Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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Roku how come my daughter is breathing fire? I know the father isn't Zuko because he's been away for months. Iroh and Azula are the only ones in proximity.

whats worse irohxkatara or kataraxazula ?

12/10/2008 #31

If Iroh is going to be shipped it's going to be Iroh/tea. Because it's canon and their chemistry is undeniable.

12/10/2008 #32

irohxtea my new favorite ship :D

12/11/2008 #33

I ship kataang. The reason I ship, well I guess becaus eI found out about it and I decided, hey why not! This might be fun. It was fun with the whole contest of ships. I even made a drawing once of ships with flags with the names and stuff. hehe. I think though the ships people choose is based on who they like. I've noticed it a lot and that may apply to my self too! *wink* but you know it was for the fun of it and I guess it turned out to be a bigger thing!

12/15/2008 #34

I think I saw that cartoon.

Zutara: Prepare the cannons!

Kataang: Make ready the canon!

12/17/2008 #35
The One Called Demetra

^I saw a very similar one to that (artist was Zutarian, though). The name of the artist escapes me, but she had several really cool avatar pics.

As a previous poster said, Kataang rules canon, Zutara rules fanon.

Kataang is...freakishly cute. That last scene at the end is amazing, especially with the music in the background (damn, now I have to go watch cave of two lovers). But I have yet to find a good fic for it. Maybe I like angst too much (forget the maybe, actually). There's not really all that much left to explore with Kataang in fanfiction, the show already kind of said it all. And it's been sort of obvious since the...actually, the first episode. It was practically being bashed over our heads by 1:14, and for the really slow ones there's still 2:02. I met some really crazy Canon!Zutarians before. Made no sense at all.

Zutara...well, the fanfics have said it all. A truly good author (AU or several years post war) can make it come alive fantastically. Plus, in AU, there are hundreds of directions you can go (personal favorite is Blutara oneshots) in.

tl;dr: I'm Zutara while perusing ffnet. But I forget that while watching eps.

12/26/2008 . Edited 12/26/2008 #36

I agree. But there are all sorts of new ships coming, and going, out, that there is plenty to ship for. Some of my favorites are Jetara, Tokka, (but only if it's a good story and stuffz) Sukko, Taang, Toko (not way up there but whatevs), Hartara,(? spell), Longerbee, The Doph, Ty Lokka, Azukka, Teoph(which I have actually implied in one of my stories(which I need to work on again) (but now I'm working on pointless oneshots))

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to make up new ships. I'm like a mechanist, but stupider. Katara has had so many guys into her it's hrd to choose JUST one! I mean, Jet and Katara would've rocked, had he lived. Haru and Katara would be like, awesome, AND HE GREW A MUSTACHE!!!!WHAT"S NOT TO LOVE!!!!? Zuko is kind of more of her friend than potential bf, but I cant say anything. Aang is the probable choice for her, and I'm glad she got him and not Zuko, but it would've been nice to see some Hartara(?) or Jetara in the 3rd book. I seriously thought she was going to get with Haru during DOBS, but I 4got the Kataangst going on too.

I 3 rambling on and on about Katara's boyfriend/"man"friends!!!!



Raven Black

12/26/2008 #37

well, i ship kataang because i believe in falling for your best friend, sorry if that's lame. i just think if it were me, i'd want something that's always there in the seris. being challenge or built up, kataang is cute, and i think it has great character development.

12/28/2008 #38

Whatever happened to Longshot and Smellerbee? Last we see them, Smellerbee's crying over Jet's corpse.

12/28/2008 #39

Longshot became an accountant and married Smellerbee and had lots and lots of babies.

12/28/2008 #40

Makes sense to me...

12/29/2008 #41

I can't quite see Longshot becoming an accountant...

12/31/2008 #42

he works at my bank. and they adopted the duke and pipsquek and now have their very own sitcom called "the freedom fighters: we are family."

12/31/2008 #43

What happened to all the others?

12/31/2008 #44

they come here 24/7 to talk about it. they are among us!

1/2/2009 #45

OMG so you're saying that you could be one of the Freedom Fighters?! LOL :-D

1/2/2009 #46
Shadow the Impaler

they come here 24/7 to talk about it. they are among us!

Aye, it's true. I'm actually Haku.

*strokes facial hair*

1/2/2009 #47

and just look to the left, that's my self-portiat. lol.

1/3/2009 #48
Live and Imagine

Because Aang and Katara like eachother and Zuko and Katara don't.

2/20/2009 #49

Very mature.

2/21/2009 #50
Live and Imagine

Thank you.

3/1/2009 #51

I LOVE Zutara! Just because they fight and then hate each other and then they have all this stuff happening to them: hurt, comfort, friendship, giving up life for one another, blah blah blah... I love it! Plus, someone said that they love best friends falling in love with each other, so I thought "well, zuko and Katara became best friends, so they could fall in love". To me, they are just adorable and could happen!

4/5/2009 #52

"well, zuko and Katara became best friends, so they could fall in love". To me, they are just adorable and could happen!

Lol, if you replace Zuko with Aang, you've got exactly what happened in Kataang :o)

I have to say that while Zuko and Katara got over their issues with each other, I think it's a stretch to say that they became best friends. Really, Aang's the only one of the gang that I'd consider to be Zuko's best...and maybe Toph...

4/5/2009 #53

true. But they at least became friends or something like that.

4/6/2009 #54

Kataang is the best. But if you like teoph Read avatar TLAB Book 4 air by avatar guru master

If you like Zuki Read Elemental Bending Boarding Acadamy

4/7/2009 #55

Well, I don't actually ship either per se (never been involved in shipping wars, or any of that sort of stuff), but out of the two, I much prefer Kataang. The reason for this is because unlike Zutara it's, well, canon, and with my writing and stuff I try to stick as close to the given canon as possible.

4/11/2009 #56

Hi! I'm new. :D well, not to the site, just to foruming ... and im going to say for the sake of it, i ship because i like weighing the ups and down of diff relationships, how people would react to them, how they would "come out" about it, whether it would last, whether Mike and Brian actually considered it when coming up with the script, how the fanfiction would go, all that kinda stuff.

And, for the record, i am half kataang, half zutara. I say im zutara, but i really dont know. Kataang has been more and more compelling for me lately. i cant decide!!


4/14/2009 #57

I just liked Zuko X Katara in general. That was long before I got into shipping or the fandom.

6/22/2009 #58
Bellatrix de Luces
Although I'm a Zutarian, I like the idea of them as really close friends better than anything. Their friendship is beautiful and I really like that the most. There were little signs of Zutara throughout the series that made my little Zutarian heart swell, which was perfect, but I knew Kataang was going to happen all along. At the last episodes I was shocked by what Zuko did when he saved Katara. At that point I actually thought, whoa, Zutara might ACTUALLY happen. :) But, alas, :/ No. And I'm fine with it because I knew Aang deserved to be with the one he loves. He's just THAT likable! It just saddened me a little that Zuko never got with Katara (though Mai rocks!!) I saw what could've been, but in this story it wasn't meant to be. :( But I will always choose the passionate, understanding friendship Zuko and Katara have over Kataang romance any day. :D Zutara will live in me as something that, given time, would've been epic. But for now, I'm content with the fact they bonded, they're friends and they love each other as much as best friends can. But I don't mind nicely written fanfiction either ;)
8/22/2010 #59

I ship Zutara because I really, truly believe that Zuko is better for her than Katara. I don't remember precisely when I left the "I don't care either way"to "If Katara's gonna be with anyone, it's definitely Zuko" to "ZUTARA FOREVER, BABY!!!" I guess, in all honesty, Aang started to get annoying after a while. Plus, Katara's taller than him. I know this may seem shallow, but it just irks me when women are taller than their men. But I digress. I love Zuko, and I think he deserves to be with someone better than Mai (not that I hate Mai or anything-she's actually one of my favorite characters), and Katara definitely deserves to be with someone other than Aang, and I think they click. But that's just me. I don't really care what people ship either way, but if a Kataanger starts bragging that their ending won, I will argue like the pig-headed person I am.

11/5/2010 #60
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