This is solely for the purpose of pitching ideas for crossovers, and mergers between MK and other things. I'd also like this forum to be here for my Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter idea. Hop in , and merge.
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The characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender play the roles of the characters from Mortal Kombat. The four nations as the realms, with the Fire Nation as Outworld, the Water Tribe as Edenia, the Earth Kingdom as an unnamed realm, and the Air Nomads and the non-benders living together in a realm like Earthrealm. The Spirits are the elder gods, and the tournament is still called Mortal Kombat.

Aang as Liu Kang/Raiden (He plays both parts and you can have Roku be a Raiden for him, as the Avatar is a generational thing)

Sokka as Johnny Cage (both are wacky and a bit self-centered at first, but you grow to love them)

Katara as Kitana (She and Sokka can be separated as babies with her living a life of warrior princess while her unknown brother (Sokka) lives in the non-bender realm)

Toph as Jade (both have green as their color scheme and both are close friends with their princesses)

Azula as Mileena (both are crazy and hungry for violence and power, and both try to please their father)

Fire Lord Ozai/Sozin as Shao Kahn (Like the Avatar, a generational thing)

Zuko as Scorpion (both wield fire and pursue someone in order to regain their honor)

Other than that, it up to you.

PM me if you feel like you can take this challenge.

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