Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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I think the overall theme in Boiling Rock was that no matter if Mai agreed or disagreed with Zuko, she still had his back.

Sokka and Zuko...what more can I say? The was the best 7mins of the whole season!

7/17/2008 #451

Yes, yes it was.

7/17/2008 #452
Synonymous Brian

Well, yeah, no matter what side Zuko's on, she still loves him. That doesn't mean he has to feel the same way.

Oh yes, they're both very nice looking, and Aang is very cute XD Hmm... Sozu sounds very appealing right now... (I am after all, a hopeless yaoi fangirl XD)

7/17/2008 #453

Aang is a tad more than cute, but he's not hot/sexy. Do you know what I mean?

I personally liked Aang when he had hair on his head.

7/17/2008 #454

Yeah, Aang looked older when he had hair. I personally like the tattoos. I mean, they go all over his body...

7/17/2008 #455

His arrows are tattos? Since when? Did I miss an episode?

I still like Aang with his gorgeous hair.

7/17/2008 #456
Synonymous Brian

All over his body... XD

7/17/2008 #457

I know he has arrows. Duh. But i thought he was born with him or something, becuase he was like 12, and he had them. And I don't think they even had tatoos back then.

7/17/2008 #458

Naw, they're tattoos...ALL over his body...yeah...

7/17/2008 #459
Synonymous Brian

Yeah... *giggles*

7/17/2008 #460

Is this supposed to be a perverted joke that i don't get?

Because your saying all over his body, oddly/

7/17/2008 #461
Synonymous Brian

You don't get it? XD

Oh yes, I don't know about Broadway, but I am very perverted XD

7/17/2008 #462

lol. Like the tatoos run down all the way down his back, but where do they stop? XD

7/17/2008 #463

No I don't get it. But lets just say I'm very sheltered. VERY sheltered.

7/17/2008 #464

Ahh, I see now. Yeahhh..

7/17/2008 #465

hmm... I have a perverted mind too :) Oh, and they're tatoos given to airbenders that master the element.

7/17/2008 #466

Yes, I'm a pervert. You caught me. But I couldn't help it!!! The set up was calling for me to take it!!!!

7/17/2008 #467

what element? Is this perverted too? I can't tell if your being peverted or serious?

7/17/2008 #468

No no! lol XD I'm being serious. They're given to them when they master airbending, though that can be taken as perverted as well :) But in this case, I'm serious.

7/17/2008 #469

Lol. I took it the perverted way, for once.

I like your picture btw MooneShadow. I like Aang's hair. Mm.

7/17/2008 #470

Welcome, Racchel, to the dark side...

7/17/2008 #471
Synonymous Brian

Yes... the wonderful dark side of pervertedness....

XD I wonder if they're on his... you know... XD Wouldn't that hurt a lot? XD *continues to giggle insanely*

7/17/2008 #472

Thank you :) I love his hair too! And yes, we shall be teaching you things. lol :P

7/17/2008 #473

Ahhh. Whatt? I thought you were good people?

7/17/2008 #474

ow o_0 I don't think they would go down there. They run down his back, not his front :P Though the the arrow on his back must have split down his uh... cheeks XD

7/17/2008 #475

Cheeks? You mean his..as..butt? Eww, that still must of hurt like hecll.

7/17/2008 #476

I think it'd bee cool if they did. They'd be, like, directing him where to go.

7/17/2008 #477

lol...wait. What??????

7/17/2008 #478
Synonymous Brian

Down his cheeks.... I wonder if it ends there...

7/17/2008 #479
Synonymous Brian

lol sorry, I thought you said down XD But split.... huh... we know they go down his legs too right?

7/17/2008 #480
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