Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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Zuko 16
Kataang as everyone knows, is Katara and Aang...but to me, the plot is too cliche'.How many anime's and shows pairs up the main girl and boy? The Kataang plot is overused...and it would make the show less exciting...and the show is always taking unexpected turns (Ex. Zutara). Discuss what you think about the Kataang plot line...
12/21/2005 #1
Rage Spirit
i agree kataang is boring !!!
12/21/2005 #2
Well, it's actually spelled "Katang" *is shot* But I agree on the most part. It definitely is overused and very predictable and just not exciting. No offense to those that like it. I don't think it's disgusting or anything...just boring ^^;
12/21/2005 #3
Okay and you guys would rather have the show turned into a soap if Katara fell for the prince from the enemy nation? I love Kataang, his crush on her is so cute and innocent, I love innocent love. Dark is cool too, but I cant picture Katara going from trying to beat him up to death(omg that fight scene in the season finale was awesome!) to liking Zuko even as a friend. AangxKatara all the way!
12/21/2005 #4
Where is all this soap opera crap coming from? Explain please?
12/21/2005 #5
Come on, the "good girl" pairing up with "bad boy" from the opposite side? Am I the only one who thinks thats a little bit too drastic for Nickelodeon? Besides, that plot is used a lot, y r u guys saying AxK is over-used then? I can name a bunch of movies that use that, nobody can say that the idea is original. Not saying AxK is, but avatar was never meant to be a romance in the first place, so I don't really think the creators care how original it is.
12/22/2005 #6
[q]Come on, the "good girl" pairing up with "bad boy" from the opposite side? Am I the only one who thinks thats a little bit too drastic for Nickelodeon?[/q] And am I the only one that thinks it was a "little bit too drastic for Nickelodeon" that Meng called Katara a f***? Am I am the only one that thinks it was a "little bit too drastic for Nickelodeon" that Sokka and Yue actually kissed mouth-to-mouth on a show directed to 6 to 11 year olds? Am I the one that thinks it drastic about how so many people have died/killed someone else (i.e. Zhao trying to assasinate Zuko, Zhao throwing Hahn overboard in the finale, Zhao dying (::weeps for all Zhao/Zula shippers::), Yue dying, the genocide of the Air people, the Warden and co. from episode 6)? Am I the only one that thinks this whole show is a little bit too drastic for Nick? And yet Avatar is still shown anyway. Avatar contains a lot of drastic things. Zutara just might be one of them.
12/22/2005 #7
[q]That'd be like mary magaline (spelling?) (from the bible of course) pairing up with satan.[/q] Ha. HaHAha. You're resorting to the dwindling, weak defenses now, aren't you? So, in essence, you are saying that Zuko is Satan, the devil, the ultimate incarnate of evil. Ha. No. You are DEAD WRONG, my friend. Zutara-bashing I can tolerate. But this blasphemy of saying that Zuko is the Devil is just heinous. We know for a FACT that Zuko is not evil. He cares for others. He defended the 41st division. He saved the helmsman in episode 12. He tried to save Zhao in the finale. He let Aang get away in the Blue Spirit. He honors his uncle and is greatful for Iroh's kindness. What drives him is longing to go home. And longing for home is NOT an evil motive. Zuko is not Satan. Pairing Mary Magdalane with Satan is like pairing Meng up with Ozai. And THAT, my friend, is not going to happen.
12/22/2005 #9
She wasn't trying to compare their characters, she was comparing their chances of pairing up. Metaphor, dude! Don't take it so literally! We know that Zuko isn't mean, nobody was saying that.
12/22/2005 #10
Mew Ami
It should be zutara! I'm tried of the first to main characters falling in love. And why did you go in my forum, water!!!!
12/23/2005 #11
Actually that plot isn't used THAT often, every once in a while, but really its Disney Channel that ruins it. And Danny Phantom, but they do it pretty suttle. Why did I go into your forum? Was I not allowed? I didn't see a KEEP OUT sign for any Kataang supporters. If there was, I'm sorry I didn't see it. If you don't like freedom of speech, then don't read my posts, but your summery said "Discuss Zuko and Katara...." and I did. All I basically heard from everybody was "Zuko is so hot...they look so good together,"blah blah blah. Every piece of evidence thrown down was based off of opinion, not fact, so I think I had every right to say what I thought, kapeesh? Okey-dokey then.
12/23/2005 #12
Hey, I'm wondering, you guys say that the "main hero" ending up with the "main heroine" is over used, right? But, can you name any current show that actually has them actually hooking up? I can only name a handful, and even then, it's rare that the romance isn't shown through subtle means such as holding hands or blushing in each others presence. The whole "brooding, angsty anti-hero" and "caring, sweet heroine" is also pretty over done, especially in animes. The main character's lusting over the heroine, but she's too busy lusting over the angsty teen to notice the main character, etc. Neither idea is really original.The only way to be truly original in Avatar's case would be that everyone ended up hating each other and thus making sure no romances happen, ever. I'm open to both, as long as it A.) is done well and B.) doesn't impede on the actual story too much. However, right now, it seems as though Aang has a better chance of getting with Katara than Zuko. Because, well, I don't know...they've actually had a conversation outside of snide remarks while trying to kill each other for someone else's sake. We'll see. Personally, I'm kind of hoping Aang has Katara by his side after the show ends. He's going to lead a lonely life, Zuko'll have his kingdom after all is said and done (that much is obvious,) Aang? He's going to have Appa and Momo if Katara and Sokka aren't with him.
12/25/2005 #13
I totally agree, I mean there's a lot of shows/movies/books that do that but its really not THAT common, it just sounds common, cuz.....i dunno. it just sounds predictable, but we also have TONS of the stuff that zutara is going for. I could name a few off the top of my head where the hero falls for the heroine from the opposite side:Inuyasha(kinda. Inuyasha and Kagome's personalities just dont match, but they're not exactly enemies), Shrek, Alladan,West Side Story, Outsiders, blah blah. And then there's some shows/movies/books that does what AxK does:basically any Disney show, Danny Phantom, I'm lazy so w/e. U get it. So just to add to Intertiatic's point, I honestly think that whatever the romance in the show turns out to be like, one side is going to complain. If Zutara happens, AxK fans will feel bad for Aang, and if Katang happens, Zutara fans will feel bad for Zuko. Two guys, and only one girl,lol. So it really doesn't matter who they pair her up with, either pairing is over-used and unoriginal. Maybe Zutara seems more original because its not quite as obvious like AxK is, but I agree with Intertiatic, I never thought AxK was unoriginal, I just think its predictable. Nothing wrong with that though.
12/25/2005 #14
Ditto what Mystic says. Actually, they're both overused. But I really think that it depends on what demographic they're going for. If Nick wants to target the tweens that constantly raid their message boards, then it's probably going to be Katang because it's cute and...well, safe! Who doesn't love seeing best friends hook up? Although, when they do hook up, that shoots the series and its all downhill from there. If Nick wants to target the teens, (ie-us) then it'll probably be Zutara just cause it's exciting. It'll be a Titanic/Romeo&Juliet type thing. You know, lower class-upper class, water-fire, forbidden love. Aahh, gotta love that stuff. :) lol. Just thought. What if it goes both? Like, it's innocent in the beginning (like book 2 or something) but as Katara grows and matures and Zuko stops being such and a**, then they get together for the "serious-first-love" stuff, not puppy love. Well, that's my two cents. I've got to go to work now. TTYN Kai :)
12/29/2005 #15
The leading roles getting together is overly used. I get tired of it. Besides, Katara/Zuko would make a great pairing. They are basically opposite in the fact that Katara controls water while Zuko controls fire, but they both are far away from their fathers and their mothers are gone. I personally think that Katara/Zuko would happen before Katara/Aang in the show. Katara obviously doesn't see Aang as a potential boyfriend. Who knows, maybe neither of them will end up with anyone. Maybe it's Iroh we should be keeping an eye on. ;) "A sucker is born every minute." -P.T. Barnum ~faded-roses~
12/29/2005 #16
Iroh/Katara would rock! Okay, I got that out of my system. I'm off to the other topic in this forum. XD
12/29/2005 #17
I still think that AxK is cute. Its probably more of the fact that I simply don't believe in the "opposites attract" theory that makes me dislike zutara so much, and im sry if ppl r rolling their eyes about now, but i honestly dont c that pairing happening any time soon. Am i sayign that its impossible? No way, its possible, just not any time soon in my opinion. the only way i would ever consider zutara is if zuko joined that the gang, which in my opinion would make the story cliche and would change zuko a little too much to my liking. i still think both pairings r over used, but axk will always be my vote
12/29/2005 #18
I agree with you Mystic. I love Zutara with all my might but I don't expect happening soon. If it does happen, it'll happen slowly. If it happened quickly, Zuko would get a case OOC-ness. Not cool.
12/30/2005 #19
12/30/2005 #21
[q]um....ew[/q] LOL Iroh: Zuko, you've got a new aunt. Zuko: (sees katara) O.o What in the... Katara: I love you Iroh. Zuko: X_X I would make a parody about this pairing but my life lacks time.
12/31/2005 #22
Master of Air
Is there ever any feesible evidence of a realtionship between Katara and Zuko? No, there is not. In reality, Katara and Zuko's relationship is the exact same as Sokka and Zuko.-_- It is blatently obvious that Katara cares a lot for Aang and Aang has already expressed his love for her. XD
12/31/2005 #23
*shakes head* Katang fans constantly throw the whole "They're enemies" excuse in a Zutara fan's face and simply walk away. Ok, so maybe there is not exact evidence in the show, but the writers have said there will be more Zutara hints in the future. If the writers thought it impossible, then they wouldn't be planning on giving us any hints. Secondly, you only say it's impossible because Zuko and Katara are not on the same side. Well, what if he ends up joining them? What will be your excuse then? You keep making it sound like they will never be on the same side when you know that's not true. They could very well be fighting on the same side in one of the next seasons. After everything that's happened, it seems like the writers are starting to turn in that direction.
12/31/2005 #24
[q]It is blatently obvious that Katara cares a lot for Aang and Aang has already expressed his love for her.[/q] Love? What would Aang know about love? He's twelve years old! He has a crush on her, yes, but not he's not in love with her...yet. And I'll agree that Katara cares about Aang but she's not crushing on him. Come on guys, it was OBVIOUS in episode 114. Watch the episode again and pay attention to Katara's indifference towards Aang. As far as we know, she is completely oblivious of Aang's feelings. And like Dracori said, stop using "ZUKO IS THE ENEMY" line, it is useless on your part. By the way the show is heading, it seems that Zuko is going to change sides soon. He might not join the group but he might raise a revolution against his father. And the saying does say: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Think about it. XDD
12/31/2005 #25
Master of Air
-deep sigh- "And I'll agree that Katara cares about Aang but she's not crushing on him. Come on guys, it was OBVIOUS in episode 114" Episode 114? News to me. I'm just playing. Anyway. I never said they were enemies, I said that Katara and Aang's relationship is like saying Sokka and Zuko have a relationship. What hints? What hints would you be talking about, I don't recall *one* hint ever given that their would be something between her and Zuko. Anyone with a brain can tell that Zuko is going to become good,I know that, but their is no evidence that says he's going to randomly start a relationship with Katara, if you will kindly allow me to explian my veiws. I've said this before, but I'll say it again. It is very obvious that Katara cares so much for Aang, she is always constanly worried about him and his saftey. In the first few episodes she was nearly in tears when the Fire Nation took Aang away. In the fourth episode, when they arrive at Kyoshi Island Aang is trying to ride the Unagi and he falls off, Katara runs into the water without hesitation and saves him. Katara kisses Aang after she returned her neclace that Zuko stole. She hugs him, trying to comfort him because he found out what happened to Gyatso. In the season finale she and him were involved in an embrace that was touching. You can tell that they care a lot for eachother and if something happened to Aang, Katara would be devasted, and the same goes for Aang. Aang already told Katara that he liked her, in " The Fortune Teller" Aang goes to great heights to try to impress Katara and gain her feelings, and Katara says that she will always be by Aang's side. Ah, yes, less I forget in the season finale when Aang's spirit is flying back to his body, *Katara* is the one to spot it and know that it is Aang, it takes a great bond to have figured that out. Zutara...hn, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Zuko doesn't care about such trivial things as love from a woman. He only wants to get back to his own country and have his *fathers* love, approval, and respect. He doesn't care for Katara, she is only another path to get to Aang. In all of Katara and Zuko's brief meetings he is using her neclace or as a hostage to get to Aang. He only cares about *capturing* Aang. Not saying that Zuko is a villian, of course not, he has a heart. He loves his uncle very much. Zuko is by no means a villian, he is just a teenager on a mission. I am no Zuko fan girl, I just provide facts to why Aang and Katara's relationship is solid and understandable. I hope I've made my point. Thanks you for your time.
12/31/2005 #26
Lol, I still don't agree. I'd explain my reasons, but I'm so fed up with repeating myself that I just don't have it in me. All I'll say is that I am a Zuko/Katara shipper, and nothing is going to change that. As I've said, sometimes you don't need evidence. Since when was providing evidence a rule that was required to be followed when choosing a ship? For some people, Zutara just clicks with them, and frankly I'm fed up with being prosecuted for supporting it.
12/31/2005 #27
Master of Air
Hey! I'm not trying to get on anyone's bad side (shut your mouth rachel, you already have) ^-^ But, I wanted to get a point across that all Kataang shippers aren't stupid Zuko fangirls and some (hopefully me) know what they're talking about. Correct me If I'm wrong but all that I said was fact, was it not? All shippings are fine with me, I don't have a hate-all-shippings-that-arent-kataang kind of attitude, I was just telling my opinon. I'm not trying to prosecute you, I was just saying my say. Please forgive me If I've upset you. But know this, I am still a firm Kataang shipper and always will be...for those reasons...hee hee
12/31/2005 #28
Well forgive me, but I tend to mouth off at ANY Katang fan who comes along. It's all because of being kicked around like a dog by many other Katang fans, and I just have a tendency to bite at any random Katang fan. You can't really blame me. You're actually the first Katang fan that I've met (besides Whirleeq), and trust me I've met a lot, that had a good grasp of opinions (not that I agree with them). All that I say nowadays is that both Zutara and Katang have equal chances of happening. Or at least they'll become equal if Zuko joins the trio. In the end, I hope the writers leave the door open wide enough for the fans to step in and take over. And if you're a firm Katang shipper, that's fine. As I am a firm Zutara shipper and always will be.
12/31/2005 #29
Master of Air
I'm glad you think I'm one of the more sane Katang shippers. I'm sorry my comrades *groans at their stupidity* have bitten yout head off and said Katang is the superior ship without giving any facts, I'll assume that. I agree that everything is equal at this point as to whether Zutara of Katang, but I support Katang and you support Zutara. That is perfectly fine. Thanks you for this debate, it was rewarding.
12/31/2005 #30
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