Which Hannah Montana Pairing Do You Like Best?
Which HM pairing do you like best?
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You don't support gay rights, but you agree with my rant about supporting gay rights? Jigga say what?
10/5/2007 #151
i support the rights, but I dont actually read the pairings
10/5/2007 #152
Oh. Sorry, I was just confused by the wording.
10/7/2007 #153
no its okay, i reread it and realized that it didnt make sense. lol.
10/7/2007 #154
Liz Saavy
10/12/2007 #155
Miley x Jake forever!!! Down with Moliver!!! (Explanations for both can be found by clicking on my profile link.) Liley is alright, but I don't LOVE it...
11/1/2007 . Edited 11/1/2007 #156
This thread is interesting. Here goes. My two cents about ships. My main love is [b]Lilly & Oliver.[/b] Regardless of what happens on the show, i just feel that this two deserve each other and complement each other so well. Plus, they've been through together a lot, and that's exactly because they're just sidekicks to Miley, a.k.a supporting characters. In Hannah Montana, it seems that the writers have paired this two in a quite number of subplots together, basically since Miley is away with her Hannah plots, so, there's a higher tendency of their friendship blossoming into a possible relationship. I just have an affinity for sidekicks and those with great chemistry, and i think Lilly and Oliver have great chemistry. Heck, they even have great physics together. *grins* They even tend to match in terms of actions and appearance. Besides, i think Lilly is the only one who can stay on par with Oliver's dorkiness. And have a great comeback for him. [b]Liley.[/b] I don't hate it. But just can't stomach it. So, I don't really read it, unless i'm lured into it by some great fanfic writer who is able to twist the story and trick me into thinking that the fic that i'm reading is loliver-related. (Been there.) :) I don't have anything against people who are open minded to the same gendered relationships. I just say that its power to them for being able to tear away from the heterosezual structure of the world that we've been accustomed to since birth. :D [b]Moliver.[/b] I just don't see it. But i have nothing against those who support it, cos' they have their own reasons. Personally, i just feel that ever since Season 2, Miley seem to have grown above her two bestfriends (vertically and emotionally), and it seems that she's more popular than ever, and if you notice the type of guys she's attracted to, they're all on the same level as her. Popular and hot. Not that i'm saying that Oliver is not hot, but i feel that Miley just treats Oliver as her dorky guy bestfriend. Some to rely on and rope in her schemes along with Lilly. Lilly's equivalent, somewhat. In her own words, they both form the fellowship of the weenies. Her subordinate. The only thing that gives this ship hope to happen is Disney's cliche formula of putting the lead character with the opposite gendered bestfriend. Overused, overrated and overdone. Other than that, the chances of Oliver suddenly being thrusted onto the front storyline is slim. I mean, even Liley has a higher chance of happening than either Moliver or Loliver, at the rate that the writers are throwing in Lilly/Miley plots. [b]Jiley.[/b] Ehh...nothing much to say about it. Just that it was funny and exciting when they were pretending to detest each other and deny their feelings towards each other. Now, they're just kissing way too much. And Miley seems to get a lot of kisses in the show. How about giving Lilly or Oliver some smoochings for once? Lilly almost got a kiss, and Oliver? His was imaginary. Lmao. 2 cents up. :)
11/5/2007 #157
Hmm. Probably, [b]Miley/Oliver[/b] and [b] Lily/Jackson [/b]. The two pairs are really meant for each other. :)
11/5/2007 #158
GARGANTUOUS LOLIVER FAN RIGHT HERE!! 1. Loliver!!! 2. Mikola (MikexLola) lols same as 1 but w/e 3. Jilly just cuz i like CodyxEmily 4. Jiley (I actually could care less who Miley ends up with as long as its not Oliver...or lilly, jackson, robbie) 5. Lackson loliverloverforever
11/6/2007 #159
at least lackson is on the list. loliver's not on mine. XD
11/6/2007 #160
I like Moliver, have since the very first episode. Plus I just like the main person falling for the best friend of opposite gender. It's kinda been drilled into my head. Plus Lackson. Lackson wins, hands down. They're no.1! I only started liking them when I came to ff.net anyway. =) I'm ok with Loliver and respect those who ship them, but I just don't see them being more then best friends. But that's just me, doesn't mean they won't happen. And then there is Jiley... I think Jake and Miley would be better off with two totally different people, because Jake needs someone who will help him become a normal person instead of just dumping him when he fails (Achy Jakey Heart put me right off that pairing, blame Miley if you wanna!) Liley is ok, I'm not a huge fan with it, but I'm fine with it and I respect all those who write it and enjoy it more then me. I don't bash people because of the ships they support... I actually don't flame people whatsoever.
11/8/2007 #161
Yeah, some people like the best friend/main character pairings. I for one don't. I know everyone's opinion differs, but I don't like it at all. I think it's more fun to watch something different and unique, you know? The played-out stuff just isn't as fun for me. Then there's Jiley. I mean, really. You can't blame Miley and Jake for trying. Excuse me for saying this, but I think they're both kind of conceited. Maybe Miley can't help Jake to be a normal person, but is that necessarily what's best for him? Jake has proven that he can be a nice person without being normal, and he has done some very nice things for Miley.
11/8/2007 #162
Yeah, i agree that the best friend thing is old. What we need is LACKSON--so original and awesome
11/8/2007 #163
Yeah, I liked Jiley a bit during the first season. I was happy when they finally got together and I liked how they tried to work it out, but the reason why Miley wanted to break up with him is what bugs me. I don't know, it's the writers of the episode, they could've done something else with that, or gave her a better reason to break up with him! I just found it a stupid reason for them to break up anyway... And I do agree with you, the best friend/main character pairings are over used, but I still like it which is ok. There are times when I like the other two best friends getting together, like Newt and Meena from Cory in the House. Like I said before, I'm not a shipper of Lilly and Oliver because I'm blind. =P I just see their interactions as two friends who have known each other since pre-school, but it could also mean that there could be a relationship there. I dunno, I'm just not good with that stuff. As in, seeing if any of the characters like each other, I can be totally oblivious sometimes.
11/9/2007 #164
There is actually no way to prove if the characters have feelings for each other, except for maybe Miley and Oliver. Because, when you think about it, they are CHARACTERS.
11/9/2007 #165
Yeah, I don't see the relationship behind loliver either
11/9/2007 #166
I only like MileyxJake and mostly LillyxOliver
11/13/2007 #167
I mostly like ♥*Loliver*♥ n for some odd reason Jiley is not so wonderful to me now not cuz of Jake cuz of miley but i still support that couple Moliver is ok but i dont love is loliver better im sorry and i accept all others
11/15/2007 #168
I found this shocking picture of miley a long time ago and i just wanted you guys to know.And it is real....
11/15/2007 #169
11/15/2007 #170
i can't go for anyone other than lillyxoliver. anything else just seems weird, and it's kinda obvious that jake and miley aren't right for each other
11/15/2007 #171
i totally agree with everything you're saying about the couples. and it's true, disney and even nick pair up the main character and best friend. i've asked a lot of people i know, and they all want to see loliver happen.
11/15/2007 #172
I too am sick of the best friend and main character pairing, but I still wouldnt want loliver. LACKSON
11/15/2007 #173
Remember, if Moliver happens, then Lackson happens unofficially!! :D
11/15/2007 #174
i guess.. but if oliver gets a gf miley can still be with jake and lilly with jackson.
11/15/2007 #175
Then we're both happy! :D
11/15/2007 #176
11/16/2007 #177
I think I was on this formum before right????? But just to tell you again. I like LOLIver Then Jiely Then Lackson Then other Then moliver Capiche?
11/17/2007 #178
I hate Moliver. ;)
11/17/2007 #179
i'm sorry but i'm a sucker for jiley!
11/17/2007 #180
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