Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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Why do you ship? I'm all for Zutara, but I've been answering this same question for almost an hour, and I'm not in the mood to explain again... So, I want to hear what you guys have to say! ^_^

11/28/2008 #1

To be different

12/2/2008 #2

I ship Kataang because it is just adorable. Eh, pretty shallow reasoning, but shipping to me really isn't that serious (unless someone is being completely idiotic about it =P ).

12/2/2008 #3

When it comes to the show, i am totally Kataang. you can't deny they have feelings for eachother, and that they will most likely still be in love in the future (i say most likely because anything can happen). But when it comes to FanFiction, i tend to lean towards Zutara. They are completely and utterly hot together (wow, that sounded shallow) and they tend to have better stories, since, lets face it, there are more of them out there. But overall im neutral on the Kataang vrs. Zutara topic. Kataang rules the canon, Zutara rules the fanon.

12/2/2008 #4

I don't like to ship--I just like to argue.

12/2/2008 #5
Shadow the Impaler

I ship because I love! As a romantic, it's natural for me to pull out a shipping from nearly every series I dip into. As to why I chose Kataang, I really have no idea. Just liked the two being together, I suppose~

12/2/2008 #6

Debating has always been a passion of mine. I picked to be on the Zutara side because I felt it was a challenge to argue for, and since Kataang didn't appeal to me, I figured why not? In the end, it grew on me.

I still think Sukka is the best ship in the entire show, but there isn't any heated confrontations for them, so...

12/2/2008 #7

I ship because:

A) I like to argue.

B) I have nothing better to do.

C) I really like to argue.

I still think Sukka is the best ship in the entire show, but there isn't any heated confrontations for them, so...

I feel that way too. Not about sukka but about another pairing. However, it is absolutely so crack that there aren't and shouldn't be heated discussion about it unless it's about how much one loves them. Maiko caught my heart after we met Mai in season 2, but this other one had me from the beginning :D

12/2/2008 #8

I'm dying to know just what this ship is, RueBroadway :P

I always had a guilty pleasure for Gran Gran and Pakku. I mean, now that is an epic romance. Trumps Kataang and Zutara combined.

12/2/2008 #9

SoZu is my preference :o) So left field, but so fun to read...

GranGran and Pakku? Yeah, any romance that spans over 5ish decades trumps teen love any day. I wish we could have seen that reunion!

12/3/2008 #10

It makes me wonder if Gran Gran regretted leaving Pakku behind in the North, so when he came to her again, she let herself finally have that chance. And dang it, I wish I knew Gran Gran's real name! It bothers me so much to call her Gran Gran all the time.

SoZu? Is that like Sokka and Zuko?

12/3/2008 #11

Given RueBroadway's thing for yaoi, which is Japanese for slash, I would probably say yes. Gaaaaaaaah.

12/3/2008 #12

Oh MH, you know me so well :D Yeah, that's Sokka/Zuko.

Considering how quickly they seemed to have got back together, I'm sure there were some lingering feelings. I wonder where they would live... It's kinda of funny that Katara got her a** kicked by her grandpa, lol!!

12/3/2008 #13

Gran Gran's name is Kana, madam-obscure. It says that in the episode... The Waterbending Master, I think.

12/4/2008 #14


thats worse than zaang lol

12/5/2008 #15

Ah! How could I forget?

Thanks, though.

12/5/2008 #16

Any slash is worst than any non-slash, except i***--then it's equally nasty.

12/5/2008 #17

Any slash is worst than any non-slash, except i***--then it's equally nasty.

Eh, to each their own. Slash was made for females, for the obvious reasons. Just think of it as our "girl on girl" action ;D

As for i***, I don't mind it in some stories. Zucest in pretty interesting. In a family that is as messed up at theirs, it is almost expected! And honestly, I don't mind it in real life. As long as no children are involved, it isn't with a parental figure, and no abuse (of course), I could care less who does what when where and why. In the hills or in the apartment next door, it is none of my business...

12/5/2008 #18

I kind of like Kataang because I like Mai and all that, but IF you had to choose the more likely couple, Zutara would win because Aang not only is the Avatar, he's a monk! Monks do not date: therefore, bye Kataang. But I guess with the storyline and Aang falling head over wierd-looking shoes for Katara.....Also, well, if I had to choose between Aang and Zuko to be my boyfriend, I'd go with Aang. Not only could he protect you, but he could give you a candle-lit dinner, a cool breeze, a mudbath, AND a glass of water: ALL AT ONCE!!! Plus he could make your kids (of course you'd marry him, he's the freaking AVATAR!) airbenders! How sweet would THAT be? Zuko's just an angry j*** with a mood swings and an emo wardrobe. XD

Raven Black

12/6/2008 #19

Ummmmm, RueBroadway, I despise girl on girl, for the same reasons as I despise slash.

Although, darkraven, point about the monk part. However, there needs to be some kids, and soon, especially with the "balance" deal--please recall what Aang kept going on and on about. No more airbenders, no more "balance." Therefore, Aang needs to find a wife. Although, I could see some funny meditations. "Roku, how do I deal with Katara's hormone swings while she's pregnant?"

12/7/2008 #20

haha point,


12/7/2008 #21

Or, "Roku! Zuko's son wants to go out with my daughter!"

12/8/2008 #22

"Roku! Zuko told her a story about his life and now she can't sleep!!!"

12/8/2008 #23

If anyone knows me I'm all for ZUTARA! (Just look on the other threads asking the same question-you'll find my answer there if you really want to know...I'm sick of explaining it) :p But I've gotta say my favorite Avatar ship is Suki/Zuko! Gotta love 'em!

I don't like reading Yaoi that much (but I would read it)... but I could really care less about which story ships so long as it's written well... and not Kataang or Maiko lol.

"Roku! How do I stop myself from murdering Zuko?!"

12/9/2008 #24

Any ship with Suki is a winner :P But Zuko/Suki? I honestly didn't even know that ship existed...

The only yaoi I've ever liked was L/Light, from Death Note, and only because it's believable. I don't like yaoi for the smex, but like everything else, for the chemistry.

12/9/2008 #25

Keep your yaoi away from me.

"Roku! My son wants to date Sokka's daughter!"

12/9/2008 #26

Aw, but you're missing out!

12/9/2008 #27

The only yaoi I've ever liked was L/Light, from Death Note, and only because it's believable. I don't like yaoi for the smex, but like everything else, for the chemistry.

I have to admit that I like a little of both in the mix. I've grown out of that PWP stage, and prefer at least a decent plot, but a little butt lovin' is always welcomed, lol!! I was introduced to yaoi via Avatar. And now I have taken off into this new forbidden world, and I don't think I'll be coming back anytime soon. :DD

Funny thought, I've notice a lot of people who enjoy yaoi in avatar also enjoy maiko. I don't know if there is a decent correlation, but I often come across the same people in those two forums...

12/9/2008 #28

Oh, I didn't mean I didn't like the sexiness of yaoi, I just prefer stories with substance, you know?

I've never really looked into yaoi in the Avatarverse, but now that it's been brough to my attention, I just might. It seems you recruited a new member :P

12/9/2008 #29

I just prefer stories with substance, you know?

I totally agree. I did get tired of those W** moments when you're like, "I don't even know how these two got together and now they are in a broom closet?!?" Well, if you need any recs to avoid the duds, I am at your service :o)

12/10/2008 #30
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