I am seriously arguing about a fictional character!"

I am an old anime fan in both age and from way back before anime went mainstream and so many of the original Inuyasha fans that were either adults already or older teens, have gone forward with life. A lot of old fans are gone and their web sites too...

I will always appreciate anime and currently enjoy "Monster" and "Rin-Ne" but after looking at all the heated silliness about pairings and " I hate character x", it just isn't that important........

Real life and love are more important than anything else, and I say this after being in the hospital for chest pain and having people I love die in horrible ways recently and now, comparing who be a better match for Inuyasha just isn't that big of a deal anymore.....Nor is the arguing on Newsvine nor Facebook nor any of the other sites.

Life is about love...........

8/22/2010 #3
Monsignor Gabriel

Quite honestly, I'm one of those guys who moved on. My cousin is still phlotzing over Sesshomaru, who is a lifeless j*** as far as I'm concerned. It's good for those who are prone to obsessions (like my cousin) and those who would normally become Otaku. Apparently, though, it's in high-enough demand that Adult Swim uses it to troll the really-late-night blocks.

I've tried to get serious with writing, and my latest fic, "VERBRECHEN DER GOTTER", portrays my maturity... But, uh, isn't really a haven for serious writers.

8/23/2010 #4
Chrysolite Heart
Haha I agree, any serious writing I do stays at home on my computer where no one can see it xD on the other hand I haven't had much time to write lately and the fact that I'm constantly overflowing with ideas doesn't help either. It's like I can't get one idea down fast enough before another one comes's kinda frusterating..if only ideas and stories could be written down as fast as you thought them, that would be greeeaat! CH^^
8/23/2010 #5
Adios FFNet

Monsignor, you got a point. FF net isn't for those who want to pursue more serious writing. It can be what ever you are into, either fiction or news/journalism.

The blogosphere is full of news writers but you never know what good gems you'll find out there and I do know others that do more serious fictional writing that got published though I never knew any that got there start here, or Mediaminer or any other FFnet type site.

Anyway good luck to you and happy success in your writing endeavors!

8/23/2010 #6
Adios FFNet

It depends if writing is something you really want to do or share. Leloi is one those original adult fans of Inuyasha I mentioned when the series was hot ( she was 28 at the time) and she found time because, back then, she was into the series,and she had a fulltime job, a newborn baby, and husband on top of it all and she's one of the best fanfic writers I ever read.

I never shared my writing simply because I preferred reading over the writing and still do; I was more into the fanart and did that on Deviantart for a while, but I have moved on from that too.

The spite and online wars between real people that resulted from Kikyou VS Kagome were horrific and ridiculous! Many people took these way too far to point of stalking others of differencing opinions/tastes in real life. I'm talking several years back when MSN still had fan groups and yahoo anime groups were popular. It was bad, and even on Deviantart, the hate between the two camps was ridiculous.

I am so glad that Inuyasha is over and most have moved on. .......

Anime can be fun and I still enjoy it, but it's not all that real life is....

8/23/2010 #7
Monsignor Gabriel

I think that the majority of our ideas we have to discard. Quite frankly, not all ideas are worthy of seeing their place on paper. Only the really good ones deserve our attention. I say dump the ones you KNOW you can't keep going with and focus on the ones that are more wholly original rather than something you think is just fun and s*** and giggles. The story that had the most reviews was the one I hated the most. I deleted that sucker.

And I truly think that one can be good at writing fanfiction... It's just in that realm of "why bother?". If you can be good at writing fanfiction, maybe you can be mediocre at original work.

P.S.: I don't want to seem desperate, but I truly am desperate for feedback on VERBRECHEN. I have absolutely no idea if any of the effort I'm making is any good. And if it isn't, I'm scrapping the whole thing and moving on with my life. No more fanfiction for me.

8/23/2010 #8
Ventus du Stormclad

Actually it's quite simple, everyone started watching Naruto.

2/24/2011 #9
Chrysolite Heart


I was actually watching Naruto around the same time as I was into Inuyasha, unfortunately Naruto's just getting ridiculous with all these fillers instead of getting back to the storyline -.- I'm planning to give up on it for a year and then come back xD

Anyways, that was off-topic. I think everyone knows how it all ended so there's not much debate anymore unless its newcomers to the show that haven't seen the end yet.


2/26/2011 #10

Exactly! I can't BEGIN to describe the fics I've read recently that either completely skip or ignore the Final Act because they haven't seen it! Kikyo, Naraku and all his incarnations die, and the good guys win. I won't even begin to mention the ones that have Kagome as a full or half demon just because they can. Or, God help us, Inuyasha as a vampire or Kagome as an assassin. I can't see any of that happening. If it did, it would have been in the manga or anime! And is too hard to remember that in both anime and the manga, high school kids wear uniforms? Why in the world would someone put Inuyasha in skinny jeans and Converse is beyond me! I can't see that happening even in an alternate universe.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, for goodness sake, take a little accuracy into account!

2/27/2013 #11
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